The American Dream is now The American Nightmare. Thanks Liberals.

Written by Steve Cannon for

A few years ago, one of my best friends opened a tiny Italian restaurant in the heart of NYC, despite my pleading with him not to for countless reasons. He did not heed my warning and is now living the American Nightmare.

The nightmare began with the city. Endless regulations and infinite fees forced the restaurant to open an entire year behind schedule and an additional $100,000 in debt, all before serving a single customer. When the place did finally open, business was great. People from all over the city would come to try dishes from the unique menu. Reviews were positive and a modest profit was being made. So where did things go wrong? Read on.

When the restaurant opened, my friend hired two Mexican dishwashers, one legal, one illegal. They were paid the prescribed NYC minimum wage of $13/hr. They worked at the restaurant for three years. Higher taxes and the minimum wage increase to $15/hr, almost overnight, caused the owner to “restructure” his business and let the dishwashers go.

The grateful Mexicans decided to sue my friend for $230,000 for not paying overtime wages. Obviously, this is not true. Who would work for three years without getting their overtime pay? Regardless, the suit is moving forward. My friend’s first instinct was to report them, at least the one, to ICE. Nope, can’t do that. His lawyer informed him if he reported them to ICE that this would be considered, Obstruction of Justice, and that he would face felony charges for taking this action.

Here’s the takeaway:

  • A hard working American citizen who opens a business has the deck stacked against him.
  • The government financially rapes you for the privilege of working for yourself.
  • People you give a chance to take advantage of your generosity because they want what you have without putting in the effort.
  • The lawyers make everyone a victim except the actual victim.

Good job liberals! We’ll all be equally poor in no time.

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