Illegal Aliens Must Leave! Here’s How We Get It Done.

Written by Steve Cannon for

I know my audience and I am sure you were all as pissed off as I was when Kate Steinle’s killer was not convicted of anything other than the illegal possession of a firearm.

Side note: This illegal alien was convicted of having a gun, and Kate Steinle was killed by a gun, simply match the bullet to the gun and it’s a slam dunk conviction! In fact, this monster admitted to shooting her! So why no conviction? Jury Nullification.

Jury Nullification is the process where juries can vote their consciences’, despite what lawyers and judges tell or do not tell jurors. (See my shirt here.) I fully support this process which hands the power back to the people and removes the iron fist of the government. A good example of this is when a jury does not convict someone of smoking weed, knowing the minimum penalty is one year in prison. Yes, the man is clearly guilty of the crime, but the jury thinks the punishment is too severe for the crime and ultimately votes their consciences and acquits the obviously guilty man. This is Jury Nullification. Judges and lawyers purposefully hide this from jurors because they want to keep their power. Jury Nullification is perfectly legal, but with great power comes great responsibility. Jury Nullification is why this illegal alien is not serving time for Kate Steinle’s murder. The idiotic jurors’ politically correct attitude (conscience) afforded them the opportunity to let a murderer (who is an illegal alien) off the hook. #OJSimpson #California.

Illegal Aliens Must Leave Now!

That’s right, I said it! Our local governments won’t do anything about it, but we the people can! Here’s my plan:

  • Leave your sanctuary city or state. Hit them where it hurts…in their wallets.
  • Shame the illegal aliens. Call them out, hang signs on their houses and places they work. Stop frequenting places where they are known to work or hang out. Again, hit them in their wallets.
  • Call ICE. Flood ICE with phone calls and let them know you have had enough and point them to every single illegal alien hotspot!
  • Arm yourself and put alarms on your homes and cars. Catch them if you can by alerting the police.
  • Call them out. Call them ILLEGAL ALIENS! Not, Undocumented Whatevers. Shame them at every turn.

Sanctuary cities and states are refusing to enforce federal law

Maybe the Fed should do the same. Think about it. San Francisco illegally sets illegal aliens free (a federal crime), but then wants federal money. The Fed said, “No money for you because you refuse to enforce our federal laws.” (Makes sense.) The sanctuary city then cries foul and sics a liberal judge on the Fed. The judge sided with the sanctuary city and then forced the Fed to provide federal money to San Francisco. So the city can break the law, but then cries foul when the Fed wants to “break the law”? Hypocrites!

Listen, I’m sympathetic to all people, but enough is enough. This piece of trash entered our home five times (uninvited and illegally) and then randomly killed an innocent US citizen! Now he walks free?! STOP IT! Please read my earlier thoughts on how to properly deal with illegal aliens.

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