We the People Will Not Yield!

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By Freedom Heart.

Mark Helprin stated in “Winter’s Tale”, “One person’s life is not more important than another’s.” This quote holds true. We are seeing in our society today where lives are being taken callously. Livelihoods are being threatened by not just employers, but by government itself. How does government get to dictate who should be allowed to move around freely? How does government get to take away our God given rights?

Our forefathers fought for this land 245 years ago. They fought to keep us free so we wouldn’t have to go through the oppression they went through. They didn’t fight for just one race, they fought for all races. They knew that by being free, their future generations among many others would live a dream they dreamed about.
Our forefathers had ancestors/they themselves had come from an oppressive government. Law & Order was the rule of the land. The right to protect themselves against a tyrannical government was to fight to be self-sufficient in America the beautiful! They knew man deserved the right to bear arms, and to keep what he earned. They knew that all men deserved to dream of a life free from oppression!

I value my history and my freedoms. “We the People” are entitled to every promise our constitution grants us! I will not lay down and just hand it over to tyrannical government! Nor will I be a human guinea pig for the government. I will not allow the government to kill my family!

If this perhaps falls on a Republican’s eyes that truly cares, this individual will rise and put a stop to the corruption happening in Washington. This individual will say enough is enough! Our forefathers, ancestors and troops didn’t fight for freedom in this country just to turn it over to a tyrannical government who is trying to impose communism! Men, women, and children in this country deserve freedom and the right to live their lives how they see fit.

Why do you think so many immigrants flock here to America? BECAUSE WE ARE THE LAND OF OPPORTUNITY AND FREEDOM! They come here because their own governments have gone corrupt, and their leaders in their countries are tyrants! Corrupt leaders withhold, food, water, and shelter to make a population obey. Corrupt leaders pull the rug out from under people because if you do not keep them oppressed and scared, they will revolt against their tyrannical government! Have you taken a stroll through your grocery stores and hardware stores lately? Shelves are starting to look a little bare, and employees just say, “We’re experiencing a shortage!”

That shortage will soon lead to government saying, “If you want your stores to fully stocked, and your lumber back, go get vaccinated.” We all know what is going on here. Let’s not step lightly around the topic! NO ONE! Should ever be forced to go and get a vaccine that they do not want. “WE THE PEOPLE” are entitled to say, “MY BODY! MY CHOICE!” That phrase shouldn’t just exist for those who wish to abort an innocent human life.

If Republicans do not stop the corrupt actions of the Democrats, all will be lost. Look at Pelosi, she and her husband are making millions from insider trading. They also own companies in Russia which revolves around the pipeline. Let’s see what all Schumer has stock in as well! HELL…. let’s see what all democrats have stock in! That goes for the corrupt RINO’s that are handing Democrats their way! Democrats are not interested in allowing Americans to be free. Democrats want oppression and poverty. Without the two, you cannot control the population.

It is time for Republicans in congress to remember who voted them into their positions! It is time for Republicans in congress to stand up and start taking our country back! It’s time that Republicans in Congress remember that America is THE LAND OF THE FREE AND HOME OF THE BRAVE!

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