Joe Biden — The Fool on the Hill

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By L.C. Vincent.

It’s easy to laugh at Joe Biden; and even easier to despise him. For here is a man who, for 47 years, essentially did nothing as a U.S. Senator except to bend whatever way the political winds blew; who flirted with racists and racism throughout his career, who helped incarcerate more Black Americans thru his support of punitive legislation; who cultivated a reputation for sexual abuse and lechery, and who now lectures us on on morals, values, and ethics while doing business deals on the side with his Communist Chinese overlords, all the while using his drug-addled son Hunter as his principle bag man.

Joe Biden is an easy target; and that’s why he was selected by the power elites behind the Oval Office — to serve as a senile punching bag, while Kamala Harris waits in the wings, ready to pounce upon the presidency and steer our country headlong into the waiting clutches of the globalist corporatist straight-jacket.

Unlike Trump, Biden does not lead; he follows. He is an empty suit who simply mouths whatever platitudes and bromides his handlers place in front of him. He dutifully reads the words on the teleprompter without any deep comprehension and passionately advocates positions he opposed only a year ago. While we can laugh at his numerous faux pas as he tries to finish a sentence and maintain a semblance of comprehension, the problem we have as Americans is that Joe Biden represents The United States to the rest of the world, and by extension, he also represents us.

Many people were persuaded that Joe Biden had the ability to think on his own and lead our nation as president, based upon Biden’s debate performances against Trump. If these same people had bothered to look, they would have noticed Joe was wearing a wire, the evidence of which was spotted on his inside left breast coat pocket by more than one observer.

Joe’s “performance” during his first, belated press conference was further evidence of his animatronic abilities. “Slow Joe” is the perfect ventriloquist’s dummy. If one reviews Joe’s first press conference, and I strongly advise you to do that, you will notice Biden’s speech patterns and timing are exactly the same as if someone were whispering words into his ear and he is just repeating them verbatim… which was precisely what was happening. Biden undoubtedly used the same technology during his debate with Trump, which was why he was able to maintain a semblance of coherence.

Nevertheless, Biden’s performance during the Trump debates, during his lone press conference, and his stumbling, sporadic, brief appearances before his sycophantic media only serve to underscore the senile stick figure that has been foisted upon the American public thru a blatantly dishonest electoral process. The tragedy of this kabuki theater is that we now must deal with Comrade Barack Obama as the unelected president of the United States serving his third — illegal — term as the de facto president while Joe and his subservient social media pretend that Biden is really calling the shots.

The truth of the matter is that Joe is nothing more than Obama’s dummy, a role perfectly suited to Joe’s ability and intellect. Should you harbor any lingering doubts that this is the case, and that Barack Obama and the shadow men above and behind him are not using Biden as their puppet, then I suggest you should consider a few pertinent facts.

When Obama left the presidency, rather than actually leave Washington D.C. and retire, he set up an official residence in Washington D.C. But this was not just a simple home; this residence contained what is known as a “skiff” room; that is, a room which is absolutely impervious to electronic “bugs”, eavesdropping, spying and signal detection, technically known as a “Sensitive Compartmentalized Information Facility.” Now why on Earth would an “ex” president need a room in his own home that is so highly secure if he is no longer handling matters of state, or state secrets? Ahh…. But if that same “ex” president were actually coordinating and manipulating groups and NGOs, setting agendas, and planning political events, strategies and intrigues, it makes perfect sense that Comrade Obama would want the highest electronic security possible.

Now consider another quite telling event. Just prior to Biden’s installation as president, Obama was interviewed by television host Stephen Colbert about the office of the presidency. During that interview, Colbert queried Obama if he ever thought about having a third term. The Great One responded thusly: “People would ask me, knowing what you know now, do you wish you had a third term… and I used to say… if I could make an arrangement where I had a ‘stand in’… a ‘front man’… or ‘front woman’… and they had an earpiece in… and I was just in my basement in my sweats… looking thru the stuff… then I could sorta deliver the lines but somebody else was doin’ all the talkin’… and ceremony…. I’d be fine with that!”

