Wokeness, Police, and You. Paycheck or Principle?

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Written by: The CCP (Conservative College Professor).

The recent video of a Plano, TX police officer twiddling his thumbs as BLM protestors block an intersection has gone viral. And the internet is awash with footage of BLM and ANTIFA agitators destroying property, assaulting people (including police officers), and rioting while the police stand benumbed. Heck, in Seattle the police handed the mob part of the city.

In Canada, Artur Pawlowski has been arrested for holding a church service. In England a street preacher was arrested for stating that Biblical marriage is between a man and a woman. Back in the United States the FBI hunts down Trump supporters like they’re Nazi war criminals, but doesn’t bat an eyelid at the corruption of Hillary Clinton, Andrew Cuomo, Hunter Biden, or members of the violent mobs that plagued our cities last summer (see Dinesh D’Souza’s recent article on abolishing the FBI).

I support law enforcement, but I was left to draw one of two conclusions when I watched that Plano officer do nothing while BLM walked all over him: 1) he has bought into their message and legitimately believes he’s doing the right thing, or 2) he’s a coward. That’s it – there is no third possibility.

The officers who dragged Artur Pawlowski to jail either believe that they’re doing the right thing by arresting a pastor for preaching, or they’re too cowardly not to do it. Again, there is no third option. The first possibility is frightening – that the police (not the police agencies, but the officers, the boots-on-the-ground) have become social justice warriors rather than law enforcers. This appeared to be the case when the English street preacher was arrested. The officers seemed to relish their role as part of the mob.

And the second possibility is equally unsettling – that the rank-and-file officers know what they’re doing is wrong (arresting pastors, not arresting rioters), but do it anyway. Their paycheck is more important than their principles. This appeared to be the case with the officer in Plano. Torn between enforcing the law (doing his job) and appeasing the mob, he chose to do nothing, thereby accomplishing the latter.

I’m just following orders is his likely defense, but this defense falls under option two – you’re still a coward. But I’ll lose my job if I disobey orders. Okay, then lose your job. Do you really want a job where you arrest the good guys and turn a blind eye to the bad guys?

The problem of police cowardice is mirrored in society at large. Conservatives are so afraid of being canceled or getting fired that they go along with the, “wokeness.” I’ll just attend my company’s critical race training, but I won’t really buy into it. No! Refuse to go, or better yet, educate them on how divisive and evil Marxism is. Silent participation only emboldens the woke mob.

It’s too late to mind your own business and carry on as if everything is going to be okay. That’s the attitude that, over the last sixty years, has allowed liberal craziness to take over our schools, churches, businesses, and, now, perhaps, law enforcement.

Imagine if half the employees of Coke and Disney boycotted critical race training. Imagine if police officers actually arrested BLM and ANTIFA members in Portland, Seattle, and Plano. Imagine if teachers tore up the 1619 Project curriculum and refused to teach it to their students. Imagine if every female athlete in the NCAA refused to compete against biological males.

If Coke is too woke, let’s start our own cola company. If the bank won’t give you a loan because your business isn’t green enough, let’s start our own bank. Instead of fleeing from the education system, let’s take it back. Instead of caving to the mob, let’s disperse them.

It’s scary to stand your ground because it feels like you’re all alone, but you’re not. Coke has backed off their “be less white” stance. The MLB, NBA, and NFL have suffered huge ratings declines since they joined the woke parade. States are writing and passing legislation to protect the 2nd amendment, to ban critical race theory, to punish cities that defund police, and to protect women’s sports.

We must join the fight at the grassroots level, in our workplaces, in our neighborhoods, and in our churches. It will make a difference! Stop rolling over for these people, paycheck be damned! A conscience with no job sleeps better at night than a job with no conscience.

– The CCP (Conservative College Professor). Yes…we exist.

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