Looking at the World Through Race Colored Glasses

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By Conrad Rook.

The psychological phenomenon of “projection” has always fascinated me. It simply refers to a person who is so oblivious to the less admirable aspects of their true inner nature — like racial prejudice and animosity — that while they may consciously claim they harbor no such sentiments, they are constantly “projecting” their own inherent racism on everyone and everything they see.

In other words, rather than have a Pollyanna view of the world thru “rose colored glasses,” they instead see the world thru RACE colored glasses — nearly everyone, and everything is seen thru the lens of RACE and RACISM. These same people are always on the lookout for racial slights, racial slurs, potential double meanings, and racial micro-aggressions which exist only in their own minds.

Examples of seeing the world and events thru “race colored glasses” are legion. Some examples are provided here to illustrate the contagious cancer of imagined racial oppression that currently infests the “World of the Woke” after they are triggered by some imagined racial slight or micro-aggression they perceive is aimed directly at them as a precursor of their persecution and eradication.

A few years ago at Central Connecticut State University, the president of the college, an Hispanic woman by the name of Zulma Toro, was triggered when she spotted what she construed to be a noose dangling off the end of a construction crane on the college campus. The company doing the construction had used the crane to hoist an American flag on the end of the crane to celebrate Memorial Day.

Toro then condemned the construction company for using looped cables at construction sites, stating that “Quite frankly, I think it is reckless and tone deaf behavior,” she wrote. “We have been in contact with the construction company and demanded that the cable be lowered tonight. We have a team on site tonight monitoring the situation.”

John Tully, 61, and Vice President of Student Affairs, sided with Toro, claiming he felt equally “victimized” by the construction equipment. “The perception of its noose-like appearance is concerning. We were speaking to people last night who certainly felt some pain, we feel that pain, our president has issued a statement expressing her concern about this and we are working diligently to get it down.” The fact that such cables are used to hoist equipment at construction sites was seen as utterly irrelevant compared to the fear and anguish such cables represented to “people of color,” especially Blacks, who happened to be students on campus.

As Ron Davis, head of the New Britain NAACP stated flatly: “Regardless of what someone else says about that, what I see, as a black man? That’s a noose. Period. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. Take it down,” he said.

Ironically, the crane in question happened to have multiple steel cables hanging from it; but the only cable Ms. Toro objected to was the one that had an American flag attached to it, indicating that it was the American flag that had actually triggered her to write a campus wide Email detailing her selective outrage at such a “racist” act.

Or take the case of three Black students at “Ole Miss” (The University of Mississippi) going to class who happened to notice a banana peel that had been carelessly tossed into a tree. Rather than simply shrug their shoulders over the slovenliness of one of their classmates, these young Black students were ‘triggered” by the banana peel, and interpreted the banana peel dangling in the tree as a “racial attack” aimed directly at them!

So acting on their own internal RACIST thoughts, they perceived that the banana peel was some sort of sly, subtle commentary on their “blackness,” because monkeys eat bananas in trees and they then made the association of Blacks, monkeys and bananas IN THEIR OWN MINDS!

The end result was that the entire campus was locked down for a group therapy session of grieving and atonement, as the student body sought to assure Black students that they really and truly were not the kind of terrible racists that would throw a banana peel in a tree and thereby disparage their Black classmates as monkeys!

The entire campus profusely apologized for the apparent “White racism” of the banana peel tosser, (without even knowing that it was a White student who had committed this “horrific” trigger event) and then asked for the heartfelt forgiveness from the offended Black students.

Ironically, found among these true racists are the White Progressive Liberals who march under the banner (insert suppressed gales of laughter here) of ANTIFA, the “Anti-Fascism” flag; and they do that by directly copying fascist tactics to suppress free speech and free expression thru violent confrontation, including murder.

It’s all an internal ballet to rid themselves of their simmering yet suppressed racism, so they use innocent people as their scape goat mechanism by attacking what they see as “right wingers” and burning buildings in the finest traditions of FASCIST action while dressed in black from head to foot. These are very very sick people, the vast majority of whom are White, and they love to Virtue Signal each other on social media to add to their “street creds” while carrying water for and doing the work of their Communist overlords.

