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Florida Now Has the Lowest COVID Daily Cases Per Capita Despite Democrats Trashing Gov. Ron DeSantis’ Handling of the Pandemic

Gov. Kathy Hochul declares ‘disaster emergency’ in New York until mid-January over omicron despite no cases of new variant in the US yet


Cartoon Show Hosts Trans Beaver With Double Mastectomy Scars And Non Binary Dolphins

Mike Lindell Threatens To Pull Advertising Dollars From Salem Radio Network If They Don’t Address 2020 Election Fraud

Former Trump Advisor Quits Newsmax Citing Vaccination Policy

Australia Begins Using ‘Quarantine Camps’ For 24/7 Forced Lockdowns For People Testing Positive For COVID AND Contact Traces


PM Johnson Unveils Measures To Fight Omicron COVID Variant In 76% Vaxx’d UK

biden forgets to close the southern border against omicron variant

Biden ‘Forgets’ To Close The Southern Border Against ‘Omicron’ Variant

e2808be2808be2808be2808be2808be2808be2808bpentagon finds the new presidential helicopter is unreliable in emergencies

​​​​​​​Pentagon Finds The New Presidential Helicopter Is ‘Unreliable’ In Emergencies

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Virginia Republican Jen Kiggans Won’t Back Trump In 2024, Got Mocked For ‘Consultant-Driven’ Answers In New Interview

Russia starts full-scale production of its ‘unstoppable’ 6,670mph Zircon hypersonic missile

Et tu, Salvation Army?

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GERMANY: Those Seeking Euthanasia Must Be Vaccinated Against COVID

On Central Texas’ KJCE-AM: Comparing the votes in Austin, Texas and Minneapolis, Minneapolis on defunding the police

Waukesha victim, 11 – one of nine kids injured during Christmas parade attack – is clinging to life on a ventilator nearly a week now

South Africa’s Top Health Officials: ” Travel Bans Are Unjustified”

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Meet David Hancock: Ex-Navy SEAL Accused of Controlling Kyle Rittenhouse’s Finances, Contact With Lawyers

Hillary Clinton: “Biden’s Regime Will Be Removing ‘Punitive Tariffs’ in President Trump’s Trade Deal With China”

Dave Chappelle refuses to cave to angry students who call him ‘bigot’ for anti-woke comedy; Democrat comes to his defense

Dr. Fauci: “Vaccines Will Contain Emerging Omicron Variant’!

The President Owes Kyle Rittenhouse An Apology

The President Owes Kyle Rittenhouse An Apology

Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner is reportedly trying to raise capital for his investment firm by turning to Middle East leaders after negotiating several treaties in region while working in the White House

Post-trial, AP coverage of Rittenhouse worsens

Experts Predict ‘Civil Rights’ Lawsuits Against Rittenhouse Will Go Nowhere


PFIZER: ‘Vaccine 100% Effective Against COVID-19 For Ages 12-15’

dave chappelle responds to criti

Dave Chappelle Humiliates Campus Snowflakes During Surprise Appearance at Former High School


EXCLUSIVE: Boeing Workers Share Mission For Medical Freedom At Arizona Rally

The Left Owns the Waukesha Massacre, Which is Why You’ve Stopped Hearing About It

LAPD Establishes Task Force To Stop Surge Of Follow-Home Robberies

china freaks out over congressional visit to taiwan

China freaks out over congressional visit to Taiwan

hmmm state vaccine mandate on prison workers temporarily stayed by the ninth circuit

Hmmm: State vaccine mandate on prison workers temporarily stayed by … the Ninth Circuit?

south african health official cases of the new variant are mild with no prominent symptoms

South African health official: Cases of the new variant are “mild,” with no prominent symptoms

Gov. Abbott guarantees lights will stay on in Texas this winter

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Dept. of Transportation’s meme pushing Biden agenda propaganda is your tax dollars at work –

“Highly Vaccinated” Israel “On Verge Of An Emergency” As Alleged “COVID” Cases Spike