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By: Amie Wohrer.

For years now it’s been widely acknowledged that the best way to approach overall health is to avoid behaviors that can lead to disease, and when trouble arises, to not only treat the problem or symptoms, but also to identify the cause. This is important to prevent a recurrence of that which we want to avoid, and this is the approach we should be taking to address the current dumpster fire we’ve become.

We often hear people use the phrase “Biden’s America”, but if we were to take a more holistic approach to this and investigate the root cause for the purpose of both treatment as well as prevention, we would find that focusing all the blame on the current administration is only treating a symptom. The Biden Administration is a manifestation of a disease that has been festering for decades in this country.

The fall of Afghanistan, despite Joe Biden just one month before promising that it would not happen and the undeniable fallout since, puts conservative America in a very unique position: We have our opposition’s attention. We were right, and they know it. For the first time in a long time, The Left may be capable of seeing an error in their ways. Could this make them open to the suggestion that perhaps other “principles” in their doctrine have been flawed too? Is it possible that we have an opportunity to address some of the root causes of this “disease”? That the Biden Administration’s failure has unlocked an “undo” feature in this deranged game we’ve been playing? Perhaps, but as Elaine said in an episode of Seinfeld “I’m trying to get a little squirrel to come over to me here. I don’t want to make any big, sudden movements. I’ll frighten him away”. We don’t want to go for anything too big here, at least not at first. No radical suggestions like unborn babies being humans or challenging the “infinity genders” debate. No. I’m thinking one of the more subtle yet foundational root causes to what ails us; the bastardization and demonization of femininity.

During lockdown, women who had believed their entire lives that their value was measured by the size of their paycheck, and that their contribution to society was only found outside the comfort of their homes, found themselves in an uncomfortable position. For the first time in their lives they were living in their grandmothers’ world, and they didn’t hate it (insert slow Grinch smile here). They were enjoying things they weren’t supposed to enjoy. Those verboten ways of yore. Things like housework, all-day mothering, cooking, the anticipation of their husband’s return home from work, they might have even indulged in a little nesting. Importance was rehomed…rescued, if you will. And now we are even seeing a resurgence in the popularity of feminine floral patterns and pretty flowy dresses. Women are toying with the idea that maybe embracing femininity and submissiveness is something they’ve been missing.

So how is this connected to the current debacle unfolding in Afghanistan? As I mentioned before, these current things are only manifestations or symptoms of a disease. This disease which has been allowed to fester, the real culprit, is our old foe, Communism. It is well-known that in order to take any country from freedom to tyranny, you must first attack its cultural and moral standards, and the gatekeeper to those societal crown jewels, is the nuclear family.

The first major attack against this institution came in the late 1960’s under the guise of liberation and revolution. Women’s lib and the sexual revolution were a two-fold Communist assault against the American family. They not only made a mockery of motherhood and housewivery by asserting that women who chose family over career were missing out on life, useless, pitiful, weak women, slaves to their husband’s demands, but they made women believe that modesty was antiquated, primitive, and oppressive, just another of the many “chains” keeping them in bondage to their men. So women became more loud-mouthed and vulgar, and left the home in search of monetary fulfillment. Husbands ate cold meals, came home to empty houses, went to work in wrinkled clothes, and the village raised the children however it saw fit.

Divorce rates soared. The number of known STDs increased significantly. Alcoholism and depression rose to new heights. Diazepam, A.K.A. “Mother’s Little Helper” became astoundingly popular. With busier lives church attendance decreased and kids were raised without that healthy fear of Godly accountability that their parents and grandparents had known. Juvenile delinquency became more prominent. Classrooms became more volatile with students being more disrespectful and less cooperative. Crime increased. It affected everything. They knew exactly what they were doing. It changed an entire country by simply suggesting to women that they weren’t enough.

If acted on appropriately, I believe that this newfound bipartisan disdain for the current administration is an opportunity. Democrats are beginning to realize that they may have been wrong about Joe Biden, so perhaps they will be more open to the idea that they were wrong about other things too, and it is looking like a woman’s true value, her unique ability to nurture and love and care, might be undergoing a reevaluation of sorts. If this is true, and we can incentivize women once again to choose family over career by speaking the truth about the importance of a woman’s role and presence in her family’s life, if we can recognize that the housewife is integral in the success of every man and child she sends out each day into the world, we might be able to turn this thing around. Revolution and liberation, indeed.

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