Lady Liberty…My Love (Poem)

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By: Joseph L. Campos Jr.

As Lady Liberty laid there on that cold, dark, November night…I saw that she was bleeding out fast! I rushed over to her frantically. I fought back tears along the way, as I sprinted down the crumbling concrete path. I got to her…the poor maiden. I quickly tore off my jacket, and tried to patch up the wound. She just lied there…so beautiful, so serene, but in deep saddening pain. I tried to speak to her, I was so shaken up by the sight of her in this fashion.

Before I could speak…she swiftly lifted her soft, delicate, hands, and caressed my face. She hushed me gently by grazing her finger to my lips. She then lifted her head towards me, and whispered “it’s okay honey. I know you tried. Now tell me you love me, and when you say it…say it like you fucking mean it! Then kiss me…one last time…please give an Old Southern Bell that last Sacred Rite,” She then softly winked, then on one last act of strength, she pulled me in closer, and kissed me…profusely…passionately!

Now, I love Christ As My God, but when it comes to women, and romance…Lady Liberty will always be my first True Love. After she let go…I told her that I loved her. She smiled one last time…and slowly started to fade out! She softly whispered in my ear a song. She sang to me one last time. Then her body started going limp. I was losing her! “No!No!No!” I pleaded! I tried to cuddle her…to keep her voluptuous body warm, but alas…the beautiful maiden grew cold. I held her close as she laid in my arms dying! I briefly looked up, and saw the entire Country (America) burning!

I saw ignorant, stupid, or cowardly, American Citizens looking on through their windows…they just watched with their eyes either opened in astonishment, or with blank looks on their faces gazing nonchalantly with indifference. Lady Liberty laid here dying, the Country was burning, and yet…they all did nothing! In the distance, I can see evil demonic figures creeping closer, and closer…the militia of Satan himself approached. They started surrounding Lady Liberty, and I, as I held her in the street. I saw some black faces…others wore either small cup hats on their heads, their other brothers wore towels on theirs. Some of their men dressed as women, their women dressed as men. Some waived rainbow flags, others waived red ones with a golden hammer, and sickle.

The actual real women hated their own children, and actually advocated to sacrifice them to Satan…so-called “doctors, nurses, and other medical staff,” helped them to do this. Law enforcement, and military men, marched not against them, but with them as well! They all raged toward us! Druggies, junkies, and lazy bums, also were in the crowd…along with thieves, rapists, and pedophiles, and arrogant assholes that actually believe that only their lives matter, and no other Religion, or Races’ does. Our own elected officials who were supposedly supposed to represent us, but behind the scenes were actually helping the opposition for decades were also in the crowd! They were marching hand in hand with these weird individuals in black robes that had upside down stars, and Crosses, on them…hmm. The crowd came closer, and closer,…and yelled at me, saying vile things like “look at this fucking Bible thumper, this Jesus freak! Look at this conspiracy theorist, this Nazi, this racist! Look at this hillbilly, this old outdated cowboy, this petty hero! Look at this stupid sellout spic, or WOP, Dango, Wetback, or Cracker, or White Boy, or whatever the fuck he is?!”

The assholes, and punks, kept getting closer! I looked back down, and kissed Lady Liberty’s soft, delicious, strawberry, flavored lips a final time…I knew what I had to do…this would be my final curtain call…my very own last stand. I say a quick Prayer to Jesus Christ…My Lord, And Savior!!! I stand up, kiss the Jesus Christ Cross that dangles around my neck, I then Cross myself, then pull out a sword in one hand, and my handgun, in the other! The enemy combatants still charge ever so closer! I look around, and can see all of the so-called “American Citizens…American Patriots,” all still just looking through their windows…either scared, and in astonishment, or with a blank nonchalant look of indifference on their faces. They didn’t stand, but SAT BY, and did nothing!!! I look back at the enemy combatants…I scream out Pro Christo Et Libertate! (For Christ, And Liberty!!!) I then empty my clip, killing many of them, then I charge the crowd with my sword! All the while, I can still hear the sad, soft, song that Lady Liberty sang to me as she drifted off into Eternity…Infinity…with Christ…it still echoed in my mind, and heart…and it went something like this…

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