It’s Time to Hear from, We the People.

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By Stephen Combs.

Our rulers behave as they do because nobody is stopping them. If not us, who? If not now, when? (original subhead)

At some point, one has to wonder how much more of this we ordinary Americans will stand for. Apparently, a lot. President Reagan must have wondered that when he asked these two famous questions.

Look around at the number of people still wearing obedience masks outside where they do no good. Even here in the Free State of Florida, public mask-wearing seems to be growing. Several Florida school districts are defying the governor’s order not to require them of school children, even as normal people who think logically know that masks are nothing more than bacteria-loaded, disease-spreading garbage cans for the mouth, as WLBK radio host Jim Mason often points out. But nothing is surprising here. Our brightest high school chemistry students have more understanding of this matter than your average school superintendent bureaucrat with a doctorate in education. And certainly more than your average power-drunk school board member.

One of Dennis Prager’s trademark lines is that the left destroys everything it touches. One reason is that the left attracts Democrat Party candidates who for the most part have never run anything, ever. Many of them, of whom we write frequently, have never held a job outside of leftist activism – including the 44th President of the United States.

Constitutional conservatives – and this does not include phonies like Mitt Romney – are busy working at jobs or running businesses that add actual value to the economy. Look at some of the Republicans running for Congress next year – including guys with their legs shot off fighting for their country. They will be challenging such luminaries as U.S. Senator Jon Ossoff, a young naȉf with no discernible work history who would walk away with the part if he were ever to audition for Mr. Obamacare’s next Pajama Boy commercial.

I earned both of my graduate degrees at public universities in Indiana and Kansas, so I’m not smart enough to fully understand why Americans keep plucking their political leaders from the bottom of the sludge pile.

I have an idea, though, and this is nothing new. The uninformed, low-information voter goes with the biggest promise – the most free stuff. In Addison Smith’s Campus Reform interviews with students at George Mason University, students expressed mild displeasure with Biden’s total failure as president. One suggested giving him more time, and one said he was unhappy because Biden promised to wipe out his student loan.

The most disturbing thread I pulled from this video was that nobody suggested replacing Biden with a constitutional conservative. Nobody even suggested replacing him. The feeling seems to be that of the 70 million or so who voted for Biden (we may never know the real number), most would pick another Democrat in the next election. Well, this didn’t work out. So let’s pick another Marxist Democrat and see if things get better.

In New York, an Air Force veteran and her daughter are living in their car because the CDC and the state, without legislation or constitutional authority, are allowing residential tenants to live rent-free all in the name of the Wuhan coronavirus. She’s owed more than $23,000 from tenants who refuse to move out so that she can move in, CBS News reports.

“I don’t understand how they can give my private property to somebody to live for free,” says Brandie LaCass. Simple enough question. We’d like to hear the government’s answer but probably won’t.

This is more than just one person being on the wrong side of government’s choosing of winners and losers. If decrees by fiat like this are allowed to continue, it will be the end of private property rights – one pillar of a free society, and on which our constitutional republic was founded.

I wish not to irritate my friends, but in my world I hear a lot of griping but don’t see much action. Complaining about conditions, my Army company commander used to say, is like wetting the bed. It produces a warm feeling, but sooner or later you have to get up and do something about it.

If not us, who? If not now, when?

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