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By LC Vincent.

This is a very special Fourth of July. Undoubtedly, most of us have made plans to be with family and friends, enjoy the outdoors, fish or hunt, BarBQ, enjoy some fireworks and celebrate. Those still in the grip of the lockdown mindset might even dare take off their useless face masks and catch a breath of fresh, free air, because The Pretender in The White House has said it might be OK…. If you’ve had your two COVID shots, and you’re not suffering any noticeable side effects… yet…

As for the rest of us, may I suggest as we approach the 250th anniversary of this country over the next few years, that it might be an appropriate time to stop for a moment, meditate, and think of where we came from… and where we are going as a country.


Step outside the incessant, media driven reality of your conscious mind and try, for a moment, to travel back in time to 1776, when there was no constant bombardment of electronic media vying for your attention, to when a group of nationalists and patriots meeting in a Philadelphia pub concluded that they had had enough; enough of increasing taxation without representation; enough of British soldiers being quartered, fed and housed, gratis; enough of warrantless searches for weapons; enough of unequal treatment, slights, insults, and 2nd class citizenship.

The men who signed The Declaration of Independence pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to establish 13 free and independent states. Most of the signatories of the Declaration lost their homes, land, property, investments, fortunes and their lives. Many were caught by the British, tortured and hung, and their family members were treated the same way. Most of the signatories of the Declaration paid the ultimate price in the quest for Freedom and Independence from the yoke that Great Britain and King George had shackled around the necks of the American colonists. And yet to a man, they signed the founding document of this country knowing what hell might be in store for them and their loved ones, because living as a free man was worth more to them, ultimately, than anything else on the face of this Earth.

Today, it is a sad statement of fact that most of the people who celebrate the Fourth of July holiday have absolutely no idea what they are celebrating, or why the Fourth is even a holiday. Watch people as they are interviewed at random on various video channels about this very subject, and you will see a level of ignorance that seems to be as wide and as deep as The Grand Canyon.

Today’s nationalist and patriots, almost without exception, know the reasons behind our Fourth of July celebration. Unfortunately, our numbers are far outweighed by the purposely cultivated vacuity of multiple generations who have been programmed and “kult-i-vated” by a Marxist dominated academic system that has jettisoned Civics and a true appreciation of American History for LGBTQXYZ “pride” and BLM race hatred.


This dearth of intellectual understanding among even the so-called “elite” of our “Ivy League” schools regarding the MONUMENTAL meaning and importance which is the foundation for The Declaration of Independence in the face of prior world history up until that day on July 4th, 1776, staggers the mind. Let us examine the founding of America and the intellectual and spiritual leap its founding represents for all humanity, and place our founding in perspective during that tumultuous time period.

Until 1776, rulers of various European nations ruled by The Divine Right of Kings. What this meant, essentially, is that a “royal family” would rule and control a country for centuries, barring various wars or palace intrigues. There was, with the exception of a smattering of merchants, no middle class in society, or more accurately, public life. There were the rulers — The Elite — and The Serfs or farmers. Society was stagnant, the pace of intellectual growth was glacial, and The Church, for the most part, ruled over the royal families of Europe as the ultimate power center, which authorized and condoned various branches of royalty to capture, jail, torture and kill “heretics” who threatened the prevailing social order.

Altho the Magna Carta, promising English barons and nobleman limited autonomy, freedom from illegal imprisonment, swift judgments and a limitation on feudal taxes had been signed in the 13th century, the trickle of freedom that document established did not begin to bear any real fruit until nearly five centuries later.


Standing valiantly against centuries of oppression, injustice, and The Divine Right of Kings to rule by fiat, the colonists or “rebels” as they were called, declared that all men, by the Divine Right of their Creator, GOD, were born free and had a right to be free. That “freedom” included the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Among these divine rights granted to all men were the right to freedom of speech, assembly worship, and the right of self-defense thru the use of arms.

There is no doubt about it: the signers of Declaration of Independence were not only “rebels” — they were also the “extremists” and “nationalists” of their day. Altho comprising only 3% of the colonial population, these “conspirators” did the nearly impossible — they set in motion the founding of the greatest country on Earth which has acted as a beacon for all freedom loving people the world over for the past two and a half centuries.

Now, as our world slowly devolves towards the sickness of Socialism (Communism light), aided and abetted by the blind corruption and greed of our corporate elites and international financiers, for whom market share is more important than human rights, our globe is slowly spinning towards the New Dark Ages, with only the flickering flame from Liberty’s Torch standing in the way of humanity’s total engulfment.

Rather than thoughtlessly celebrate another Fourth of July as nothing more than an excuse to enjoy a three day weekend, may I suggest that this Fourth of July we stop and pause to reflect on another holiday so many living in America also tend to gloss over — Memorial Day.


Memorial Day is, to those who still know and remember, the time when we give thanks for the courage, sacrifice, heroism, blood and lives sacrificed for this country so that we may all still enjoy what vestiges of freedom our politicians and political parties have not yet outlawed, diluted, subverted, diminished or curtailed thru various legislative tricks, lies and subterfuges.

As part of this exercise, I strongly encourage you, if possible, to visit a military cemetery sometime… and truly pay your respect to those brave men and women of all faiths, races and nationalities who sacrificed their lives, whose lives were ended in their prime, so that we might still enjoy the tattered remnants of freedom that our politicians, political parties and Big Tech oligarchs have not, as of yet, “deleted.”

