One, Perhaps Two, Deep State Psy-Ops — Just for You!

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By Conrad Rook.

Dateline: Hartford, Connecticut, January 6, 2051. Special Counsel John Durham finally released his long awaited Grand Jury investigative report on the alleged irregularities which reputedly occurred during the “lost” presidency of one Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the United States, over 30 years ago!

Durham, raising himself from his bed in the hospital room at Cedars of Sinai Medical Center, with quavering voice and shaking hand, accused long dead CIA director John Brennan of not paying a parking ticket received on “K” Street in Washington, DC more than 30 years ago. Then waiving yet another file retrieved from inside his brown briefcase at his bedside, Durham railed that the late James Comey, long dead nemesis of President Trump and former head of the FBI, had not returned several books borrowed from The Library of Congress. Director Comey had, instead, run up an outstanding balance of overdue fines that Durham, in his magnanimity, decided not to prosecute “…for the good of the country.”

As a parting gift to those stalwart supporters of this intrepid bull-dog prosecutor who have waited with baited breath for the crowning revelations of Mr. Durham’s 32 year investigation regarding the rumored skullduggery that had swirled upon Donald Trump’s fraudulent election more than 35 years ago, Mr. Durham fired his parting shot before he expired from the Zeta variant of COVID 24, stating unequivocally that he had found no criminal collusion between former White House Chief of Staff John Podesta, and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, other than the few times they had dined at Comet PingPong and had decided to stiff James Alefantis by skipping out early before the waiter had brought their bill.

Mr. Alefantis had declined to press charges, stating that he would make adjustments by withholding their “walnut sauce,” to which both Ms. Clinton and Mr. Podesta seemed to be addicted.


Does John Durham Even Exist?

You may be forgiven if you think the above is hyperbole, but frankly, many in the patriot community feel they have been played and betrayed by the likes of the person known as John Durham. Does this man even really exist, or is he only a figment of our collective imaginations, cobbled together from virtual reality to assure us that “justice would be done” and that one day, finally, all of the traitorous criminals that had sabotaged the presidency of Donald Trump would be brought to justice?

Yet here we sit, YEARS later, and no indictments have been handed down, no indictments are forthcoming, and no indictments may ever be issued regarding the sabotage of the Trump presidency nor the treasonous acts committed behind the scenes that produced the illegitimate installation of a senile Communist puppet along with a cackling Jamaican Lady MacBeth who can hardly wait to perform her transexual version of Pinocchio for the American public.

Pardon my skeptical cynicism, but if John Durham actually exists and is not a crafted virtual reality figment of our collective imaginations, I am willing to wager that his report and any criminal prosecutions arising from it will be utterly mundane, trivial, and totally inconsequential. There is absolutely no reason to think anything otherwise.

Where is “The Punisher”?

Durham was supposed to be the great “Punisher,” the very embodiment of punitive justice for the rape of the Presidency inflicted upon the good people of the United States by the Democrats, social media, the press, and the politicized Departments of Justice, the FBI and CIA. Despite all of our hopes, and our best wishes, absolutely nothing other than the most trivial prosecution of one hitherto unknown person (I believe it was for spitting on the sidewalk) ever occurred.

What Do You Call Justice that is Never Delivered?
They say Justice delayed is Justice denied. Then what do you call Justice that is NEVER DELIVERED? It certainly is not any form of “Justice” that I can recognize. I would call it SUBVERSION, one of the favorite words of the running dogs of Communism, along with demoralization. Can there be anything more demoralizing than expecting Justice to be finally administered, yet not only is that Justice never delivered, but the very people who committed the crimes against the state are feted by a supine public press and and lick-spittle M/ass Media as somehow being the REAL heroes of our Republic?

“Q” Worse Than Durham?

But there was another Deep State psy-op even more perverted, pernicious and destructive than the wilted pansy known John Durham, and that is the truly demoralizing operation known as “Q” or the “Q phenomenon.” Initially appearing on the 4Chan message board, “Q” was reputedly a secret collection of intelligence individuals, or “White Hats” working in concert with President Trump to prevent the theft of our Republic that had been planned with the inauguration of Manchurian candidate Barack Obama, a clandestine Communist operation that was destined to be completed thru the election of Hillary Clinton.

“Q” offered much cryptic information and clues, and patriots twisted their minds to understand the pretzel logic that seemed to prove that, somehow, despite the evidence was saw and heard with our own senses to the contrary, that Truth and Justice would still somehow prevail in DC and The Swamp would be drained.

“Enjoy the Show”?

We were told to “Sit back and enjoy the Show;” that everything was under control, that “nothing can escape what is coming” (other than Obama, Clinton, Comey, McCabe, Stozk, Page, Brennan, Clapper, et al), that WWGOWGA (Where We Go One We Go All), and that we should trust turds like Jeff Sessions (Mr. Magoo), Christopher Wray (clueless Inspector Clouseau) and apologist and Bush alumni Bill Barr (Mr. Potato Head). What an absolute shovel full of manure we have been dealt!

