Why Trump Will Be the Greatest President of Our Lifetime

Written by Steve Cannon for USSANews.com

I have a few minutes to kill waiting on The Walking Dead to be downloaded via The Pirate Bay via my VPN because Comcast won’t air the new episode until 10pm my time. Like most Tea Party people, I have a job and cannot stay up all night for a TV show that I really like. I digress.

Admittedly, I was a NeverTrumper. I was, and still am in favor of Ted Cruz, a true Constitutionalist. So why do I think Trump will be the greatest thing since Reagan, if not Lincoln? Here’s my best estimate.

I was born in NYC, as was our president. (I prefer the country life now.) I know the attitude. I know the game. In NYC, the game is always win. All costs, win. For years, Trump was a liberal. I believe he became a conservative simply to get on the ticket and show that he could win on a national platform, plain and simple. The ego drove his campaign.

What does that mean? Ego is paramount in NYC. Keeping up with the Joneses is second nature. Winning is so engrained in a New Yorker, Trump will win at all costs. He will forgo his liberal ideals (assuming he has any), adopt the conservative platform, and use that to his advantage, all in the name of winning.

Trump would rather be remembered as the #1 conservative president than the losing liberal president. I think he will bend over backwards to please, not the GOP, but we, the conservative people – thus enshrining his legacy as a winner for eternity. A conservative winner, values be damned.

His possibly liberal conscious may speak up and give him pause, but the ego part of his brain will steer him in the winning (and conservative) direction, yielding to the thought of being the greatest president of all time.

This is just my Pych 101 take on a fellow New Yorker.


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