You’ve Heard of the Tea Party and You Know What We Stand For. Introducing, The Wedge Party.

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We Americans were fed up with the Democrats and we spoke up and lashed out back in the day. In fact, in 2010, we had finally had enough. Obamacare was the straw that broke our backs. The Tea Party was born. We were sick of government rule and politicians telling us what we can and cannot do. We were born free and intended to remain that way. Hence, the birth of the Tea Party, and (Slowly, our freedoms are being chipped away with, “We know better…justification as its hammer and chisel.”)

We wanted freedom to choose our own healthcare plan, freedom to run our business as we saw fit…with, “…the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.” We wanted freedom in all aspects of our lives. We acted!

We elected a Republican House, and then we elected a Republican Senate. Finally, after years of begging for relief from Obamacare, we elected a Republican President. Done. Our federal government was and now is run by and controlled entirely by Republicans. So, what’s the problem? Why can’t we get Obamacare repealed? Why can’t the people’s agenda of freedom move forward? Why? Introducing, The Wedge Party.

The Wedge Party is defined as those Republicans who lied, and continue to lie to we, the American people. We are the Tea Party patriots who did everything in our power to get control back in the people’s hands and our elected officials simply lied to us. You may know them as, Republicans in Name Only (RINOs) but there is something more sinister underneath the surface when it comes to The Wedge Party.

RINOs simply pretend to be Republicans and pretend to fight for you just to get elected. (You know the type.) The Wedge Party comprises of RINOs actively preventing real conservatives from fulfilling the agenda of the American people. In other words, The Wedge Party purposefully stops winning votes from being cast that would promote our agenda of freedom. Wedge Party members include RINOs like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell. On the other hand, Tea Party members include men like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Rand Paul.

Screen Shot 2019 06 16 at 63532 AM 1024x471 156 | Screen Shot 2019 06 16 at 63532 AM 1024x471 156 | nbspSo, what can we do? I have a plan:

  • Email and tweet the Wedge Party members and tell them that we’re on to them.
  • Email and tweet the Tea Party men and tell them that we’ve got their backs.
  • DO NOT vote Republican down the line at the next election. Stop and use your PRIMARY vote to get a REAL Tea Party guy selected, and then elect him to office. He should be a man of character and of the people who has worked hard in the PRIVATE sector, like Trump. (A lawyer or government lackey is hardly needed.)
  • Write articles like this and spread the word that we will not be fooled again.

The Wedge Party: Driving a wedge into the will of the American people since 2010. Get rid of them!

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