“Racism” certainly seems to be the burning issue, monumental issue of our time. In America it is both the cause du jour and the major focus of the Federal Government and the O’Biden/Harris regime. Not national security, not open borders, not rampant deaths from illegal drugs like Fentanyl manufactured and financed by China and distributed via Mexican drug cartels; not human trafficking, sex slavery, massive illegal immigration, economic inflation, crumbling infrastructure, government censorship and spying on U.S. citizens without warrant or reason, nor blatant violations of our First Amendment by corporate tech overlords — no, none of these compares to the threat of non-existent “White Supremacy” and its attendant “racism” which The Woke corporati are now in full fledged panic mode to eradicate from the cubicles of corporate America, our government bureaucracy and even our military.

However, eradicating the last vestiges of racism may well turn out to be a very difficult task, for the simple reason that “racism” seems to be popping up wherever one looks, like that game “Whack-A-Mole,” especially if one follows the new “woke” accusations of the mainstream media.

This vast new racial landscape has been starkly revealed by an ever increasing cadre of “woke warriors” intent on over-turning every rock, pebble and grain of sand that might, somehow, be “racist.” These unsuspected revelations of hidden racism in our common culture can apparently cause unsuspected pain, anguish, suffering and offense to our constantly oppressed Black brothers and sisters, as well as to lesser, lighter colored rainbow people.

Imbeciles like Robin DiAngelo and Ibram X. Kendi are both laughing all the way to their woke banks, having made a fortune going around to American corporations to bludgeon them with the cudgel of White Guilt in order to persuade them to impose remedial education on their entire business establishments and help eliminate the last, innate, inherent vestiges of White racial supremacy lurking within their corporate culture.

Missile manufacturer Raytheon in Tucson is the latest to join this lunatic parade, along with Coca-Cola (Woke-A-Cola?), Gillette, Starbucks, Disney, Chick Fillet, and Google, among hundreds of others; and let us not forget — the entire U.S. Military.

So, for your enlightenment, edification and perhaps even for a slice of guilty unintentional humor, listed below are behaviors, expressions, objects, and references now considered to be “racist” by the pillars and guardians of our righteous “progressive” American civilization as it blindly marches towards the Valhalla of its imagined Marxist Utopia.

In alphabetical order below, the following words, phrases, objects, products and elements of our common reality have been publicly broadcast to all and sundry as enduring, eternal vestiges of White Supremacist racial oppression and degradation in America, around our world… and even around our galaxy! I have occasionally commented in brackets to add insight, elucidation or snarky sarcasm to the following “woke” insanity.

You may wish to make a copy of this list and add to it on a daily basis to learn just how “racist” you really are against Blacks and other minorities as new discoveries are sure to be made by the “woke” race traders, race hustlers and race baiters of our increasingly fractious world. One additional note: many of these “qualities” and “behaviors” were gleaned from The Smithsonian Institute’s advocacy of National Museum of African-American History and Culture.


