Why Joe Biden’s Sinking Numbers are Utterly Irrelevant

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By L.C. Vincent.

Many patriots and conservatives take heart in the fact that the public approval ratings of the Chinese sock puppet currently occupying our White House, Slow Joe Biden, are tanking. Currently, Chairman Biden’s ratings continue to spiral downwards, a reflection of the numerous failures and disasters he has inflicted on this great country since falsely being elevated and installed as the 46th “acting” President.

Under normal circumstances, any time that a President’s popularity dips below 40%, political pundits begin to bleat and tremble that the current resident of the Oval Office is in serious trouble. Predictably, we have heard the same mantra from political observers on the Left as well as the Right regarding Biden’s plummeting poll numbers. Unfortunately, the indisputable fact of Joe Biden’s rapid descent in popularity presages nothing more than more of the same emanating from Washington D.C.

The reasons that the current polls really do not matter, unlike other times in the history of our country, are manifold. They include several granular truths that cannot be overlooked, no matter what side of the political spectrum one might occupy. Consider these unpleasant facts:

Politicians, up until this last election, were often no more than creatures of various polling organizations. With the obvious exception of President Donald Trump, most politicians would never dare to so much as whisper anything of substance or significance without first “poll testing” that statement among test audiences to determine a response. These “trial balloons” are launched so as not to threaten a potential candidates candidacy by so much as a fraction of a vote.

The reason for this fear and trepidation on their part is simple. Poll results are considered predictors of voting results. If a politician is sagging in the polls, then logic and experience dictate that lower poll numbers will translate into lower vote totals.

However, in the recent 2020 election, anyone with even a modicum of curiosity could find numerous reasons to distrust the ballyhooed outcome of a Biden “victory.” Over a thousand signed affidavits sworn under penalty of perjury and jail time, video evidence of fraud, ballots mysteriously appearing during the suspended counting of only critical swing states, not to mention the collusion of the electronic, social and mass media, all indicated that “The Fix” was in. And just to be sure, of course, Dominion “programmable” voting machines in 28 states which allowed vote totals to be weighted and swung in any direction their programmers wished added to the fraud.

Now we face another “election.” But what kind of election shall it be? If we have even one state using Dominion or similar “programmable” voting machines, then there simply is no election integrity. Even one state’s vote manipulated by outside forces could change the entire electoral outcome.

We all know Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are nothing more than puppets. We all know Barack Obama and Obama’s puppet masters are the ones who are calling the shots. And we must all realize that if the Will of the American People is once again thwarted by these treasonous criminals acting in concert — a real, genuine “conspiracy” — then the outcome of the 2022 midterms will hardly be a repudiation of the ongoing atrocity in Washington, D.C.

Consider that if the cabal of Communist simps surrounding Biden have this “ace in the hole” at their disposal once again, then it matters not how low Biden’s poll numbers may sink. The only reason any politician fears low poll numbers is that they are a predictor of the eventual outcome at the ballot box. But if that ballot box can be electronically programmed and manipulated, as so many states in the last national election were, then the people around Biden/Harris could care less if their poll numbers sink to zero! They will still be able to salvage a pretend “victory” over the forces of Truth, Justice and The American Spirit.

Unless ALL of our state uniformly reject computerized voting machines at every governmental level, the 2022 midterms, like the 2024 presidential election, will be tainted, compromised, and fraudulent… of that I have no doubt. Our only avenue of protection is to work tirelessly to return to pure PAPER BALLOTS counted by human beings… and only then will America return from the headlong rush into the socialist/communist abyss that stretches before us into the darkest pits of hell.

Copyright 2021, LCVincent, All Rights Reserved.


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