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Rumors of Woo

The United States Courts for the Most Part Have Turned Against the People, and Unless There Is an Uprising There Will Be No Peace,

President of Guatemala says White House hasn’t talked to him about migrant crisis since June

Bipolar ex New Orleans Saints player Glenn Foster Jr, 31, dies in custody two days after police chase arrest Dad says ambulance told him there was a prison fight with his son, another detainee and two guards

Capitol riot committee is ‘moving forward’ with contempt charges for Mark Meadows after he fails to show for deposition: Ex White House Chief-of-Staff previously turned over 38 page PowerPoint called ‘Options for Jan 6’

What Mass Hypnosis Looks Like

‘It’s gonna be a matter of when, not if’: Fauci expects the definition of ‘fully vaccinated’ to change

Update: Pestilence ,Another Mutant COVID CDC Scrambles After Rare Case Of Monkeypox Turns Up In Texas

Cancun vacationers flee beach as five man armed gang dressed as SOLDIERS pull up on three jet skis and open fire outside $400 a night hotel in vicious cartel battle over tourist drug trade

WATCH: The REAL Villain of the Rittenhouse Story: Glenn & Kyle One on One

Wife of NFL QB Cade McNown is charged with ‘stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of luxury items from late billionaire Sumner Redstone’s ex lover Sydney Holland while working as her stylist’

Ring doorbell video caught the moment a woman allegedly abducted four siblings walking on their way to school

A Tech Savvy Guide for Survival in a Technocratic Dystopia.

‘There is profound disagreement’: Biden’s commission divided on court-packing 

Mayor de Blasio announces city-wide vax mandate for children as young as 5

New revelations from Clinton travel logs revives scrutiny of his Epstein connections

‘Now is the right time’: Minneapolis police chief confirms retirement plans

‘Mistaken identity’: Suspect arrested in connection with Khashoggi death cleared by police

Trump’s chief of staff, Mark Meadows, to be held in contempt by Jan. 6 committee

DeSantis vows to resist lockdowns and mandates after first omicron case in Florida

Los Angeles Police Union Boss Warns Tourists to Stay Away as City Descends Into Third-World Dystopia

Audit reveals nearly 26,000 dead registrants on Michigan voter rolls

Two armed men wearing ‘police style’ vests pretend to be DEA and rob three victims inside gated property in latest example of ‘follow home’ robberies plaguing LA

120 Children Hospitalized, Vietnam Suspends Pfizer Vaccine Batch

Soros backed Los Angeles DA is slammed by union representing nearly 1,000 county prosecutors for his silence on the smash and grab looting across Southern California

Fauci says that amid the COVID-19 pandemic, ‘we have to put the communal responsibility ahead of individual preferences’

OSHA Certifiers Expose US Government’s Neglect of Safety Protocols to Pandemic Response

Satan Soldiers Are promoting Their Kill Shot in a Big Way. All the Major Networks Are letting Them Come On and Spew Their poison — Pfizer Says 3 doses of Its Kill Jab Can “Neutralize” Omicron Variant — BIG Lie

FLASHBACK: Ted Cruz Exposes Radical Record of Dem-Backed US Attorney

WTF??? And STFU.

China threatens retaliation against diplomatic boycott of Olympics: ‘The US will pay a price’

Marjorie Taylor Greene says Jan. 6th defendants are being ‘abused’ and treated ‘worse than we treat terrorists at Gitmo’ and with some being ‘force fed gluten food’

Finland Prime Minister Partied Until 4 a.m., Missed Her Phone’s COVID Contact Tracing Notifications

NTEB RADIO BIBLE STUDY: Part #2 Of The 7 End Times Messages To The 7 Angels Of The 7 Churches That Appear In The Book Of Revelation

Fox News Pulls Lara Logan From Airwaves After She Compared Dr. Fauci to Nazi Mengele

Another Ultra-Vaxxed Nation Sees Massive Covid Case and Hospitalization Spike

Mark Meadows sues Nancy Pelosi and Jan. 6 Committee members after they threaten criminal charges

White UBS banker mom is fired and her son is charged with assault after they confronted and called cops on black Tennessee parking garage attendant who was checking car permits in their building

CAIR Director and Former Women’s March Leader Calls Pro-Israel Group ‘Enemies’