— being on time (what’s the big deal? I’m here now!)
— being assertive (better being wishy-washy?)
— acting with certainty (uncertainty is better?)
— aggressiveness and extroversion (Whites should learn to be meek, humble, and quiet, like Black folks do…)
— self reliance (better to rely on government?)
— being polite (why bother? Be obnoxious!)
— emphasis on being correct (what so wrong about being wrong?)
— rugged individualism (emphasis placed on ‘self’ [so selfish!] rather than group identity…)
— value independence and autonomy (rather than dependence and group identity?)
— mastery of their own fate (typical White propaganda becuz Black people know that they only get what is given to them?)
— mastery of their own environment (rather than admit and recognize that they are powerless under the thumb of The Man?)
— brown bag lunches (Whites always be trying to get ahead by saving money…)
— White women who wear hoop earrings (African cultural appropriation)
—The Nuclear Family (obvious prejudice against one parent minority households)
— husband as breadwinner (obviously White sexism; plus most Black families have only one person, the mother, as ‘head of household’)
— wife as homemaker, subordinate to husband (as most people in the know admit, the Black woman is the real head of the household by default)
— children should have own rooms, be independent (Whites value independence and individual responsibility, while Blacks prefer what instead?)
— Beyonce’s lyrics quoted by White people (jealous copycats!)
— Tipping (Blacks were once forced to work for next to nothing on the railroads as Pullman porters and depended on tips from wealthy White customers to eke out a living)
— obesity (According to Futurity, “A recent analysis found that frequent experiences of racism were associated with a higher risk of obesity among African-American women.” There are, of course, various contributing factors towards obesity, but I’m not too sure Chick-fil-A and Papa John are colluding to single out Women Of Color to send them to an early grave.)
— White people eating watermelons (appropriation and mockery of Blacks’ eating preferences?)
— picnics the woke want to replace the term with “outdoor eating”
(supposedly tied to outdoor lynching parties as a social event; DEBUNKED)
— White privilege (because this world was made for White people… by
White people….?)
— White Supremacy (what all Blacks and POCs [People of Color] struggle against on a daily basis as it keeps them from voting, working, traveling, shopping, getting a higher education, or succeeding in sports, entertainment or the business world…)
— Mastery and Control of Nature (apparently a White obsession for building dams and power plants, forest management, farming, etc….)
— Solidly Judeo/Christian (Whites have no concept or tolerance for anything other than Christianity; cannot fathom a multi-god universe)
— Hard Work is Key to Success (why must work be hard? Why work to begin with when you can enjoy entitlements instead?)
— Work Before Play (no wonder White people be so messed up!)
— Wealth Equals Worth (is this just a White phenomenon? See jewelry and bling…)
— Work or job defines who you are (with no job, one can be whoever one wishes to be…)
— Respect for Authority (badges just be symbols of oppression)
— Woman’s beauty based on being thin and blonde (even more attractive to Black men, for some reason….)
— Man’s attraction based on wealth, power, success, intellect (what do minority women find attractive then?)
— Winning is the most important goal (has it ever been otherwise?)
— Winner/Loser dichotomy (it seems logical that if someone wins, someone else loses; or should the game of life not count for anything?)
— Action orientation (Whites always seem compelled to take action, rather than just let things slide…)

— Follow rigid time schedules (Whites can’t be spontaneous and enjoy life right now)
— Time viewed as a ‘commodity’ (what’s a commodity?)
Future Orientation
— Plan for the Future (Whites don’t know how to live for today…)
— Can endure delayed gratification (Why wait? Could be dead tomorrow? Typical White mind trip!)
— Progress is Good (Why can’t Whites just leave ‘good enough’ alone?)
— Tomorrow Will Be a Better Day (sez who?)

Based on Christian religions (what else would one expect?)
Based on White History & Male Leaders (you mean the people who created American History and shaped the culture?)

— White Christmas (expresses a color preference; surely snow can be other colors than White!)
— God Bless America (why should God “bless” a racist country?)
— The National Anthem (Francis Scott Key considered Blacks to be inferior, and besides, the “land of the free” did not include slaves)
— Jingle Bells (because it reputedly appropriates “Black grammar” for a White audience)
— Anything written by Stephen Foster (he made fun of “darky” slang)

— “sold down the river” (reminiscent of slaves sold and transported to their plantation)
— “long time no see” (Asian mockery)
— No Can Do (Asian mockery)
— The “N” word (of course, “Ns’ can use this word at any time, place, and for any reason, as it is only toxic out of the mouths of White people)

— Swimming (nearly zero Black swimmers because….?)
—Basketball (because White men can’t jump — see the movie…)

— steak and potatoes (Whites like the same thing over and over; no interest in gastronomic adventure; but if they enjoy the food of other cultures, it is cultural appropriation….)
— peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (typical “White” American comfort food that leaves out other races and ethnic groups who prefer their own comfort foods — it be exclusionary)
— watermelons — (White people think Blacks prefer this food)
— cheese (Blacks be lactose intolerant)
— white milk (why not chocolate milk?)

