Income Inequality and the Wage Gap is Fake News

Written by Steve Cannon for

Lately, the democrats have been tossing around buzzwords like, “Income Inequality” and, “Wage Gap.” So what? What law says that everyone’s income must be equal and that there must be no gap between wage earners? The fact is there isn’t one. These ideals do not exist in a capitalist society. They do however exist in a socialist or communist state where everyone is equal…equally poor. (For example, look at Venezuela, Cuba, 1990s Russia, North Korea, and others, to see how socialism and equality is working. In Venezuela, the people are fighting over stray dogs to eat because they are now all equally poor.)

From the Declaration of Independence: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal,…” There’s that word again, equal. We are born equal. Outcomes after birth are determined by you, the individual. In other words, we all start the race from the same starting point. How far you go and who wins is determined by you, the individual, not the government. Democrats intentionally misuse this quote trying to convince people that we all must be equal in life.

Yup, the left would have you believe that we all must be equal. Why? In the name of fairness? Why? If we all earned the same amount of money, what’s the point of working harder than the next guy? In fact, what’s the point of working at all?

The rules of capitalism allow each of us to earn as much as we want. The harder you work, the more you make. The rules of socialism and communism dictate that the doctor makes the same amount of money as the janitor. Does this seem fair? Sure, they each make the same amount of money, but is it fair?

Take our tax code for example. If everyone in the country paid $1,000 a year in taxes, would that be fair? The $10/hr janitor pays $1,000 and the $500/hr doctor also pays $1,000. Sounds fair to me. But it isn’t. The doctor makes more and should pay more. Isn’t that what the left is always whining about? “The rich need to pay their fair share!”

Admittedly, our tax code is a mess. Poor people pay no taxes and the middle class and the rich pay the bulk of the country’s taxes. So why should the rich pay more? They shouldn’t. That’s not fair. People should not be punished with higher tax rates for working harder and earning more money. The fair way to tax people is to have them pay a percentage of their income, say 10%. With this model, the janitor who makes $20,000 a year pays $2,000 and the doctor who makes $1,000,000 a year pays $100,000…50 times that of the janitor! The point is a percentage is the “fair” way to tax people.

When people and politicians talk of fairness, really examine what they’re saying. In the world of politicians, fair is you giving them your money, even though they disguise their arguments with older buzzwords like, “…for the children” and, “in the name of fairness.” Do not be fooled.

“Slowly, our freedoms are being chipped away with, ‘We know better…’ justification as its hammer and chisel.”

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