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New York City Councilman Ditches Democrats Over Crime, Switches to Republican Party

A New York City councilman is switching parties from Democrat to Republican. Ari Kagan — a city councilman from Brooklyn who represents the...
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Ab7ebfcd 6220 4b19 9eda 15abc5b5d660 1024x683 | what you need to know about hunter biden's laptop scandal in elon musk's twitter files | us news

What you need to know about Crackhead Hunter Biden’s laptop scandal in Elon Musk’s Twitter Files

Many of us were in a chat (below) for the big Friday night drop of what Elon Musk calls the Twitter Files –...
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Fc846227 ac6e 4069 adf6 702968be4ee5 1200x900 | elon musk’s guns on his bedside table trigger ignorant activists | us news

Elon Musk’s guns on his bedside table trigger ignorant activists

Elon Musk Musk said it was a photo of “my bedside table” which drew the ire of leading anti-gun groups who declared the...
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Emilymiller 1 | white house blocks press from hunter biden's daughter's wedding, gives exclusive to 'vogue' magazine | us news

White House blocks press from Crackhead Hunter Biden’s daughter’s wedding, gives exclusive to ‘Vogue’ magazine

Pres. Brain-Dead Biden’s granddaughter from Crackhead Hunter Biden, Naomi, has been living together with her boyfriend on the third floor of the White House,...
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Ussa news the tea party 039 s front page

Killer Alec Baldwin criminal investigation released by Santa Fe Sheriff – READ FULL REPORT

The Killer Alec Baldwin shooting is finally getting more public transparency about the investigation into the Oct. 2021 shooting death of Halyna Hutchins. The...
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9a23d49f 76bd 4f75 baac 0ae5733774bd 1456x743 1 | join my subscriber chat about Wino, and Insider Trader, Nancy Pelosi | us news

Join my subscriber chat about Wino, and Insider Trader, Nancy Pelosi

I wanted to make sure you all know about the new addition to my Substack publication: the Emily Posts News subscriber chat. Let us...
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74c47674 569d 4a15 a63d e3164d6bfa6b 1024x683 | supreme court justices now live in a gun free zone after maryland county bans conceal carry in public areas | us news

Supreme Court justices now live in a gun free zone after Maryland County bans conceal carry in public areas

Three of the Supreme Court justices who voted in June that the Second Amendment guarantees the right to carry a gun outside the...
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Kino Casino: The Avengers Turn On Each Other

Now watching. Alex Jones has seen enough. Click this link for the original source of this article. Author: Hunter Wallace This content is courtesy of, and owned and copyrighted by, and its author. This content is made available by use

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760ca48c 2673 455a 8c6a 97155b515c53 1280x720 | transcripts: bannon’s war room. steven mosher the chinese people are rising up against the ongoing tightening controls of the ccp’s high tech digital dictatorship. november 28, 2022. | us news
US News

Transcripts: Bannon’s War Room. Steven Mosher The Chinese People Are Rising Up Against the Ongoing Tightening Controls of the CCP’s High Tech Digital Dictatorship. November 28, 2022.

Transcripts from Bannon’s War Room on Rumble: Steve Bannon: Steven you’ve watched more closely than anybody we got to minute here we’re going to hold you through the break. Put it in perspective what’s happening on the streets of Beijing and

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Georgia senator warnock votes and campaigns for re election 768x512 1 | warnock skirts eviction | news

'Slumlord' Warnock Skirts Eviction

Democratic senator Raphael 'Slumlord' Warnock won the Georgia Senate election on Tuesday, securing his first full six-year term and giving Democrats control of the upper chamber next year. The race was a coup for Democrats, who had been forced to share some

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Ann Vandersteel-Rape of the Mind

The Zelenko Report with Ann Vandersteel Published December 6, 2022  Non-stop psyops are inundating social media. Frank Zelenko gives us the Jewish perspective.   THE ZELENKO REPORT ( Enjoyed this video? Join my Locals community for exclusive content at! Non-stop psyops are inundating

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Biden Family Accused Of “Influence Peddling” With Enemies

James Comer recently stopped by a broadcast of Fox’s “Sunday Morning Futures.” While there, the ranking Republican on the House Oversight Committee commented on what he’s calling “influence peddling” by President Brain-Dead Biden and his family “with America’s adversaries. This isn’t

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Poll: Americans Love What Elon Musk Is Doing

America’s federal government is acting like Elon Musk is evil for calling for transparency. It’s literally impossible for them to operate their current business model with transparency, so obviously it infuriated them. Democrats have been trying to convince us that Musk

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Facebook May Remove All News From Platform

Election Rigger, Mark Zuckerberg has tried to distance himself from Facebook as much as possible by installing a parent company for him to run, but we all know that he’s the one pulling the strings from top to bottom over there. When he

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Biden’s Team Funds Colombian Pro-Prostitution Group

In case you’re wondering where your tax dollars are going, we now know at least one place they’re ending up. Fundacion Sentiido, a Colombian group that supports the legalization of prostitution. An investigative report from the Washington Examiner set out to

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BIS Concerned as FX Swap Debt Swells Up to $80T

In its quarterly review, the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) sounded an alarm for a massive international debt vulnerability. This global obligation rose to over $80 trillion in foreign exchange (FX) swaps, which has been reported off-balance. From Where Does the

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Herschel walker good man 18x0rc 150x150 1 | georgia runoff election results: polls closed at 7 pm – warnock projected winner in georgia race! former red state re-elects radical socialist for us senate! | 2nd amendment
Second Amendmentment

Georgia Runoff Election Results: Polls Closed at 7 PM – 'Slumlord' Warnock Projected Winner in Georgia Race! Former Red State Re-Elects Radical Socialist for US Senate!

Today is the US Senate runoff election in Georgia between American sports hero Herschel Walker and far-left radical Raphael 'Slumlord' Warnock. Every top Republican in the state of Georgia won their race by ten points in the midterm elections. But for some

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Toko Token Jumps 53% on Rumors of Binance Acquisition

Tokocrypto’s native token is up more than 53% following reports that Binance is in talks to acquire the Indonesian crypto exchange. Binance previously invested in Tokocrypto in 2020 to facilitate the company’s growth and gain exposure in the growing crypto market

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