The Daily Stormer Website is Down, and That is not a Good Thing.

Written by Steve Cannon for

Before you lose your collective minds, I disagree with all of the opinions of, The Daily Stormer. I do; however, agree with their right to say whatever they want.

To clarify, The Daily Stormer is an extreme website promoting the hate of “Blacks and Jews” (among others) with language that would make Archie Bunker blush. is a Tea Party website. For this site, freedom is paramount. The right to be free and express your opinions, no matter how outlandish or extreme, is highly cherished among Constitutionalists (such as myself). While we do not agree with any of the opinions expressed by The Daily Stormer, we agree 100% with their right to express it. That said…

In case you missed it, The Daily Stormer was abandoned by GoDaddy and Google because of their “extreme views,” (who defines “extreme views” is beyond me) with GoDaddy quoting a violation of their Terms of Service. I call BS. These companies just didn’t agree with their views, plain and simple. Anonymous also reared its ugly head threatening to take down their site because of its “hate speech.”

My opinion is simple: If you do not like the opinion of a website, do not visit it and do not support it. The same goes for any product or service. The free market will filter those that are deemed “not worthy.” The individual (and collective) has the power to determine winners and losers. (Remember when Starbucks tried to hire illegal aliens? The American people stopped patronizing them and their stock tumbled. Remember the Target transgender bathroom fiasco? We won there too.)

Who the hell is Google and GoDaddy to (among others) determine what is “hate speech?” “Hate Speech” is expressly allowed under the First Amendment. In fact, if everyone agreed on speech, there would be no need to protect it in the first place! This is the very point of the First Amendment, to protect speech people disagree with. What happens if and when these mega-companies and groups decide that white men are evil, for example? Or people under 30 are too stupid to make a rational decision? (Logan’s Run) The point is, we have free speech so we can all express ourselves. We all express ourselves so we can gain the most amount of knowledge, good or bad. Once this knowledge is attained, only then can we, as individuals, make a properly informed decision and have a valid opinion. From this, we grow.

For whatever reason, The Daily Stormer was a popular website. Perhaps there’s an underground population of extremists, or maybe people just enjoyed the show. I don’t know. Whatever the reason, hate speech is best fought with more speech and more knowledge, not silence.

Google, GoDaddy, stop burning our books because you don’t like them. History is fraught with terrible ideas, as well as bigotry. Knowing history allows future generations to learn from both the right and wrong ideas. Sweeping them under the rug causes nothing but tumult and anger. (See Charlottesville.)

Oh, that’s right, Google fired James Damore for having a diverse opinion that logically countered your necessity for the inclusion of diverse opinions. His 10-page paper was an opinion based on scientific fact. Think about that…Damore wrote a scientific opinion explaining objective diversity and was then fired for being a bigot against diversity. anyone?

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