The Marxist Agenda Behind “Defund the Police”

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By L.C. Vincent.

It seems utterly counter-intuitive: as crime is rising all across the major, Democrat controlled cities of America, we hear the same growing refrain from a vocal minority of “progressive” socialist-democrat bureaucrats and politicians, calling for cities and municipalities to Defund the Police. In the reverse logic world of progressive democrats, the police ARE the crime problem, so by making less money available for hiring police and patrolling sketchy neighborhoods, there will be be lower crime statistics.

Notice the caveat there… less “reported” crime, not less crime! It’s simply a way of ignoring criminal reality with the “head in the sand” hope that if one does not list or rack up a criminal offense committed by someone, then Abracadabra — said crime never really “occurred.” And voila! Lower crime rates!

The Money Behind The Program

Multi-billionaire financier George Soros, (real name Georgy Schwartz) has declared in public on more than one occasion how much he loathes and despises the United States, and how he would like nothing more than to destroy this country. To that end, Soros has funded radical District Attorneys in their political races across America to bring numerous hard core Leftists to the controls of the power of “prosecution” — or the lack thereof — in some of America’s biggest cities.

These include such noteworthy ideologues as Letitia James in New York, Kimberly Foxx in Chicago, Diana Becton, Contra Costa County in California, Larry Krasner in Philadelphia, and Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner in St. Louis. George Gascon in Los Angeles and Chesa Boudin in San Francisco, while technically receiving no money directly from Soros, appear to be in perfect sync with their aforementioned bought and paid for colleagues.

All of these public officials somehow are in harmony with the idea that by ignoring crimes such as loitering, vagrancy, vandalism, shoplifting, public intoxication, public urination, public intravenous drug use, etc., that there will be less overall crime because of a more “tolerant” attitude towards these minor offenses. The opposite is just the case. Real, serious crime rates like robbery, rape and murder have skyrocketed in the cities “served” by these officials, and all of it can be lain on the doorstep of the absurd policy of ignoring so-called “quality of life crimes” which continue to magically bloom into major crimes of violence, theft, destruction, arson and murder.

This cockeyed “go soft” rationale explains the ridiculous new “shoplifting” laws in San Francisco, overlooked by District Attorney Chesa Boudin of San Francisco. In The City of Hills, the new “shoplifting” laws state that goods which total less than $950 are to be essentially ignored by police. The result of this new policy is that thieves have organized raiding parties focusing on local retailers and druggists. Criminals now swoop down upon these business to help themselves to merchandise which totals to less than the $950 threshold, ultimately driving Walgreens to close 17 of its stores throughout San Francisco.

These same tactics, if one could generously label turning a blind eye to blatant criminal activity, were first encountered in Baltimore in 2016, where The Mayor and city government felt that allowing demonstrators to vent their anger thru the destruction of businesses was somehow preferable to keeping the peace and maintaining a safe environment for all citizens.

The former Mayor of Baltimore, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, stated that while officials worked to protect protestors from violence over the death of Freddie Gray, they also gave “those who wish to destroy, space to do that as well.” It was no surprise that with this attitude coming from the leader of the city, Baltimore was racked with violence on successive nights. Yet the Liberal, laissez-faire mayor preferred to let Baltimore burn, rather than stop the “protestors” from working out their feelings thru destruction of public and private property.

Liberal Law Enforcement’s Predictable End

Perhaps the ultimate insanity of this sort of criminal “free-reign” occurred over the past year in Minneapolis, Seattle and Portland. In Minneapolis, protestors were allowed to torch and destroy block after block of businesses, from corporate owned store fronts to mom and pop enterprises under the rudderless guidance of Mayor Jacob Frey. In Seattle, protestors who gathered over the death of George Floyd were allowed to take over six city blocks (and the businesses within them) by announcing the creation of CHAZ: the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone. In Portland, Mayor Ted Wheeler endured night after night after night of protests, riots, burnings, lootings, and destruction; in total, over 100 nights of unconfined violence, culminating in the murder of a Donald Trump supporter and hundreds of millions of dollars in property damage. Apparently that was preferable to the peace that could have ensued had Wheeler allowed his police force to do their sworn duty.

Meanwhile, the Democrats in our federal government never issued so much as a finger-wave to condemn such “naughty” behavior; and the electronic and social media hypocritically contended that the looting, violence, fires and destruction we witnessed was somehow “mostly peaceful.” They asked us to disbelieve the evidence of our own eyes as blocks burned behind talking-head reporters holding a microphone in the foreground, and strangely enough, many democrat voters did exactly that. “Protestors” (thieves and looters) in Chicago even went so far as to claim that the theft and vandalism they committed was somehow “reparations” for slavery that was never inflicted upon them, but their distant ancestors, Somehow stealing sneakers or a cell phone was going to compensate for the slavery their distant ancestors suffered at the hands of “Whitey.”

Tactics Mask The Final Agenda

Nevertheless, there is far more going on here below the surface than the chaotic criminality tolerated by a guilt-tripped “Black Lives Matter” public psyop; a psyop which is funded, in part, by the Communist Chinese government (CCP), to help destroy the social fabric of America and put real meaning into the term: social distancing.