Next, consider that Susan Rice, Barack Obama’s former national security advisor, is now on Joe Biden’s staff, supposedly acting as Biden’s “domestic policy advisor.” Rice, you may remember, became famous or “infamous” when she appeared on 5 early morning Sunday national talk shows to spread the lie that the Benghazi attacks on our American embassy were completely spontaneous and unanticipated, the result of a film that supposedly insulted the prophet Muhammad, a film that no one ever saw. Now that same Susan Rice is acting as Barack Obama’s personal White House puppeteer, pulling Biden’s strings and making his mouth move while Obama’s policies pour out past his sawdust smile.

Lastly, consider that Biden accepted Kamala Harris as his Vice Presidential pick, despite the fact that she was rejected by the Black, White, Hispanic and Asian communities on the campaign trail when she was running for president, and despite the fact that Harris personally attacked Biden on national TV as a closet racist. Yet Biden apparently acquiesced to Obama when Obama made it clear that Harris was Obama’s choice as Joe’s running mate. Could the pattern of presidential manipulation at a safe distance be more clear?

Our problem, as Americans who know what is actually happening behind the scenes, is that the televised Joe Biden represents the United States of America in the embodiment of the flesh. Rather than Trump’s self-assured, strong presence and world class leadership, we instead have to watch aghast as this dithering, declining dimwit pretends to “lead” the United States, while he mouths platitudes and reverses the policies that created the strongest economy in our history, and the lowest unemployment figures ever recorded across the spectrum for ALL “peoples” of color, all sexes, and all sexual orientations.

The Russians and the Chinese Communists could not be happier that Joe Biden is the pretend president of the United States. They know all about his criminal enterprises, his double and triple dealing, and the back room financial arrangements that Biden and his family have done in China and the Urkraine; all of which serve to make Biden the lapdog of his Communist masters via his limitless potential for blackmail. Nor does this hidden leverage even begin to touch the scope of scandal, sexual perversions, drug abuse and treasonous business deals hidden on Hunter Biden’s laptop, a computer that has been in the FBI’s possession for over a year before the presidential election without eliciting so much as a raised eyebrow from figurehead flunky and deep state janitor Chris Wray.

The fetid, feckless commie-symps surrounding Biden, the people he has made a part of his administration, have given the proverbial “green light” to Chinese expansion throughout Africa and our Southern Hemisphere thru their “Belt and Road” initiative. The Communist Chinese are now actively involved in courting Venezuela and other South American nations, while Biden’s current clown as Secretary of State — Tony Blinken — has publicly declared that America’s policy is NOT to contain China or Chinese expansionism throughout the globe.

The instability and upheaval Biden and his clueless, dogmatic, “woke” policy advisors — including Obama — have inflicted upon the United States’ economy and security in the space of of less than four months is absolutely mind-boggling.

Upon entering the Oval Office, Biden immediately shut down the Keystone Pipeline, throwing more than ten thousand people out of work from high paying jobs, while essentially declaring that, once again, America would be dependent upon foreign energy sources, rather than remaining energy independent, as President Trump had accomplished. We have already seen gasoline prices rise more than 30% since that decision.

Next, Biden immediately begged Iran to resume the nuclear treaty that knowledgeable sources had declared to be worthless. Then Biden further neutered American industry by crawling back to France to be granted admission to the Paris Climate Accords, an entirely voluntary program that would severely curtail American industry while allowing global polluters like China and India free reign to continue fouling the Earth unabated.