Of course, there are still acolytes of this illusion who somehow think that “Q’s” timetable has simply been postponed; or that Guantanamo is still being prepared for the jailing of our country’s traitors and Constitutional saboteurs; or that all of them have been executed and replaced by clones — but if so, for what possible end, and for what possible reason?

Face it, patriots. We have been PLAYED! The Deep State psy-op known as “Q” was done to take your pressure off of the people you would have applied it to, had you but known that it ALL really was up to YOU!

Just as the Oath Keepers and the Proud Boys appear to be created FBI “cut outs” to waylay and sabotage any valid patriotic fervor that could have tipped the scales of justice and ripped the blinders from the glassy eyes of the M/ass media so that they would be forced to report Truth rather than manufacture lies and run interference for easily the most corrupt president in the history of our Republic, “Q” and “The Punisher” — Pansy John Durham — were installed and instituted to take the pressure off the minions of the Deep State so that you would sit back and relax, and hope that the “good guys” in the non-existent “White Hats” wold bring these scum to Justice.


There is a lesson to be learned here and it is simple and direct: No One is going to do this for you! Yes, YOU have to do it YOURSELF! You have to make the phone calls, knock on the doors, organize your friends, family and relatives; you have to write the letters, you have to create the boycotts to affect the trajectory of the stupid “woke” sports team owners, you have to create the divestments of those products and services that are now in league with and active participants in the Socialist/Communist subversion of our country; YOU have to file the lawsuits, and YOU have to seek and demand final Justice with all the grit, force and determination of a rabid junk yard dog!

NEVER AGAIN let anyone tell you that they will carry the ball for you over the finish line; NEVER AGAIN let anyone lull you into a false sense of security; NEVER AGAIN let anyone assure you that Justice will be done because all you have to do is “Trust the Plan.”

“Trust the Plan” Produced the Biden/Harris Occupation

THEIR PLAN was for you to trust them… and look where it has gotten us — the installation of an easily blackmailed and manipulated traitor and his cackling jackdaw; a corporate social media ready to do the bidding of their Communist masters, and a compliant m/ass media that WELCOMES censorship, restrictions, lockdowns, vaccine passports, mandatory vaccinations of an experimental genetic serum (NOT a “vaccine”), and an economy ready to implode thru massive, unbridled spending along with new, crippling taxes and 87 THOUSAND new IRS agents to spy upon, coerce and intimidate anyone who dared vote for Trump. Furthermore, anyone who voted for or publicly supported Trump are now considered “terrorists” by the Washington establishment, and due to the intricacies of the (ha ha) “Patriot” Acts, “terrorists” can have their rights of citizenship and the their constitutional protections stripped from them because they are now considered to be “enemy combatants.”

Welcome to the New World Odor

Welcome to the New World Odor, comrades! Take a good whiff of the rot and decay that is now wafting thru the corridors of power in Washington DC. Take a good, hard look at the corruption and perversion being peddled to your pre-school children on Nickelodeon, or Sesame Street, or any children’s show replete with subtle recruitments for the LBGTQXYZ community. Notice how your rights of speech, association, expression, travel, finance, banking and commerce are being purposefully and artificially restricted by a “virus” that was not only predicted and prepared for by the world’s global elite for several years beforehand, but was in all likelihood created by them to present the new, dystopian scenario that greets you every day when you open your front door.

Creating a World of Government Zombies

Greet the new medical missionaries as they come knocking on your front door to “persuade” you to get your COVID jab, whether or not you want it; whether or not you have had COVID. Internalize their censorship by restricting what you write on Fakebook, Screwgle, and Shitter before you commit it to the screen; send your kids off to GOVERNMENT schools, where they can learn that you and your spouse are racist homophobes, and that they should judge all people by their skin color, not the content of their character. Then send your precious children to college, so that Academia can rape your bank account and finish the job of indoctrination them by creating hatred for you and the real America that “they” started in pre-school, accelerated in grade school, and crammed into them in high school.

Revel in the fact that your boy or girl doesn’t really know who they are sexually, morally, ethically or mentally and that the Zombies you laughed at on big screen television only a few years ago are actually your children and your neighbors several years and multiple indoctrination cycles later.

Welkome to Amerika… Unless…..

This is the Brave New World of the New Amerika, comrades. Where hypocrisy and double-speak are the coins of the realm; and where Truth, Justice and The American Way are for those crumbling cretins who remember Superman from their youth; for the new Amerika embraces the Whole Wide World, and with our new Wide Open Borders, the rest of the World will soon be here to help drive you out of your house and home, and usher you into “resettlement camps” eerily reminiscent of cemeteries…UNLESS YOU VOW, on your sacred honor, to work ceaselessly night and day, to right our Ship of State and bring America back into the Sacred Harbor of the Constitutional Republic upon which it was founded by some of the bravest and most intelligent men who ever strode upon the face of this Earth.

Patriots — Your Time Is Now!

Copyright 2021, Conrad Rook, All Right Reserved
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