— The White House (chosen for no other reason than as a direct affront to Blacks?)
— The Washington Memorial (he owned slaves)
— The Jefferson Memorial (he owned slaves)
— public restrooms (all white porcelain)
— any building named after a White man

— banana peels tossed in trees (see introduction)
— ropes on garage door pulls (looks like a noose according to the FBI)
— peanut galleries (?)
— chopsticks (Whites? make fun of Asian eating habits?)
— fireworks (air pollution impacts minority neighborhoods more than White neighborhoods)
— single family homes (purposely designed to be unaffordable for Blacks and also designed to be too small for single parent Black families with more than five children)

— Star Wars/Darth Vader (Vader’s voice is obviously Black and he is a villain)
— Walt Disney’s “Dumbo” (Dumbo’s audience lacked diversity, it features only two people of color, and the crows in the cartoon speak “Jive” and the leader is named “Jim Crow!”)
— any TV show or program without a major non-White character
— any commercial featuring black children without a father
— Steve Martin’s King Tut SNL sketch (disrespectful to mummys?)
— Peter Pan (?)
— The Jungle Book (depicts Blacks as savages… in the jungle…)
— All Dr. Seuss Books (symbolically racist stories and illustrations)
— the Snow White cartoon (shows an obvious color preference for White — why not Snow Black?)

— Based on English Common Law (perhaps because the original settlers in America were from England?)
— Designed to protect property (in other words, to protect what a person’s labor has manifested over time? And this is wrong?)
— Intention determines culpability (what would be preferable to this principle?)
— Equal opportunity for all (no affirmative action or set asides…)
— The Declaration of Independence (did not condemn slavery or protects the rights of women because it only refers to ‘men’)
— voter ID laws (obviously, minorities, especially Blacks, are incapable of either acquiring or carrying state issued identification, according to Democrats)
— Ownership, space and property (Whites place a heavy value on things, rather than wanting to share what they have with everyone else…)
— police officers (of ANY race)
— The American Legal System
— The U.S. Constitution (exemplifies White Power and Supremacy and considers slaves to be 3/5ths human — DEBUNKED)
— Any and all opposition to illegal immigration (“Whitey” trying to keep out POCs — People of Color — from this racist country that they walk across continents to get into…)
— dress codes (White people are prejudiced against pants that fall below the crotch)
— zoning laws (Whitey trying to keep out POCs — People of Color — from their neighborhood)
— grandfather clauses (meant to allow Whites to vote and prevent Blacks from voting — no longer valid)
— Majority Rules (not quite; in a Constitutional Republic, majority rules only are codified if they do not infringe upon the rights of minorities!)

— Republicans (…without question….!)
— Conservatives (same-o)
— The American Flag (celebrates racism, not freedom or independence)
— The Betsy Ross Flag (ditto)
— The Gadsden Flag (“Don’t Tread on Me”) (The Tea Party has sometimes used it and The Tea Party is racist…. NOT!)

— Taco Bell (does not serve French fries and that be racist)
— Kellogg’s Corn Pops (art work on box once showed a “colored” corn pop pushing a broom like a janitor)
— City Bicycle rentals (neglects poor Black neighborhoods)
— book: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (“liberal” use of the ’N’ word)
— Aunt Jemima products (shows a Black women in the demeaning position of a cook; since eliminated from grocery shelves)
— Uncle Ben’s products (currently being eliminated for the same reason)
— fast food (designed to make and keep Black people fat and unhealthy)
— pornography (not enough Blacks, plus perpetuation of Black stereotypes)
— liquor stores in majority OR minority Black neighborhoods (either way, apparently it done be racist…)
— menthol cigarettes (to addict Blacks and only Blacks with smoking tobacco)
— Cracker Barrel restaurant (the logo subtly shows a whip hand, and “cracker” is obviously designed to appeal to red neck racists)

Science and The Scientific Method
— Objective, rational, linear thinking (rather than subjective, irrational, haphazard thought process as preferable?)
— Cause and effect relationships (why bother to understand why things happen?)
— Quantitative emphasis (not everything can be measured, except when it comes to reparations?)

— facial recognition technology (rather than just identify individuals, it supposedly predicts behavior based on visual characteristics, and is therefore predisposed to labeling Blacks as potential criminals)
— Automatic Soap Dispensers (they supposedly only respond to White skin — debunked—they respond to proximity)
— ride share (most drivers are White and are wary of Black customers who may be criminals)
— self-driving cars (more likely to drive into Black people because they can’t “see” them)

— Heavy focus on the British Empire (how is this unusual or racist?)
— Primacy of Western Greco-Roman, or Judeo/Christian traditions (how is this unusual or racist?)

Speech and Communication
—Emphasis on Proper Grammar (Whites be prejudice against the creativity of Ebonics)
— Avoid conflict (should be slapped upside the head for dissin’ us!)
— Controlled emotions (F- – – dat shit!)
— No discussion of personal life (what dey afraid of?)

