Why the Biden Regime Wants to Ban “Assault” Rifles

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By L.C. Vincent.

Firearms owners are constantly harangued that their firearms are “weapons of war.” Yet nearly anything one can imagine has been used as a “weapon of war” at one time or another. Obviously, firearms are used in wars to kill the enemy; but so have knives, swords, clubs, spears, bows and arrows, and rocks. One would have to outlaw Nature itself to prevent objects from being used to attack, “assault” and kill enemies on the field of battle.

Bearing that in mind, only a few days ago Republican Senators asked Joe Biden’s new anti-gun nominee for the position as head of the ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) to define an “assault weapon.” David Chipman hemmed and hawed, first stating that an “assault weapon” would be whatever Congress declared it to be; and when pressed further, blurted out that any firearm with a detachable magazine holding more than 10 rounds in a caliber larger than .22 Long Rifle would be an “assault weapon” in his considered opinion.

All Weapons Are “Assault Weapons”

It should surprise no one that the term “assault rifle” is a made up and wholly created term originally coined by one Josh Sugarman, Executive Director of the “Violence Policy Center” in his bid to demonize firearms owners and their weapons as somehow being more violent prone than the average non gun-owning citizen.

The reality is that anything can be an “assault weapon” if used in an aggressive manner with the intent to harm, maim or kill, just as any rifle can be used to “assault” and kill someone. Consider that a pencil jammed into an opponent’s throat, nose or eye socket can instantly kill a person when that pencil becomes a “weapon” by using it to “assault” someone with it!

A genuine “assault rifle,” as defined by the military, is actually a weapon capable of fully automatic fire; and the only way a civilian can acquire such a rifle or weapon is by filling out reams of paperwork, waiting nearly two years and paying approximately twenty thousand dollars per firearm. So real, fully automatic military “assault” weapons of war are hardly found “on the street” or “freely” available at your local gun store.

The AR-15, the most popular rifle in the United States, only looks like an “assault” rifle, or fully automatic weapon. Yet this is the rifle that Biden declared he would empower skateboard legend and former perennial teen-age presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke to confiscate once he was in office.

The Wrong Question

Unfortunately, Senators Kennedy and Hawley asked David Chipman the wrong question. While it was highly amusing to watch Chipman wriggle and squirm trying to define an “assault rifle,” the real question the senators should have asked Chipman is this: Why do you want to ban so-called military style “assault” rifles? This question cuts to the heart of the matter regarding the Left’s agenda to totally disarm all civilians, because, logically, The Left’s obsession with banning military-style “assault” rifles flies in the face of statistical reality.

Since all guns are inherently dangerous if improperly handled, and all guns are capable of inflicting injury and death depending upon how they are used or misused, then if the purported purpose of a gun ban is to somehow make the public “safer” by eliminating deadly weapons from our society, why not — using their logic and reasoning — go after the firearm most frequently used by gangsters, gang bangers, and criminals? Why do “progressives” not clamor to ban pistols and revolvers, which are overwhelmingly used in crimes with guns, rather than semi-automatic rifles, which are used in less than 2% of all criminal shootings?

Or, put another way, if 98% of so-called “gun crimes” feature handguns, then using “Liberal Left Logic”, why not ban and confiscate handguns, rather than a weapon that is only used in less than 2% of firearms crimes? After all, if the real reason for eviscerating the 2nd Amendment is to protect the public from violent criminals and psychopaths with firearms, then why not go after the instrument used to commit 98% of firearms crimes, rather than less than 2%? And there you have the crux of their false and ludicrous argument.

The Right Question would have really put Chipman on the Spot! Just imagine if Senators Kennedy or Hawley had asked David Chapman these questions!

“Mr. Chipman, since there are more than 500 times more crimes committed with handguns than committed with your definition of an “assault” rifle, why is it that you want to ban assault rifles rather than handguns?”

“Mr. Chipman, you have also stated that you not only want to ban so-called “assault” rifles, but the Biden administration has further stated that they will come and “take” or confiscate those “assault” rifles. Can you tell us in detail just how you would plan to confiscate or “take” the assault rifles already legally purchased and owned by law abiding citizens who have committed no crime, yet neither you nor your administration has offered any plans whatsoever on disarming national street gangs like the Crips, the Bloods, or MS-13?”

