January 6th, 2021: There Was No “Insurrection”

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By L.C. Vincent.

Listening to Joe Biden, or the phalanx of talking head acolytes and media magpies that support his illegitimate regime, the entrance and temporary occupation of the U.S. Capitol by Trump supporters on January 6th had only one historical precedent in U.S. History — The U.S. Civil War that resulted in the deaths of over 620,000 people.

Or to put this recent historical incident into perspective, that is, the perspective of Joe Biden and his handlers, the “Insurrection” of January 6th by Trump supporters at the U.S. Capital eclipsed both World Wars I and II, Waco, Ruby Ridge, the Los Angeles riots, 9/11, and the billions of dollars in property damage and looting by Antifa and BLM this past summer as an attack upon the United States. Let no one ever say Biden’s penchant for hyperbole is not on par with his predilection for plagiarism.

Of course, rational people have taken issue with the “Insurrection” label for this event from the outset, stating quite truthfully that the Capital police made way for the protestors by opening the barricades and holding open the doors to the U.S. Capitol building for them to enter. There is even video of one of the police telling the crowd to remain calm and peaceful as they entered the rotunda, a verbal request which was then echoed by the “Viking Man” (Jake Angeli) that the police “…are willing to work with us.” Sound like a riot to you?

Further, the idea that a completely unarmed gaggle of patriots entered the Capitol to foment a violent revolution to overturn the U.S. government — which is the very definition of an “insurrection” — is false on its very face. After all, wasn’t it China Joe Biden who recently told us that if we want to fight the U.S. government that it would be rather pointless, since the government has nuclear weapons and F-15 fighter jets — the implication being that Joe, as Commander-in Chief—would be more than happy to use such weapons against any American citizens he disagreed with, or who had the temerity to be Trump supporters?

Despite the obvious lies of the Democrats and this administration of occupation, many people have speculated that the entire January 6th event — or “Insurrection” as Joe and his sycophants in the lame stream media continue to erroneously label it — was actually steered and coordinated, or more properly hijacked, to use as a cudgel against patriots, Trump supporters, and anyone else who harbored a modicum of doubt about the validity of the 2020 electoral process.

Indeed, many protestors who were there that day claim that Antifa members were not only dressed as Trump supporters and had infiltrated the demonstrators, but were also actively involved in the vandalism and destruction, breaching doors and breaking windows. John Sullivan, a radical provocateur heavily involved in both Antifa and Black Lives Matter (BLM) movements, bragged that he rallied his hoodlum buddies to riot disguised as Trump supporters, and many claim most, if not all, the damage at the Capitol was done by these people.

The Capitol Police and the FBI have used facial recognition to charge over 500 people throughout the United States for “participating” in these “riots.” However, according to Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, strangely the Capitol Police and the FBI are reluctant to let reporters or the public view the 14,000 hours of video tape of the event, quite possibly because these videos just might prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that not only were the demonstrators allowed and escorted into the U.S. Capitol by the Capitol Police, but the the huge majority of demonstrators peacefully wandered around the rotunda or the corridors without damaging anything.

Among the few videos that have been released to the public from private sources, the unjustified murder of Ashli Babbitt remains a nagging thorn in the side of Lady Justice, proving she truly is blind. Even now, nearly six months after the fact, we still do not know who shot and killed this unarmed former Air Force veteran. Nor do we know why or for what reason the person who killed her pulled the trigger. What was the threat that she, and only she, represented among that crowd of people? The private internal investigation only concluded that her murder was “justified” (really? On what grounds?). And that the name of the “police officer” would not be released (why not?).

In the video that has been shown on television, we find the unspoken answers to some of the above questions. We see the arm of a man wearing a suit, with a white shirt, cuff, and cuff links; we see he is holding what appears to be a Glock semi-automatic pistol; and above all, we see that the man is Black. What we see, then, is a Black man who is not a uniformed police man, wearing a suit and white shirt with cuff links, shoot and kill Ashli Babbit. Now we know why his name was never released and why the investigation remained internal rather than public; in Joe Biden’s America, this sad vignette just does not fit the bogus narrative of White Supremacy.

Of course, apologists for this regime and its hypocrisy were quick to hype the “murder” of police officer Brian Sicknick, who was “killed” by a protestor who “…hit him over the head with a fire extinguisher…” according to all the usual lap dog media outlets, as somehow being the justifiable equivalent for Ashli Babbitt’s senseless murder. The problem, of course, is that Sicknick died hours later of natural causes, after the riots, from an internal problem (two strokes at the base of his brain stem, according to his autopsy) and his death that had absolutely nothing to do with his presence at The Capitol that day. Authorities reluctantly released the results of his autopsy many weeks after his death.

These withheld videos might also identify the malicious people who were doing damage and breaking windows and doors at the Capitol. Strangely, however, our vaunted FBI, always eager to cover themselves in glory, continue to allow 20 people “of interest,” and whom they have identified, to remain free, at large, and without charges, while throwing the book for up to 60 years in prison for others involved in the “conspiracy” to disrupt Congress.

As Tucker Carlson of Fox News has rightly pointed out, it does raise a rather disturbing question: why should these 20 plus people, whom the FBI has identified as “persons of interest”, not been charged with anything even as of this late date months later? Could it possibly be that they were actively working with the FBI to steer the “rioters” to both incite and fabricate the behavior for which multiple people are still sitting in prison — in solitary confinement — awaiting some sort of “justice” from the O’Biden “Just Us” Department?