May I suggest you visit that military cemetery sometime when it is not a national holiday. Take at least an hour to slowly and contemplatively walk thru the tombstones. Look at the names, the dates, the places. Absorb the stillness, the silence. Think and ponder for a moment about the motivation, the courage, the bravery, the heroism, the sacrifice these people made so that you could still breathe the fresh air of Freedom. Try your best to hold back a tear, as you realize that all the dreams these valiant warriors once entertained, just as you still do, were cut short and viciously terminated, fighting against those who would have imposed their will and their vengeance upon America and those who love what she truly represents in the hearts of all people around this planet.


Then ask yourself this question: would these brave men and women have sacrificed their lives so that the oligarchs who rule Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Apple, Google — and all the other hive minded social media outlets — could censor our freedom of thought and freedom of speech? Would they have fought as valiantly, knowing that a “cancel culture” would emerge within our society that thinks its just terrific if they can extract an extra pound of flesh by having someone fired from their job because their politics did not align with the hive mind instilled by their Marxist oriented public school programmers?

Would they think it amusing that cretins, soy boys, and keyboard clowns living in their mommies’ basement and hiding anonymously behind their computer screens would feel the intoxicating “virtue” of their “wokeness” by “doxing” someone who dared go against the orthodoxy of their politics du jour so that a crowd of psychopaths could show up outside the homes of their victim and threaten the safety of their families while virtue signaling to each other on their cell phones?

Would they applaud the idea that Facebook is now asking its millions of members to act as snoops and snitches and “report” any of their friends who may be exhibiting signs of being an “extremist” — whatever the definition Monsieur Zuckerberg might conjure to fit that sobriquet? Or would they see this as the reincarnation of Gestapo tactics imposed electronically by a totally clueless, bug-eyed trans-humanist who considers Communist Chinese society as a model, something to be aspired to and imposed upon America?

Would our brave men and women who now lay dead and buried be in-sync with the idea that social credit scores could be used to control our behavior, our travel, our mobility, our employment opportunities and our lives, just as it is for those “living” under the tyranny of the CCP in China?

Would those soldiers, sailors, airmen, Wacs, Waves and all the gallant men and women residing under those crosses and headstones have made the ultimate sacrifice just so clueless bozos in The White House could threaten to neuter the 2nd Amendment, after they had effectively throttled the First Amendment guaranteeing Freedom of Speech by using the red herring of so-called “hate” speech as a reason to censor thought?

Would they be cool with the concept of having the Federal government twist the power of 17 federal spy agencies illegally against the American people by couching the “necessity” of this betrayal thru a piece of treasonous garbage entitled The P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Acts, I & II”?

Do you think they would be happy, knowing that the O’Biden-Harris regime wants to promote the concept of non-existent “White Supremacy” as a label that they can pin on their opponents or anyone who did not vote for them, or anyone who does not support their lunatic open-border policy that essentially welcomes terrorists, rapists, murderers, muggers, bio weapons, suitcase nukes, human sex traffickers, drug smugglers, and enemies from around the world to pour through a porous American Southern border?


Would they think it “inclusive” and “equitable” that we make the fruit of their labor and sacrifice available to those who violate our borders and our laws, and that we must then support these same people — and their extended families — thru vast welfare schemes unavailable to American citizens while enduring the rampant criminality of MS-13 as it expands its tentacles throughout our nation, as they continue to distribute Chinese made and financed Fentanyl to cripple and kill our youth?

Something tells me that if these brave men and women had known all this, they just may have paused and turned around before getting on that LST ready to land on the beaches of Normandy to sacrifice their lives rather than see how our country has devolved at the hands of dogmatic Marxists and their water carriers; and we would all be speaking German, Japanese… or be dead.

Think about it… REALLY think about it. This administration and its globalist social media corporate allies is injecting the venom of the “woke” virus into our body politic while at the same time moving heaven and earth to inject an experimental genetic mutation program, falsely labelled as a vaccine, into the arms of as many people as it can manipulate, cajole, bribe and threaten. Does something not seem right with this equation?

This Fourth of July, I recommend we all pause for a moment and try to invoke the Spirit of our patriotic ancestors. Read the words of Thomas Paine, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson regarding the Rights of Man, God-given Freedoms, and the proper place of LIMITED government.

Compare and contrast their brilliance to the three ring circus currently playing in Washington, DC, aided and abetted by a lap-dog media that has utterly abrogated its constitutional role as an independent arbiter and purveyor of information. That once proud people’s guardian of our freedoms and liberties, The American Press, has instead now devolved into a fifth column of the Democrat—Progressive—Socialist—Communist caravan, greasing the skids of this country towards the New Dark Ages.


Here you are, today, with your friends, family and loved ones. You will celebrate the Freedoms this Fourth of July was meant to honor. The question to you is this: how much longer will these freedoms you still enjoy today endure for you and your descendants tomorrow? And what will YOU do, and what are you willing to do and to sacrifice, to preserve our freedoms and fight the darkness that threatens to engulf our America and the rest of this planet for the next century and beyond?


Copyright 2021, LCVincent, All Rights Reserved
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