These two questions would have really put Chipman on the spot. They would have made it impossible for the Biden regime to camouflage their true motivation for wanting to ban AND confiscate legally owned military style rifles. It would then be clear that the ONLY reason that this occupation government wants to confiscate self-self-loading rifles with detachable magazines holding more than 10 rounds is because these weapons are the most efficient deterrent which “We the People” currently possess to protect ourselves against government tyranny.

There is simply no other justification for going after so called “assault” rifles when handguns are used 500 times more often in criminal activity! If the pretext of “social safety” had any meaning, they would concentrate their efforts on the criminals who actually use firearms to commit crime. But in the eyes of the Biden regime, it is the firearm that IS the crime — the fact is that according to the Biden regime, someone who owns a firearm automatically makes them a criminal, especially if it is the type of firearm that can be used to potentially resist THEM!

Biden/Harris/Obama — No Real Interest in Public Safety

The Biden/Harris/Obama regime clearly has no real interest in public safety; in fact, not even a pretense of it — or they would have stopped the more than 500 riots of Antifa and Black Lives Matter throughout the United States last year which resulted in BILLIONS of dollars in property damage and at least 5 murders. But because Antifa and Black Lives Matter are actually The Left’s foot soldiers in creating chaos, they are immune from prosecution. Even at the height of last year’s riots (excuse me, “mostly peaceful protests”) Kamala Harris and her cohorts were bailing people out of jail immediately so that they could go back on the streets to attack police and return to loot and burn cities and neighborhoods as a form of “reparations” — a sparkling example of the Left’s definition of “social justice.”

The Biden/Harris/Obama regime want to ban so-called “assault rifles” because such rifles are the best civilian defense against the usurpations, encroachments and brutalizations of a tyrannical government that is currently careening out of control in their headlong rush to deprive all Americans of their rights as enumerated in the Bill of Rights and the first Ten Amendments to the Constitution of the United States! There is no other reason, no other justification, for such a policy, or for such a crazed advocate of firearms confiscation to be nominated as the head of the ATF.

It is no surprise that these valiant paragons of virtue have absolutely no desire to go after the Crips, Bloods or MS-13 gang bangers. Hell, that might be dangerous! Law officers or government agents might get shot and killed. So true — better to go after LAW ABIDING CITIZENS who have done nothing illegal other than to own the most common rifle platform in the United States and make them criminals overnight!

This push to criminalize owners of so-called “assault rifles” can only end one way — very very badly — for all involved. We are truly standing upon the precipice of servitude, for a disarmed citizen is nothing more than a serf, no longer a sovereign citizen. When you combine the fact that a blatantly fraudulent election has allowed the installation of a regime that was NOT democratically elected into office, combined with Big Tech censorship and the emergence of a Communist dominated “cancel culture” that allows only “one truth” (their current party line) to be openly discussed, then you have a recipe for totalitarianism that neatly fits all the prior historical models.

The Left ultimately wants total civilian disarmament, and the nomination of a raving lunatic like David Chipman should alert all firearms owners that they are now in the crosshairs of this administration. The end result of this travesty should we not resist the utter usurpation of our right to keep and bare arms is to look upon the rest of our lives as sheep being slowly led to slaughter, with no means of resistance to the tyranny of a non-elected government of cowards, criminals, and psychopaths.

The only people in the crosshairs of the Biden regime are patriotic firearms owners who happen to own military style rifles that could be useful in resisting the imposition of the dictates of a tyrant, the kind of tyrant the Joe Biden, in his encroaching senility, clearly has become. Our window of opportunity is slowly closing to stop this insanity, for should Chipman head the ATF and get his way, we may see a bloodbath as innocent American gun owners are demonized, while the street gangs, thugs and hoodlums that support the Democrats will continue their War on America.

If we do not stop this assault on our Second Amendment, we can kiss ALL of the rights enumerated in The Bill of Rights goodbye. Our freedom of speech (already severely curtailed), assembly, petition and religion will soon become relics of our once proud history. Now is the time to stand and fight! Contact your Senators and Representatives and say no to Biden, Harris, Obama and the crazed Socialists and Communists currently infesting our government in Washington, DC.

Let your voice be heard — stop the nomination of David Chipman and anyone like him who has no respect for the 2nd Amendment and the freedoms that are the foundation of our American Republic!

Copyright 2021, LC Vincent. All Rights Reserved.
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