— white babies (white babies be racist for looking at photos of people of their own race for a longer time than faces of other races)
— dogs (their propensity to bark at strangers among other behaviors is enough to categorize them as racist.)
—White people (An Oklahoma high school teacher told his class, “To be white is to be racist, period.” Being born white is to be cursed with the progressive “Original Sin” of racism.)
— All White Men (and women?)

— mathematics (because math demands the correct answer—another White power trip)
— English grammar (Blacks prefer Ebonics)
— being able to read sheet music (that’s what White musicians do)
— correct spelling (another White power trip about always being correct)
— History (almost always written by Whites who ignore Black achievements and accomplishments)
— Classical Music (few, if any, minority composers; and purposely not designed to appeal to Black’s sense of rhythm)
— cold weather (Blacks preference for warmer climates proves the Universe is Racist)
— the Winter Olympics (same as above)
— Indian sports mascots (ironically, Indians do not protest this idea; only “woke” guilt tripping White people do)
— Standardized Testing (it’s just not fair to Black people to apply any White “standards”, or any “standards” — to them!)
— Equity of Outcome (based on skin color, not merit or ability)
— the United States of America (racist from top to bottom — the land of Black slavery and oppression)
— The Invasion of Dunkirk (all White men—a racially segregated invasion)
— lack of trees in Black neighborhoods (why?)
— Highways/Freeways (designed to avoid Black neighborhoods)
— The Food Pyramid (Blacks are mostly lactose intolerant and the pyramid emphasizes milk and cheese)
— Suburbs (only exist to escape Black inner city culture)
— solar eclipses (The path of many solar eclipses is most prevalent in places less inhabited by black Americans–which is sufficient reason to slam Nature as racist)
— air (minorities breathe less impure air, on average, because of racism, due to higher population densities of minority groups in inner city areas. And inner city areas tend to have dirtier air than in the countryside. This isn’t due to economics, cuz it’s all a White supremacist conspiracy to make Blacks sick.)
— The Black Holes in outer space (why are there no “White Holes”? The Universe must be Racist!)
— the overwhelming “blackness” of Space (the Universe is still “racist” because now it is too Black?!)
— crime statistics (seem to illustrate Blacks commit more serious crimes far out of proportion to their population—it’s just not fair!)

You may notice that not every single entry here deals with Black people, or how Black people with racist spectacles view the world; or how any person who considers themselves to be “woke” views the world thru their race colored glasses. However, the vast majority of these offenses do deal with perceived racial slights, micro-aggressions — and MACRO aggressions — against Black people.

One cannot escape the perception that Black people wearing these race colored spectacles not only perceive that society is against them from a cultural perspective, but they see the entire world and even this galaxy and the Universe as being created to permanently cast them as eternal VICTIMS of a higher power. Undoubtedly some kind of White God has taken his/her/its animus out against them due to his/her/its own inherent racism — even though his/her/it was their de facto creator!

If you come away from this list thinking EVERYTHING is RACIST, you are not alone nor are you far from The Truth. To a person who is actually a RACIST at heart, that is, one who sees every vestige of reality thru RACE colored glasses, everything is not only “racist” but The World, the Galaxy, and ALL of Reality including the God of their Creation is AGAINST THEM and has made them a perpetual VICTIM and SLAVE of OPPRESSION!

What can possibly be done to reverse this terrible situation where a vast number of Blacks and a few other select minorities feel that, no matter what they say or do, they are constantly impeded and undermined by the systemic, structural racism of The Universe and God? Probably the best remedy is to laugh at them, and help them see that their so-called “woke” sensitivity is only relevant to this time and place due to the cultivation of shibboleths and chimeras erected and promoted by Communists masquerading as Socialists who want nothing more than to keep them on the plantation of permanent welfare and under their thumbs forever.

Only by advocating that people of all races look back upon our collective past history without the jaundiced eye of our current hyper-sensitivity can we even begin to see how incredibly far we have progressed from slavery and oppression, and how much farther we have to go to enjoy the fruits of an eventual color blind society based on merit and achievement rather than guilt and skin color.

Copyright 2021, Conrad Rook, All Rights Reserved.
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