The Truth About, “The Matrix” Poem

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By: Joseph L. Campos Jr.

“I Believe in Jesus Christ/God. I Believe that He Is The Divine Architect, And Master Programmer, that Created our world…and that this is all just a simulation. I Believe that we are all just characters in a giant computer system Created by Jesus Christ, and we are all in a giant type of video game. We have His Holy Gift of Free Will. We have a choice to either be a Hero, or a villain, in this life. It is all about Faith, Liberty, And Freedom…it is all about The Good stepping up to combat, and kill off, the forces of evil. It is all about Fate, Destiny, and Purpose. It is all about a Valiant Soldier, Warrior, And Knight, coming to a crossroads…left, or right…a life of deceit, or Dignity…the wide open easy path, or the straight, and narrow, path…a path paved with good intentions that leads to hell, or a rugged, rough, desolate, path…one taken only by the brave…”The Road Less Traveled?” The sands of time are once again faltering…quickly…which path will you choose?! Onward to hades, or onward to Paradise? Onward to zilch, or onward to Zion? Onward to vanquishment, or onward to Valhalla? The choice is yours…mine…ours…”

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