Carlson also surmised that the FBI’s role in the January 6th Capitol “Insurrection” may go far beyond simply apprehending miscreants and lawbreakers. Carlson speculates that the FBI may also have been directly involved in fomenting, guiding, leading and inspiring people to commit the very acts for which they were arrested. His revelation that the NSA (National Security Agency) is spying on him and his electronic communications (which they are forbidden by Law from doing, but hey, this is the Nu Amerika) which he revealed on-air only a few days ago seems to confirm his thesis.

Yet for those among us who may still wish to give the government the benefit of the doubt, the analysis released today by the news site, “www.revolver.news,” regarding the leader of The Oath Keepers, Stewart Rhodes, must give one pause. Rhodes, who remains free, at large, and uncharged by the FBI for anything, is literally prima facie evidence of a set-up and a staged set piece by the FBI and the Capitol Police. Rhodes, founder and leader of the paramilitary “Oath Keepers,” embodies and is at cause for nearly every single threat and confrontation which the federal authorities have cited and indicted his subordinates and lieutenants, while letting Rhodes skip Scott free.

I highly recommend anyone who has the slightest interest in pursuing the usual Department of JustUs’ double standards read the Revolver news article in its entirety, as it is an incredible piece of journalism. Suffice it to say, Revolver raises the existential question as to why Rhodes, who is the kingpin of The Oath Keepers, constantly agitated his followers prior to and during the day of their appearance at the U.S. Capitol on January 6th. Revolver cites Rhodes as communicating to his paramilitary group: “… the Oath Keepers should be primed for an insurrection and to stand-by armed, just in case Trump offered some (undefined) signal. This of course is an effective technique (common to agents provocateurs and other informants) to keep followers psychologically primed for violent action without making any explicit and direct command to do so.”

If anyone can be labeled the “lead” insurrectionist on that day, it is Stewart Rhodes. The Revolver article states bluntly: “The only reason Stewart Rhodes is not in jail *right now* is because of a deliberate decision by the Justice Department to protect him.”

Despite the fact that many people in The Oath Keepers are now under indictment or in prison, Revolver finds it more than curious that the one person who lead and coordinated everything for which his lieutenants and underlings are now facing federal prosecution remains at large and not indicted.

Revolver News concludes: “Given the fact that the Oath Keepers are the major paramilitary organization imputed (by government and media alike) to be responsible for the most serious and egregious elements of the so-called 1/6 insurrection, it follows that it would not only be fair, but necessary to conclude that in an essential respect the 1/6 event was planned and orchestrated by elements of the government itself.”

What we are learning and slowly piecing together is that the FBI, the Capitol Police, and the Federal Government, in cooperation with Antifa (the Democrats equivalent of Hitler’s Brown Shirts) apparently — dare I say it — “conspired” to take over the January 6th Trump demonstration at the U.S. Capitol and use it for their political ends: to brand Trump supporters as “violent insurrectionists” and by extension, ALL Trump supporters as subversives.

There is no doubt that the tentacles of the 17 U.S. intelligence agencies have been turned inward since 9/11, for it is apparent that our overlords no longer see the Chinese Communist Party as the most existential threat to the security of the United States; rather, it is patriotic Americans and Constitutionalists from the entire political spectrum, some of whom are Trump supporters, who are now in the cross hairs of the Biden regime and their media flunkies.

As Thomas Paine once wrote: “These are the times that try men’s souls.” It was a valid observation in 1776; it is even more valid today, when the doubts, fears and concerns of the anti-Federalists have taken root in the shadows of our once proud Constitutional Republic in Washington, D.C.

It is ironic that we must be more vigilant towards those who tread the very corridors of power in our own government than our declared enemies; even more so now, as it appears that our own government has made silent, secret accommodations with the Communists of China, and “our” social media find no reason for irony or introspection as they merrily censor anything Biden’s Chinese overlords find objectionable.

The FBI was once a bastion of integrity and American values; it became corrupted, just as a fish rots from the head, when the peccadilloes of its director, J. Edgar Hoover, ably assisted by his butty, Clyde Tolson, gradually subsumed its honor and integrity to serve Hoover’s venality. Today we face multiple psy-ops, spy-ops, orchestrated crises replete with crisis actors, and infiltrated movements aided and directed by the very agencies who purport to protect us from the machinations they create and then supposedly “discover” and reveal to an awaiting media machine.

America is under internal attack. This attack is orchestrated at the highest echelons of our government, and it is “We” the “People,” most of us living in “fly over country,” who are truly “at risk” by an ever encroaching and increasingly paranoid ruling class of bureaucrats and paper pushers who administer their freedom-killing edicts without thought to the history and principles upon which this great country was founded.

Perhaps a bevy of quotes is the best way to end this article, for in accordance with the new national security directives proposed by the Biden “administration,” for me to recommend any course of action in the face of treason could now be considered “incitement” of one form or another. Let the Powers that Be, therefore, vent their spleen and take their vengeance upon the living dead of America’s proud heritage; let them square their current actions and upon the forge of History and in the crucible of Justice:

“Government is not reason, it is not eloquence – it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and fearful master.” – George Washington

“The purpose of government is to enable the people of a nation to live in safety and happiness. Government exists for the interests of the governed, not for the governors.” – Thomas Jefferson

“The duty of a patriot is to protect his country from its government.” – Thomas Paine

“All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.” – Thomas Jefferson


Copyright 2021, LCVincent, All Rights Reserved

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