There is still far more to all this than just the seemingly random spark that set off riots and murders, violence and looting across America. While it may appear that the only glue holding this chaos together is the death of George Floyd, the reality is that the Left — whose eternal motto is to never let any crisis go to waste — has established within the minds of many, including most of the media which they own and control, that the real problem in America is racist police who randomly kill Black people for sport. The problem with this meme, of course, is that it is a blatant lie and statically false, no matter how one examines the evidence.

However, as most know, what is ultimately important to The Left is not Facts but Feeling. And by using this tactic, the Left has succeeded beyond what one might reasonably assume, even given the lack of historical and constitutional perspective most of our children suffer at the hands of public school teachers infested with the indoctrinated Leftist by-products of our teacher colleges.

Criminals Go Free yet Crime Does Not Decline? Duh…..

The over-arching theme of tolerance for criminal activity (as I write this, New York City has completely dropped charges on 300+ protestors who were arrested for looting and vandalism during the Summer of 2020) by governments continuing to place the onus upon supposed “racist” police who “pick on” members of the minority community and “oppress them” by enforcing the laws of their community, is now a common theme. The end result of these focused social forces is that police arrest people for crimes and then watch the prosecutorial arm of our government, often the District Attorney’s office, release the same people right back on the streets without bail, to commit the exact crimes for which they were originally arrested within a matter of hours.

The total non-consequences of being arrested, along with the constant drumbeat and vilification of our police officers, dealing night after night with protestors who blind them with lasers, assault them with frozen water bottles, and attack them with “fireworks” while the police valiantly try to preserve order, yet are often countermanded by civilians in city government, ends up creating a horrifically hostile atmosphere and work environment for our police men and women.

Predictable End Result of this Marxist Psyop Against Local Police

This constant pressure of being publicly labelled the “bad guys” and “the problem” by social networks, the electronic and print media, and democrat bleeding hearts and lackeys in government has resulted in a mass exodus and reduction of police forces throughout America.

We are now suffering record high resignation and retirement rates of police personnel across the board, and this tactical “operation” of engineering our police to give up in disgust and seek early retirement or a new career is not “coincidental” — rather, it is but a specific part of the plan to bring in something Barack Obama lusted for, but was not able to bring into fruition during his two terms in office: a Civilian “National Security Force” (FEDERAL POLICE), to overrule local and state police while being the final arbiters of arrest and incarceration. In effect, such a new federal police force would signal the end of local police control and the beginning of a National Police Force (just like the “Federales” of Mexico) to brutalize and terrorize our citizens in preparation for the elites’ two-tiered feudal society.

Fulfilling Obama’s Dream

As Barack Obama said during his 2008 Presidential campaign: “We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set.”  “We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded…” …as our military is…

Fortunately, like so many things he promised, Obama was never able to bring this antagonistic law agency into existence. However, his successor, the senile and corrupt China Joe Biden, along with Kamala Harris, are both chomping at the bit to bring the vision of Obama’s Federal Police Force into objective reality.

How better to keep federal DC reign on America’s home-grown “racist” police forces than to have federal overseers as part and parcel of the administration of “Justice” in America? Since Slow Joe Biden has told us on countless occasions that America’s “real problem” is the “threat” of “White Supremacy,” we already knows where the cross hairs of this new agency will be aimed — right at the backs of all Republicans, Independents and Trump Supporters who did not vote for the bought and paid for Manchurian candidate and the running dogs that currently occupy the White House.

Can you imagine, for a moment, the kind of person who might be attracted to being a Federal Police Force officer? With no local ties to the community in which they are housed, and probably rotated on a consistent basis to prevent such ties from ever being formed or established, we can expect truly aloof, uncaring and abusive commissars right out of the pages of The Russian Revolution, with the added fillips of Communist Chinese brain-washing techniques for those of you who still cannot “get with the program…”.… whatever “the program” might be at that time.

All of this is designed to once again further consolidate Democrat power and to make the election of any opposition to Democrat power a quaint notion from America’s past. The idea of a “balance of power” between Democrats and Republicans, or Left and Right, will become a permanent anachronism in the Brave New World of One Party Social-Democrat Communist rule.

What to do? Start by your commitment to REFUND your police, support them along with honest law enforcement, and fight to have the laws of your community honestly and justly enforced.

No More “Wink and a Nod”

We cannot let the vision of a totalitarian Federal Police Force be brought to fruition if we want to keep the Liberties and Freedoms our forefather fought and died for to establish The Real America that has little or nothing to do with the vision of the Communist hacks on Joe Biden’s payroll. We must return the concept of blind, impartial Justice as the standard we demand and have a right to expect from our courts and representatives, not the blatantly obvious double standard that Biden and his ilk have foisted on America with a wink and a nod.

In the final analysis, if we are to preserve the sacred union of states that has become the United States, then we must begin by recognizing the critically important role that local police play in our safety, connected to their communities by blood, history, and by association.

Such bonds are far more important to the citizenry than an omnipotent Federal police force, beholden only to distant government bureaucrats. Moreover, given the Leftist bent of everything associated with this current regime, it will be only by keeping police local that we will find a semblance of equitable law enforcement.

Local control means a communities’ police are directly responsible to their citizens they serve. And local control must remain the hallmark of an independent police force free from the outside interference of political hacks from Washington, DC with an agenda straight out of Karl Marx and the Communist manifesto.

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