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Senate Passes Measure Nullifying Biden’s Vaccine Mandate On Large Companies

Bipolar ex New Orleans Saints player Glenn Foster Jr, 31, dies in custody two days after police chase arrest Dad says ambulance told him there was a prison fight with his son, another detainee and two guards

Capitol riot committee is ‘moving forward’ with contempt charges for Mark Meadows after he fails to show for deposition: Ex White House Chief-of-Staff previously turned over 38 page PowerPoint called ‘Options for Jan 6’

Zuckerberg-Backed Election Influence Group Founder Served At Chinese State-Funded Center Pushing Beijing Propaganda

‘It’s gonna be a matter of when, not if’: Fauci expects the definition of ‘fully vaccinated’ to change

California to become abortion ‘sanctuary’ if Roe v. Wade overturned

Hero Down: Bexar County Detention Cadet Kevin Reaux Dies After Medical Episode During Training

Political Jujitsu With Eric Zemmour

Cancun vacationers flee beach as five man armed gang dressed as SOLDIERS pull up on three jet skis and open fire outside $400 a night hotel in vicious cartel battle over tourist drug trade

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Fauci Ouchie Forever: It’s ‘When, Not If’ Fully Vaxxed Means Three Shots

BREAKING: Senate votes to repeal Biden’s vaccine mandate for businesses, 2 Dems vote with Republicans

Parents Ask For Minnesota School District Documents Containing CRT Keywords, What They Received Appears To Be Unreadable: REPORT

Wife of NFL QB Cade McNown is charged with ‘stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of luxury items from late billionaire Sumner Redstone’s ex lover Sydney Holland while working as her stylist’

Ring doorbell video caught the moment a woman allegedly abducted four siblings walking on their way to school

Pfizer and Moderna push booster shot propaganda that science says will not work

Senators Pressure Instagram Chief To Support Big Tech Regulations On Child Safety

Texas National Guard Apprehended Over 2,600 Illegal Migrants at Border In One Week

Biden’s Nord Stream 2 Move Opens Door to Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Biden’s vaccine mandate for federal contractors halted by federal judge

Another Senate Democrat says he’ll vote against Biden’s vaccine mandate

Federal court blocks Biden’s COVID vax mandate for federal contractors

Dem drops out of race, citing too many ‘white male Christians’ in politics

VP Harris hemorrhages staffers, faces ‘bullying’ criticisms

James Rosen, a former Fox News personality, takes chief correspondent role at Newsmax