What will you do in the Future? Retire Comfortably or Merely Survive.

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Written by George Stevens.

Events over the past few years have made people rethink their retirement plans. No matter how many years you have before retirement you have to be aware of the impact that changes in the financial world will have on your retirement. In most cases, people have been working hard trying to put together some savings so they can retire. With businesses that have shut their doors, new unemployment numbers in the hundreds of thousands every week and prospects of more shut downs, the future doesn’t hold a lot of promise. For many, survival is the main priority. Unemployment benefits are not going to last forever. What to do then? For some retirement is just a dream.

Today, a large portion of the working class has been advised to invest in the stock market and have enjoyed some return as the Market (DOW) has risen above 31,000. There is a problem with that mind set. The problem is that many think or hope the market will continue to rise. The reality is that the market is currently overpriced. There are many warnings that the market is headed for a downturn that will make the Great Depression look like a picnic.

With the manufacturing base we had and the ethical hard working mindset that existed in the depression years, it still took decades and a world war to get out of it. This time around it is a different story. The national debt is astronomical and will never be paid back. Our manufacturing base has been decimated and the policies of the present administration are already adding to the problem. New generations that are becoming “ready” for the work force are being schooled to believe that they are owed something and they are looking for handouts.

This is a recipe for disaster and a total collapse of our economy and the stock market. The fundamentals of market growth are just not there and with nothing more than hope that the market will keep going up, a downturn can happen very quickly. The DOW has been hovering just above 30,000 for 4 months. It will not take much to precipitate a downward slide that the Protection Team will not be able to stop. On March 16 of last year the market dropped almost 3,000 points in one day. This time the drop will cause the market to lose as much or more than two thirds of its value. Something as simple as rising the interest rates could be the catalyst to destroy the market.

We already have a debt that we can’t pay back. Rising interest rates could easily cause paying just the interest impossible. We are a bankrupt country that is only continuing because we can call on the Federal Reserve to print us more money. The more they print, the more they have to print. Massive inflation of a magnitude you can’t imagine is not that far away. The Federal Reserve Notes in your wallet are not United States money. It is the currency we use but it belongs to the Federal Reserve and we have to pay interest on it.

So now that we’ve covered the background, let’s go back to retirement. Two things are going to happen with no way to stop them. One is inflation on an enormous scale and second is a collapsing economy. The bond market is in chaos as investors bail out. The new 1.9 trillion COVID bill is only going to push us closer to hyper-inflation. No matter how you look at the economy, these scenarios are going to make retirement plans for most people impossible.

Is there any way out of this rigged rat race? Yes! Paper assets including stocks, funds, ETF, bonds etc. are a waste of time. They are paper assets and eventually all paper assets will go to a near zero valuation. What will survive this impending catastrophe is hard assets. If you have all your money tied up in the stock market, you need to at least diversify and store up some hard assets. Retirement is a pipe dream if all you have is paper assets.

So what hard assets will protect you? Land and housing is an asset that typically holds and increases its value. If you have a good sum of money you can invest and can find a way for the land/housing to either pay for itself or make a profit – bravo. Most people don’t have that kind of money to invest so precious metals are a good option. Gold has outperformed the stock market since 2002. Silver has had its ups and downs. It is currently the most undervalued commodity you can buy and will provide a higher rate of return than gold.

For those who get a nice payment from the government for your retirement and think you will do fine … how far will that payment go when a loaf of bread costs $1,000 or more? Think it can’t happen? In the Weimar German hyperinflation event, a loaf of bread that cost 120 marks in 1922, cost 200 billion marks is 1923. Venezuela’s hyperinflation rate increased from 9.02 percent to 10 million percent since 2018. It happens to all fiat currencies. The FED reserve note is a fiat currency. Inflation has already devalued the dollar by over 90%. How much further will it go? Some financial wizards think it will go to zero.

Billionaire economists who are in the know project gold will go from its current $1,800 window to its true value of as much as $10,000 or more. That is a fivefold increase. Silver on the other hand is less than $30 and is projected to go to $600 or more. That is a twenty times increase. That doesn’t even take in account hyperinflation. With hyperinflation the sky is the limit. Silver is the poor man’s gold and getting started in it does not take a lot of capital. No matter what hard asset you decide to invest in, do your own research. When the paper assets lose their value, including the dollar, make sure you have something to rely on. Also, bear in mind that this fragile economy can come tumbling down very soon. And make no mistake; it will come tumbling down – soon.

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