But Biden’s brilliance did not stop there. His advisors have convinced Joe that he can be even more “historic” than President Franklin D. Roosevelt. And how is Joe to accomplish this wonder? By spending TRILLIONS of dollars we do not have on deceptive and misnamed programs like COVID Relief (which saw 9% of the money actually go to COVID related issues) and Infrastructure (in which only 5% of the funds are actually slated to go to re-building bridges, highways and airports, while the remaining 95% goes to pay off Democrat flunkies and Blue State boondoogles, rescuing corrupt states like Illinois and California from decades of Democrat theft, fraud and mismanagement).

Add to this idiocy the fact that Biden has proposed yet another inheritance “death tax”, proposed raising corporate taxes from 21 to 29 per cent, raising personal taxes on anyone making more than $400K, and taxing capital gains at personal tax rates, while blithely pretending that no one’s taxes will go up other than the very rich and wealth, and you have the “perfect storm” for financial catastrophe.

Within the span of two months, from Biden’s delayed “State of the Nation” speech — wherein he bragged about the strength of the American economy as if his imbecilic policies had anything to do with it — to the current situation where expected new job creation estimates were off by a staggering 400 to 600 PER CENT, it is clear to anyone with a functioning brain that Biden’s proposals and energy policies have already gutted the American economy and are blindly guiding it towards a massive depression.

We are facing a double whammy of rising prices — for goods and services, inflation, energy shortages, spikes in consumer goods, and the beginning of a rise in interest rates that will curtail expansion; coupled with the Biden/Harris/Obama government policies of higher personal and corporate taxes, and MASSIVE spending programs that will do little to actually help their purported namesakes: Covid Relief and Infrastructure Repair and Renewal.

When American businessmen heard about Biden’s proposals and analyzed how they would impact their future business prospects, it became clear to most of them that we could look forward to higher personal and corporate taxes, more oppressive government regulation and runaway inflation due to the reckless and irresponsible printing presses operated by the Federal Reserve. These three considerations have immediately burst the bubble of the recovering economic miracle Trump had left the Biden/Harris/Obama regime. Couple this scenario with hundreds of thousands of businesses wiped out by COVID, never to return, along with the millions of jobs permanently lost due to those closed businesses and the nosedive of our real economy within the space of two months is a foregone conclusion.

Yesterday, it was announced that overall prices have surged 4.2% and consumer prices have risen 3% in just one month. No matter how Joe tried to spin these numbers, along with the stunningly depressing employment figures, the financial handwriting is already on the wall, and the American business community has read it well.

To add to Biden’s slide in popularity, 120 former military men — generals, admirals, and commanders — have authored and signed a letter stating that they have grave reservations about Joe Biden’s mental and physical health; and very severe reservations that he will be able to serve out his four year term without endangering the safety and security of the United States.

These same military men, with centuries of collective experience, also expressed extreme alarm regarding Joe Biden’s “open border” policy, a policy that not only reversed the control of our Southern Border, but whose implementation has allowed COVID contaminated “migrants” and “refugees” to be set loose into the bowels of the United States without medical examination or treatment, without knowledge and supervision, to randomly infect any Americans they might encounter while Biden and Harris sanctimoniously don masks whenever they make a public appearance, as if they were being ever so cautious, to help prevent the spread of the COVID virus while their polices prove the exact opposite!

But worse than nurturing a health crisis, and destroying the employment opportunities of low skilled American workers who now find they must work for lower wages in competition with illegal alien residents (who also qualify for incredible government hand-outs forever denied American citizens of any race), we must all face the undeniable facts that a loss of control of our borders also enables terrorists from any nation to enter our country. These people could easily be transporting chemical, biological or radiological weapons with them, and with more than half of our Border Patrol now acting as nursemaids and baby sitters for thousands of illegal alien children dumped by coyote drug gangs, we must face the distinct possibility that our country has already been penetrated by terrorists who right now may be planning the most horrendous retaliation for our mis-adventures in the Middle East during the past 20 years.

