On Socialism

Written by Steve Cannon for USSANews.com.

I really hate all of the snowflakes wearing the Ché shirts and claiming that socialism is perfectly fine. It’s not! Socialism is code for TYRANNY! THAT’S THE TRUTH! With Socialism, everyone is equal…EQUALLY POOR!

Take a look at Venezuela. They have more oil than both America AND Saudi Arabia. So how do they fare? DIRT POOR! Why? Because of their socialist government who rules everything, that’s why. Crime and corruption abound. No one has food. Sure, the government supplies everything, but how do they do that?

Six hours on line starting at midnight for what? Bread? Water? Is this what you want Snowflake America? Hours in line for the bare necessities? Well that’s where you’re taking us! Thank you. Have you not been taught about communist/socialist Russia (The USSR)? Or communist/socialist Cuba? Do you know nothing of history? Or are you as dumb as you are entitled?? Wake the hell up! You are our future!

History lesson time. Socialism is tyranny. Cuba, for example:

Now Venezuela…TODAY, 2017:

Still want Bernie Sanders? If you do, please move to Cuba or Venezuela for a year, and then come back and tout their systems. Grow the hell up and learn to work for a living. EMBRACE CAPITALISM & the United States of America! Get off of your asses and do something. You are not entitled to ANYTHING!

Why am I yelling so much? Because this is America and this is how we get things done!

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