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How I put Putin in his place. I think: Biden reveals he threatened Putin with ‘economic consequences like none he’s ever seen’ during call but says he has RULED OUT boots on the ground in Ukraine

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Jussie Smollett seen partying with the alleged hate crime attacker days before the attack

Baltimore City Mayor claims violent crime down. Except… that’s a really big lie, given the skyrocketing murders.

President of Guatemala says White House hasn’t talked to him about migrant crisis since June

As Pentagon worries about proper pronouns, China builds US aircraft carrier simulations in desert for target practice


Electric Vehicle Push Is Sparking Massive Deforestation, Environmental Damage

Biden Unveils Plans To Make Federal Government Carbon Neutral In 30 Years

BREAKING: School Children Lured Into Jab Without Parents

Senate Passes Measure Nullifying Biden’s Vaccine Mandate On Large Companies

Female sheriff’s sergeant, 60, raped and beaten ‘unrecognizable’ at jail by inmate, 27, returning from Bible study

Bipolar ex New Orleans Saints player Glenn Foster Jr, 31, dies in custody two days after police chase arrest Dad says ambulance told him there was a prison fight with his son, another detainee and two guards

The 45 Communist Goals as Read into the Congressional Record from 1963

CNN anchor Don Lemon allegedly tipped off Jussie Smollett about cops, according to actor’s own testimony

A Paper Quantifies The Working Class Vote Shift After NAFTA

Capitol riot committee is ‘moving forward’ with contempt charges for Mark Meadows after he fails to show for deposition: Ex White House Chief-of-Staff previously turned over 38 page PowerPoint called ‘Options for Jan 6’

Zuckerberg-Backed Election Influence Group Founder Served At Chinese State-Funded Center Pushing Beijing Propaganda

Patriot Intel Report — December 8, 2021

GOP Senate candidate Dr. Oz attacked the pro-life movement, blasted heartbeat bills

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RedPill78 — Graphic Testimony Reveals Maxwell and Epstein’s Life Altering Abuse

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‘It’s gonna be a matter of when, not if’: Fauci expects the definition of ‘fully vaccinated’ to change

California to become abortion ‘sanctuary’ if Roe v. Wade overturned

Hero Down: Bexar County Detention Cadet Kevin Reaux Dies After Medical Episode During Training

Political Jujitsu With Eric Zemmour

Cancun vacationers flee beach as five man armed gang dressed as SOLDIERS pull up on three jet skis and open fire outside $400 a night hotel in vicious cartel battle over tourist drug trade

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