Illegal Aliens vs. U.S. Citizens


Written by Steve Cannon for

The liberals love to complain that the evil conservatives are heartless when it comes to immigration. They say we, “rip children from the arms of their parents.” Really? Let’s examine the truth for just a moment.


Conservatives are compassionate. We are the people who follow the teachings of Jesus. You know, love one another as I have loved you? That’s us. We also believe in capitalism; the harder you work, the luckier you get. Liberals are only in the game to get what they can for themselves, in this case, more democrat voters.

Do democrats care more about illegal aliens or US citizens?

I hear a lot of liberals on the TV these days crying about “undocumented children being ripped from their mother’s arms,” but I’ve never once heard them cry for our homeless vets, you know, actual US citizens who risked their lives to keep us free. Where’s the outcry by democrats for them?

And where is the outrage from the left when a parent is in prison and separated from his child? Shouldn’t’ they care about citizens’ children first? Oh, that’s right, the parent is locked up and cannot vote for a democrat, so the democrats really don’t care.

Liberals also believe that a border wall is inhumane, yet all the democrats appear to have walls around their own houses. Odd.

Parents Separated from their Children. The Horror.

This is the talking point the left has picked up on and is parroting across the MSM. #Sarcasm: They care soooo much about the poor children, “ripped from the arms of their parents.” Really?

If illegal alien parents do not want to be separated from their kids, don’t bring them here illegally. If you want your family to stay together, stay on your side of the border and do not come to the US illegally. Why is this so hard to grasp?

The same is true for US citizens: Want to stay with your kids? Don’t commit a crime and go to prison.

So, if I’ve got this right, (according to liberals) illegal and unvetted aliens are free to:

  • Walk across the border freely
  • Get welfare money
  • Get free healthcare
  • Vote

And US citizens and US vets are:

  • Forced to go through TSA to fly within our own borders (For security reasons…but the liberals also want open borders)
  • Homeless (But illegals are sheltered and fed for free)
  • Stuck with the VA and Obamacare (while the illegal aliens get a pass and get free healthcare)
  • Paying higher and higher taxes to support the liberal agenda (while the illegals pay nothing).

Got it.

Thank God no killers, rapists,  gang members, or drug dealers are slipping through the border. Oh, wait.

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