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For almost thirty years, I had researched and written on behalf of God and Country, with over 3400 published pieces worldwide. Since September 2017, I have not written much, for a few reasons, in part due to the high price my family has paid for my activities on behalf of my Country, and not the least of which is, what can I possibly write at this late stage, that might actually make a difference?

Today, I received a message, so I will share it with my beloved American brothers and sisters, in the hope that it might bring us together in a formidable force for good.

In a Religion News article dated March of 2015 titled “Americans don’t cite ‘God, family, country’ quite like the cliche goes,” writer Cathy Lynn Grossman explains, “When it comes to how Americans rank the factors that shape their self-identity, religion ranks near the bottom — if at all.” In short, she writes “The real order is family first (62 percent), followed by “being an American” (52 percent). “Religious faith” lolls way down in third place (38 percent) — if it’s mentioned at all.”

Based on everything I have witnessed over the years, I believe Cathy was right then, and that the matter has only gotten worse in this regard since.

As many Americans know, and millions of Americans have taken a solemn oath to over many years, the U.S. Military, specifically the Marine Corps., has it exactly right – “Semper Fidelis – The Motto of the United States Marine Corps. is Latin for always faithful. Faithful to God, Country, Family, and the Corps.

The Marines, more than any group of Americans on earth, have always had it exactly right, and in proper order… they put their lives on the line for these top three priorities alone, but also in the proper order of priority.

  1. God
  2. Country
  3. Family
  4. The Corps. (if you are a Marine)

Why God is #1

Contrary to what politicians would have you believe today…freedom, liberty and happiness are not just privileges granted by our ruling class elites, so long as it suits their agendas. These things are “gifts from God,” our Constitutionally protected Natural Rights, “endowed by our Creator.” That which God has given, no man has authority over. These Natural Rights are “inalienable,” – that [which] cannot be legally or justly alienated or transferred to another.

Further, the never-ending battle to protect freedom and liberty is not about whether or not “God is on our side.” It’s all about whether or not, “WE ARE ON GOD’S SIDE” – personally, and as a society. With God, all things are possible. Without God, all are doomed.

That’s why God is #1…

Why Country is #2

If you think you can serve God, or protect your family, without protecting your entire Country, you have chosen a fool’s errand doomed to failure. With the help of God almighty, his people can save this Country, and by doing so, save themselves for all humanity. There is no other way. If our Country is doomed, then so is your family!

That’s why Country is #2…

Why Family is #3

If we don’t do everything we do, for our families, then we shouldn’t have families. Every child is also a gift from God, every last one, without exception. When we receive that gift as parents, we are charged with the duty of protecting that child from harm, and raising them to be decent members of society, in the eyes of our Lord.

But if we think we can accomplish this unparalleled responsibility without God, or in a Country ripped to pieces by evil men and women, we are sadly mistaken, at the greatest cost of all – the future of all mankind, all freedom, liberty, and happiness.

That’s why Family is #3

Why America is Falling

As defined in the Religion News column from 2015, the American people have fallen because their priorities are completely backwards today. Instead of God, Country and Family, their priorities are far too often Self, Family, Country, and maybe, somewhere far down the list, God…

Even many modern Christians just don’t get it. Someone told them “God is in total control.” If that were true, none of us would even be here. Adam and Eve would still be in that garden, having never taken of the forbidden fruit.

Someone told them that “all they need do is pray.” But if that were true, God would have never sent his people into battle even once or required David to load a rock into his sling to sleigh Goliath. God would have had no use for Moses, or to even send his son Jesus to earth, to pay for our sins.

Christians who do not know these basic Christian truths, are following man’s religions, instead of their faith. Scripture is either all true, or none of it is true. Unless we learn from our mistakes, we are doomed by our mistakes.

The Real Revelation

Many Christians think the book of Revelations foretells of the punishment God will one day level upon the sinners of the world. But again, if that were true, there would have been no purpose to Jesus dying for our sins, so that we may one day, be reunited with God in heaven.

No, instead, the book of Revelations foretells of what God will allow us to do to ourselves, through our free will. With free will comes responsibility, a duty to use that freedom wisely, for good and not for evil…and along with that comes the natural consequences of the decisions we freely make.

We are our own authors of our destiny, our doom, or our salvation. God has gifted us with this opportunity and the free will to choose. Now, we must choose…

A Nation and World Under Attack

The United States (and world) faces the greatest threat to all humanity, Life, Liberty, and any form of Happiness, we have ever faced in our 245-years as a free independent nation. The tyranny in our faces today, arrive from the hands of our own elected and appointed public servants…but it is driven and commanded by global powers.

As a people, we are out-gunned and triangulated by our enemies. Our enemies are not at the gates, they are inside the gates. Alone, divided, focused on the wrong priorities, and without God, we have no chance of survival at all. Only when we put first things first, and choose God’s side, instead of asking him to join ours, can we, will we, prevail.

Will we save ourselves and all posterity with these priorities?

  1. God
  2. Country
  3. Family
  4. The Corps. (if you are a Marine)

Or will we all perish with these priorities, Self, Family, Country, and maybe, somewhere far down the list, God?

Our future is ours to choose, and the time of choosing has arrived!

The decisions we make next will decide everything. If God is with us, who can be against us?

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