Legal Marijuana: A Path to Destruction

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Written by Joseph L. Campos Jr.

The legalization of marijuana is not only a gateway to a disgusting habit, but it is a disgusting can of worms that should not be opened.

Honestly, why was I forced all of those years back in the 1990’s to participate in all of those stupid and pointless “I promise to remain drug free” red ribbon week events and marches, and those D.A.R.E. t-shirt festivities, when all along the ignorant government was just going to backpedal and give into the same peer pressure that they once warned us youngsters to fight against?

The indecisive talking heads on Capitol Hill are nothing but a bunch of hypocrites for letting this whole scenario slide. Despite what the so-called government and corporate funded scientists say about how marijuana is “not bad,” and is “completely healthy with no side effects whatsoever,” other more unbiased research states otherwise.

“It’s not rocket science, this stuff has been known for quite some time,” says Amelia Arria, director for the Center on Young Adult Health and Development. ( Marijuana has been known to carry psychoactive elements within it that cause hallucinations. This hazardous chemical is called “delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol,” or otherwise known as “THC.” As the weed is smoked by someone, the “THC” flows from the lungs directly through the bloodstream. (

Oh wow, how about that? As if that wasn’t known for decades already? The individuals who are whining and griping to get their guilty little pleasure legalized are the same one’s that did not mature much after sophomore year of high school and went on to do nothing much else with their lives.

Unfortunately, most of the people that I went to junior high and high school with that got hooked on the stuff have all wound up high school dropouts, incarcerated, addicted, unemployed, kicked out of their parent’s house, or dead. And when I mean dead, I mean from both using the narcotic substance, or for selling it. An intervention from loved ones, and a trip to an addiction recovery program, or addiction treatment program would have proved highly beneficial. It would have perhaps even saved their lives.
In a USA Today article by David Schick titled “Study:Marijuana use increases risk of academic problems,” it is reported that 33% of college students has used marijuana at least once in 2011. It has also been proven that the drug greatly hinders student’s ability to retain material that they are supposed to be learning, and negatively effects academic performance according to The University of Maryland School of Public Health.(

All this talk about how this drug is supposed to have all of these so-called medical benefits is a load of jargon as well. If that is the case then why don’t hospitals utilize it more than any of the other medications that they use to heal the sick? This is because they have alternative methods of treating certain ailments that are much more safer and effective. If the so-called “miracle seed” as the stoners and potheads so eagerly call it has such magical miracle developing elements, then why haven’t they embraced it more abundantly within the medical field? They must not trust it for a reason right?

Arria conducted a study which monitored a total of 1,200 college freshmen over a 10-year time frame. These students were all on weed. What Arria found was shocking,“college students skipping more classes, spending less time studying, earning lower grades, dropping out of college, and being unemployed after college,” were the overall results. She was even able to confirm that smoking marijuana lowered the college student’s IQ by as much as eight points. (

The point that is made here is that even eating or drinking too much of a certain kind of food over and over again for a long period of time can have hazardous side effects whether it’s oranges, steak, coffee containing caffeine, potatoes, or even bread. So, if this is true for some of our everyday foods, even the nutritious ones, then why can’t this same proven concept be believable in regards to the use of a narcotic like marijuana? Colleges and universities should also put more of their government funding , and student tuition cash into on campus drug rehabilitation centers, or other forms if drug rehabilitation facilities; instead of just blowing it off on college athletics, and biased left leaning clubs.

What people fail to consider is that not everything that grows on God’s green earth was meant to be utilized or consumed. I have a wooden table in my room. Wood comes from trees, which comes from the earth. Does that mean I should chop the table up and eat it too? I have a metal chain that I wear around my neck. Metal comes from the earth, does that mean I should eat it? How about my cotton pajamas or a silk shirt? Maybe the glass that makes my window? See where I’m going with this?

Any science, biology, or chemistry professor will tell you that the human body and lungs were only meant to withhold oxygen and not any other foreign bodies. Just like how fish were only meant to breathe underwater, and die if they are exposed to just plain oxygen or any other element when pulled from their natural habitat, humans too will suffer extreme side effects or will die if they are consistently inhaling foreign pollutants like smog, chemical vapors, paint, ammonia, carbon monoxide, or even cigarette, cigar, and marijuana smoke.
“How bad is marijuana for you? It’s even more toxic then that cigarette smoke. Regular users are hit with devastating lung problems as much as 20 years earlier than smokers.” (

And whether the liberal society that we live in wants to thoroughly acknowledge it or not, pot is addictive. “Of the 7.3 million persons aged 12 or older classified with illicit drug dependence or abuse in 2012, 4.3 million persons had marijuana dependence or abuse.”(

Another major problem to consider is the fact that if all 50 states within our union all agree in unison to legalize this particular narcotic, other junkies will want to cause a ruckus if they don’t get their way as well. “Some people would say, ‘If they want to do it, great, then it’s no business of ours.’ But, you can bet that those same people will be complaining about all the junkies and welfare cases that will be created by the policy they endorsed.”( The druggies will have a tantrum, and will try to play the discrimination card that has been thrown around way to often as of late.

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