Joe Biden is easily the most popular president with organized crime in History. He singularly has enabled Mexican drug gangs and MS-13 criminals access to the American heartland, enabling them to traffic drugs, weapons, and children for sexual abuse and sacrifice while padding the coffers of the cartels to the tune of millions of dollars per day! Kamala Harris, who Biden put in charge of America’s border policy, has yet to visit our Southern border, and by the looks of things, she may ever do so.

Yet in the final analysis, the true Fool on the Hill is not just Joe Biden, but the entire, corrupt power structure of the United States, embodied in the aptly named “Deep State”, which not only crafted the installation of a feeble place-holder so that their incarnation of the Goddess Kali— The Destroyer — could eventually be embodied in President Kamala in the Oval Office; but, too, so that their pursuit of markets and market share in the Chinese mainland would not be hampered by “old fashioned” thoughts of patriotism, national pride or benefit, but instead could be discarded for the banners of Woke-ness, Climate Change, “Political Correctness” and “Social Justice.”

Ironically, the country with which Biden, his advisors and many of his radical followers consider as the beacon for their “progressive” vision is Communist China, ruled by an insular oligarchy that spies on its citizens, oppresses its people with intrusions into their personal life thru “social credit” scores and secret police, performs live organ harvesting, and whose consideration of the individual worth of every human being is buried in the Communist philosophy that the Mass must serve the communist Elite despite protestations of equality to the contrary.

We easily see the hypocrisy and corruption of American corporations which, on the one hand, virtue signal their “woke” credentials to gain public credit or “street cred”, while on the other hand doing business with one of the most brutal and oppressive social, cultural and political regimes on the face of the Earth. Especially guilty in this regard are our so-called “Tech Giants” such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, and sports businesses such as the NBA and Nike, but they are not alone in their betrayal of American values, only the most visible.

Khruschev once said that the Communists would sell the rope to the Americans with which they would use to hang themselves and it appears that skewed corporate greed is making that scenario a reality. But much more tellingly, there exists within the rarefied atmosphere of Silicon Valley a total lack of appreciation and understanding for the unique contribution America represents as a beacon of freedom to Mankind via our representative Constitutional Republic.

That this country that still embodies the reality of the American Dream, where anyone has the potential to follow their dreams with the least possible hindrance, is totally lost on these corporate cretins whose only goal seems to be a ROI next quarter rather than an appreciation of the country and philosophy that made it possible for them to ascend from mediocrity to achieve and surpass their wildest dreams.

Instead, America’s foremost corporations, like Disney and Coca-Cola, have adopted “critical race theory” and imposed it on their employees, poisoning their minds in the same fashion as our public schools that are spreading this social cancer from child to child in their new “woke” classrooms.

Joe Biden is just the most visible symptom of an illness nurtured by the International Communist Conspiracy. It is the true virus of our time — the socialist mind virus — that has taken an ineffectual political hypocrite, plagiarist and sexual predator, and elevated and installed him in the highest office of our land by electronic vote fraud manipulation. The corporate “elites” who oversaw this operation — superficially detailed in TIME Magazine, by the way, while corrupting our FBI, CIA, State Department, Department of Justice and Internal Revenue, to say nothing of the abuse of the NSA, Project Hammer or ScoreCard — are sad evidence that the core values of our once proud Republic mean nothing to the self-serving scum who pollute the corridors of power in DC, Hollywood, or the corporate boardrooms of our eager-to-be trans—humanists in Silicon Valley.

Corruption and myopic vision is the path our corporate technocratic elites are pursuing in contradiction to their stated public personae; and Joe Biden is the perfect symbolic figurehead for the disintegration, hypocrisy, superficial values, and the financial and social catastrophe we now face as the Biden/Harris/Obama administration’s destructive policies take hold across the fabric of our great nation.

As we buckle our seat belts and prepare ourselves for the socio-economic roller coaster of progressive politics, my mind is focused on only one thought: May God protect The United States of America!

LC Vincent
Copyright 2021, LCVincent, All Rights Reserved.
[email protected]

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