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By L.C. Vincent.

Many legitimate U.S. voters were heartened by the state of Georgia’s recent determination to address their current voting “irregularity” issues by revamping voting requirements to insure the return of “free and fair” elections which citizens rightfully demand.

Such election integrity, essentially the guarantee of an honest, open election and vote count, simply did not happen during our most recent national election. The 2020 presidential election was subverted by out-of-country foreign actors, international corporations, rigged electronic voting machines and blatant Democrat fraud and deception. If you doubt this, I advise you to do your own research outside of the censorious bounds of main stream media.

Consider just one interesting statistic. After the election, it was determined that 17% of Biden voters would have switched their vote, had they known about Biden’s tangled business relationships with the Chinese Communist government; or had they known about Hunter Biden’s toxic laptop which detailed all these shady business deals, as well as Hunter’s extra curricular drug usage and enjoyment of under-age females.

But of course, our social media savants and the incorruptible moral guardians of our TV news universe found it “troubling” to inform us of these things, as it might have caused voters to cast their vote for that other candidate who opposed their corporate and financial interests. So rather than allow this free flow of information, or actually fulfilling the Constitutional mandate of a free press, these scum suckers censored this information by omission, and actively prevented this information from reaching the public. A 17% swing towards Trump would have defeated even the most blatant computer fraud, and would have turned Trump’s electoral landslide into an actual avalanche.

As a result of Georgia’s belated decision to restore voting integrity to the electoral process, Georgia’s new voting laws attracted an enormous backlash from “woke” business CEOs, and film, TV and social media stars, as well as the predictable cries of woe from a corrupt federal government. Besides being comically laughable, it is clear from their responses that these imbeciles never bothered to actually read and compare Georgia’s new voting laws to the old laws, nor compare Georgia’s new voting requirements to the laws of their own states of residence which are often far more restrictive.

Despite American corporate media going off the deep end led by acting president, “Slow Joe” Biden, (also affectionately known as “Stumbles” — both for his speech patterns and his inability to climb stairs without incident) and his declaration that Georgia’s new laws were worse than “Jim Crow” (a policy which the Democrats of that time heavily endorsed, by the way), Georgia did not restrict voting opportunities for all of its citizens, but actually expanded them and buttressed their integrity while seeking to eliminate fraudulent voting by illegal aliens, duplicate voters, “dead” fictitious voters, and ineligible out-of-state voters.

Yet ironically, the one aspect of the new Georgia voting law that the social and corporate media giants attacked is the most necessary of all Georgia’s reforms, a change approved by 75% of all voters: the call for verifiable government-issued photo IDs in order to cast a valid vote.

Much has been made of all the aspects of life that requires a person to possess a photo ID. One can only look with amusement upon the resultant yet predictable Democrat frenzy to imply that Blacks and other minorities are simply too lazy and stupid to acquire a free, government issued photo ID, a presumption that is blatantly RACIST at its core. However, the media criticism around photo IDs, as necessary as they are to secure an honest vote, may actually be a red herring, designed to deflect attention from the main issue behind securing true election integrity for our vote.

That real issue is simply this: voter integrity can never be assured without returning to trackable paper ballots and the elimination of electronic programmable computers to “count” our ballots. It is totally irrelevant whether or not we have government issued photo IDs if we do not also have trackable, hand-counted paper ballots, because as Stalin once said: “I care not who votes; my only concern is who counts the votes…”.

It is the counting and tabulation process that must be returned to trackable paper ballots. Machines which tabulate these ballots may be permissible; but only if they cannot be connected to the Internet, nor programmed mechanically or electronically to weight or skew voting tallies. Otherwise, NO form of electronic computers should enter into counting ballots. Further, there should be a direct chain of custody between counting ballots and their storage so that their totals can be verified at any given time in the 2 years following every election should a recount be found necessary.

And last, but certainly not least, poll watchers should never be barred or prevented from watching the hand count of votes, and all counting should be recorded on small television cameras, so that the counting process can be examined, with very stiff penalties imposed for any dishonesty.

No secrecy, no subversion, no obstacles should ever be interposed between full and complete PUBLIC transparency of the counting process, other than to guard the secrecy of each vote cast.

Without the establishment of real paper ballots, vote counting transparency, and the total elimination of any electronic or programmable counting machine between the voter and the final vote tally, no number of other measures, including requiring a government issued photo ID, will ever return confidence and voter integrity to our voting process.

LC Vincent
4 /15/21

Copyright 2021, LCVincent – All Rights Reserved
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