Repeal, Do Not Replace Obamacare!

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Use this list to email your congressman and senators:

No one who voted in the last election ever mentioned anything about replacing Obamacare. The damned GOP added the …and replace bit to Repeal, giving us, “Repeal and Replace.” In fact, it was Paul Ryan who initially added, “and replace” way back when. He’s really sneaky and just wants the control for himself.

Where in the Constitution does it mention one word about government controlled health care? It does not. In fact, the Tenth Amendment specifically says that powers not specifically granted to the federal government are left to the several states. In other words, the states may create a health insurance plan. The federal government cannot! The free market may also create a health insurance plan if it wants to. It’s up to them.

We gave them Everything

They wanted the House, we gave them the House. They wanted the Senate, we gave them the Senate. They wanted the White House, we gave them the White House. Now it’s time for us to get something in return! REPEAL OBAMACARE! That’s it! No replacement needed. Do your jobs. Stop thinking about your job, or Trump’s legacy, or your special favors. Think about the people of this country, first! No, not first, think only about the people of this great nation. You have one job, now do it for Christ’s sake!

Why would we, the people, want an Obamacare replacement? Since when can government do anything efficiently?

  • The DMV is…no.
  • But what about the Post Office? Oh, they’re failing too.
  • The Veteran’s Administration is…oh, them too.
  • But the courts are streamlined…oh, that’s right.
  • The IRS? Fail.

My point is government always mucks up everything they get their grimy little hands on, costing us time, money, and endless paperwork when there need not be. Do you honestly think an Obamacare replacement will be anything other than another government boondoggle? Hardly. Take a trip to the local VA hospital for a preview. And by the way, if what they propose is so wonderful, why are they not mandated to use it?! Hypocrites! Almost all of them. If you cannot eat your own dog food, what makes you think we will like it? We won’t.

The free market will solve the insurance problem. In fact, thousands of insurance companies will spring about overnight, offering coverage for anything from the common cold to getting a brain transplant. Insurance companies will offer plans ranging from catastrophic coverage for anyone, to specialized coverage for left-handed midget gingers who smoke tea leaves on Thursdays. Possibilities abound when restrictions vanish.

Competition in a truly free market will lower costs immediately. We will save money, get our health care needs met at a reasonable cost, and insurance companies (which have other American citizens working for them) will make money. Win, win, win. Another win is that the government will be nowhere near this.

  • Legalize selling insurance across state lines to increase competition in the market.
  • Legalize healthcare co-ops to increase patient bargaining power.
  • Institute tort reform to prevent rampant abuse of malpractice suits and end the practice of defensive medicine.
  • Allow Health Savings Accounts and Flex Spending Accounts to be unlimited. The people know what they can afford.
  • Simply get the government out of our way! Let the free market do what it was designed to do. This is not about you, Congress. It’s about the lives every person in the United States of America.

What about the poor? Medicare and Medicaid still exist for the poor and elderly. Expand them if you must. The free market, when fully unleashed, will provide for everyone. The individual, no matter how rich or poor, should have no trouble selecting an affordable plan for their particular health needs. When this happens, Medicare and Medicaid will die a slow and painless death.

Before Obamacare, as an independent contractor, my premium was $150 per month with a $2,000 deductible. Today, ten years later, I have no insurance. Why? Because the only option available to me is Obamacare. How much is that? $480 per month with a $5,000 deductible. Some quick math reveals I would literally need to visit the doctor every single week in an entire year before I saw a dime paid for by my insurance. Who does that? Not me, so I’ll roll the dice without insurance, praying they make this right.

To add insult to injury, I’ll be both uninsured and unemployed next week. If anyone cares, there’s a Donate button on the About page. Damned government elitists!

Again, use this list to email your congressman and senators and tell them to UNLEASH THE FREE MARKET because once Obamacare is repealed, no replacement is necessary!

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