Hey Progressives, You’re Not Going to Make Your Perversions Normal!

nobody likes a snob bill maher slams aoc other woke democrats for being out of touch with most of america | nobody likes a snob bill maher slams aoc other woke democrats for being out of touch with most of america | nbsp

Written by Steve Cannon for USSA News.

Okay, that’s it. Done.

How many damned commercials do I need to see with a drag queen or a faggot kissing another faggot? (That’s right, I said it! Censor me, bitch!) Every time I turn on the TV there’s a fag or a drag queen doing what they do, all up in my face. The TV highlights drag queens at a library reading stories to four-year olds, or promoting some “educational” program with mothers insisting their toddler children are a different gender. How can a four-year old have the rational and cognitive ability to decide their gender while at the same time shit their pants while talking to imaginary friends? We get it, you’re freaks! Move on! Stop forcing us to buy into your bullshit!

Stop pushing your agenda. The more you push your agenda, the more obvious you become.

As a libertarian, I couldn’t care less who you are or what you do. What I do care about is you foisting your lifestyle on me. You are not normal, you are freaks. The very definition of “normal” is something that is commonplace and widely accepted. Men screwing other men is not normal. Men dressing and acting as women is not normal. Children changing their gender is not normal. By you shoving your freakiness down our throats, you verify the very fact that you are indeed freaks! Do we have a “straight pride parade”? Do we foist our sexuality…or skin color, for that matter, in every single TV commercial and TV show?

Sexuality, straight or otherwise, is your private choice, and needs to remain that way, private.

And the color of your skin…Who cares? All I see are commercials featuring gays, trannys, mixed marriages, and people of every ethnicity, other than white. Are white people evil? Why do you feel the need to highlight every minority group for their immutable characteristics? Highlight the best. Hire the best actor, the best worker, the best whatever.

And where’s your tolerance? Oh, you don’t tolerate straight people? White people? Men? That’s weird. You’re all hypocrites!

Your exploitation of people based on immutable characteristics is disgusting and I hope you all fall off of a cliff with your absolute nonsense. We are not the racists or the homophobes. You are. We are tolerant. We could not care less about what you are. We only care about who you are. What we do not tolerate is your forcing this garbage down our throats and insisting we believe this is normal. It’s not and you’re not. You lose.

End of rant, bitches.

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