The Electoral College Must Stand and the Popular Vote Must Die. Here’s Why.

Written by Steve Cannon for

Our founding fathers were brilliant. Their knowledge and wisdom far surpasses any “intellectual” in today’s society.

Today’s young people are hell bent on tearing down statues of our founders because they owned slaves or committed some other social atrocity measured by today’s standards, not the standards of the time. This reasoning only serves to prove that today’s “educated” are not educated at all. They are indoctrinated.

Slave Ownership

It is true that most of our founding fathers owned slaves, but that’s only half of the story. In fact, we became an independent country partly because of our desire to end slavery. From across the sea, the colonists of America were forced to keep slaves and abide by a king thousands of miles away without representation. In fact, in America, it was illegal to free slaves. Our founders wanted to free their slaves, but were unable to due to the laws imposed by a king in another land.

The south enjoyed their slaves while the north appalled it. The 13 colonies argued fiercely for years over this very subject while debating being independent from England. The colonies rarely agreed and without agreement, our nation would have never been born. As a concession, slavery remained in America in exchange for a vote of independence. America was finally free of England’s tyranny.

John Adams argued that (paraphrase) “…We must keep slavery at this time in order to get the votes we need to form a united country. Once our country is established and independent, we can then address the abolition of slavery. Without a free and independent nation, we can free no one. While it is a sad concession, it is one we must consider.” And he was right. Not long after our fight for freedom, President Lincoln abolished slavery. At the same time, we had our own independent country.

The Electoral College

The Electoral College is a measure put in place by our founding fathers to impose reason onto the nation that might otherwise be emotional and reactionary. It also helps curtail cheating by dubious candidates. With this system, the people of all states are treated relatively equally and fairly. All in the country are represented.

A national popular vote is pure democracy, which our forefathers warned us against. Simply put, it’s two wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for dinner. Our representative republic prevents this from happening by appointing a representative to vote for the wolves and a representative to vote for the sheep. This is fairness, and our leaders of the time knew it.

Here’s how it works with the Electoral College. Each state has X number of representatives. Each representative represents one state vote in the presidential race. In order to win the presidential election, a candidate needs at least 270 electoral votes.

For example, California is allotted 55 electoral votes. Whichever candidate wins the popular vote in the state wins and gets the 55 votes tallied toward the next president. Every state works like this because each state has different needs and values. Farmers in Utah have different needs than the paparazzi in NYC, for example. The Electoral College ensures everyone’s voice is heard.

The Electoral College also Curtails Cheating

If the Electoral College were abolished and the national popular vote replaced it, cheating would abound. Again, California has 55 electoral votes, no more, no less. If the national popular vote were enacted and the Electoral College abolished, California could “import” 10 million “voters” from another country to sway the election in their favor for the entire country, for eternity. With the Electoral College in place, California would still only have 55 votes to give, no matter how large the margin of victory is of the state election.

If the Electoral College were gone, candidates would only pander to the large cities and their needs, ignoring the rest of middle America. Does NYC really think it feeds itself or generates its own power? Do they not know that their food and power come from rural America? Have those asking for an end to the Electoral College even considered these basic questions? This is why the minority must have an equal vote – because we are all equal.

The consequences of a mob rule vote would be devastating. The large cities would rule and middle America would be forgotten. If that happens, the cities would soon fall. Why would a farmer in Idaho sell his cattle to large cities when all of the laws are stacked against him? He could easily downsize and simply feed his family and community, leaving the big cities to fend for themselves. The same is true for the electric companies and other utilities. Is this what we want? Everyone’s voice should be heard and the Electoral College ensures this happens, and has done so since the beginning.


Today’s liberal candidates are fixated on winning, no matter the cost. They would tear up the very constitution if they had the opportunity. Our founders spent years debating our systems and ideals. Today, fly-by-night candidates want to change years of serious intellectual thought and precedent for a victory based on their popularity, or their looks, and not their sound intellectual ideas that might make our people more free and our nation stronger. Sadly, our latest generation is nothing more than thoughtless blobs trying to win a popularity contest on the internet and not the intellectuals our founders hoped we’d become. We are indeed a disappointment. This happened because we departed from God, family values, and common sense. Good job America. You ordered it, you eat it!

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