Government by Fraud

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By Conrad Rook.

Any rational, sentient being with even a modicum of curiosity may easily prove to him or herself that the 2020 Presidential election was stolen. With ever more detailed investigations into voting “irregularities” it becomes clearer that there was an organized conspiracy to illegally, artificially and unlawfully change the Will of the American People thru the last minute unconstitutional rigging of voting procedures, fraudulent ballots, massive illegal voting, and the manipulation of voting machines thru intrusive cyber hack attacks.

Despite the mountains of evidence available to them, the dinosaur “main stream media” persists in peddling the illusion that Joe Biden actually won by 3 million more votes than that charismatic Communist, “Barack Obama,” better known to the CIA as Barry Soetoro. Self-serving tech titans spent millions of dollars to skew the electoral process thru blatant censorship, depriving the American people of honest information by which they could cast a meaningful vote, while Democrat apparatchiks swooped across the nation to harvest the ballots of the elderly, the infirm, and the bed ridden.

Our country was founded upon a very unique proposition compared to all other functioning governments and nations of that time. It was thru the vision and brilliance of our forefathers that this nation was built and based upon the radical concept of the consent and cooperation of the governed. Whereas the “standard model” of history illustrates that “government” is most often imposed upon the peoples of any given country thru military and/or economic forces rather than by the consent of the governed, America broke this model by adopting The Constitution as its guiding principle. This set America above and apart from all other nations of that time period, and even to this day, America remains unique in all the world primarily because the CONTRACT between the governed and the government is based upon that consent.

In contrast to other nations, the united States of America created a written constitutional framework upon which this nation was founded. The Constitution acted as a blueprint and template, circumscribing the limited powers of each branch of government while reserving any remaining powers to the states or to the people. The “Bill of Rights” — the first ten amendments to the Constitution which was added to define and protect individual liberties and states’ rights — became an integral part of this blueprint, for without it, the Constitution would not have been adopted and the united States, as we have come to know it, would not exist.

The Constitutional framework which the founders of America provided became, in effect, a covenant, an agreement, a CONTRACT, under which certain provisions, rights and the obligations of duty and conduct by citizens, states, and the federal government are spelled out in essentially contractual form.

The essence of the contract of our Constitution is that the government which is erected upon this blueprint exists for the purpose of protecting the citizens of this country from harm due to invasion by foreign forces for the purpose of providing a stable society based upon Truth and Justice so that the citizenry can enjoy “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” in their various endeavors.

The original Constitutional mandates of the federal government were simple, obvious, and highly circumscribed. It included the need for a military to protect this country’s sovereign borders, establishing a postal service, funding roads and highways, creating a monetary system based on physical silver and gold coinage, and the establishment and maintainance of a system of weights and measures to encourage commerce. There is little else the original federal government was constitutionally permitted to do.

However, in 2021 we now live in a “homeland” (no longer a nation of physical borders) where anyone from any place on Earth has been invited to live the “good life” AT THE EXPENSE OF American citizens and tax payers by the minions of the Biden regime. The current tsunami/invasion of peoples from over 160 countries around the world (1.7 million and counting have crossed our imaginary Southern“border” since Joe Biden was installed as the “acting” President) have now been promised PERMANENT WELFARE. That includes housing, food stamps, transportation, medical care, free schools, and countless other benefits not available to “ordinary” U.S. citizens whose only obligation is to pay the tab for these parasites as long as they live.

Of course, due to the miracle of “chain migration,” any parasite…. often laughingly referred to as a “refugee” by the bought and paid for “woke” lackeys of the “main stream” media… who comes here will now be granted “amnesty” and citizenship (so that they can vote for their Democrat-CommieCrat overlords in perpetuity) and will be able to bring their husband/wives, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, grandmas and grandpas, among others, to enjoy this abundant largesse all made possible by the American taxpayer and the Marxist subversives who currently lurk throughout the Biden White House.

Sounds like quite a deal, for “illegals” doesn’t it? But apparently it’s just not good enough. Because now the Biden regime has floated the idea of PAYING all of these poor, wretched, hungry, illiterate, unemployed, and sickly refugees (more than 20% have COVID, along with such once rare medical curiosities as measles, mumps, tuberculosis, typhoid, and leprosy) reparations in the amount of a staggering $450 THOUSAND EACH, with a “limit” of ONE MILLION DOLLARS per “family unit!”

If you haven’t been outraged yet, after ten solid months of Biden’s moronic failure, including the sabotaged and stolen national presidential election, then may I remind you of such “wonders” as making the U.S. energy dependent once more, soaring energy, gas and food prices; soaring inflation, vaccine mandates, useless masking; the destruction of NATO; the needless insult of the French over a submarine construction deal for Australia; the arming of the Taliban with 85 BILLION DOLLARS of American military hardware, leaving hundreds Americans behind in Afghanistan to the “tender mercies” of the murdering Taliban (along with 82 thousand green card holders); the random importation of Afghanis into the United States spread around Red States to dilute Republican votes; the 1.7 MILLION “refugees” who have already disappeared into the interior of the United States without vetting, documentation or vaccination; the dismissal of espionage charges against Chinese spies on campus; Hunter Biden’s “sale” of paintings to anonymous “buyers” while sharing a common checking account with The Big Guy; January 6th protestors turned into “insurrectionists” by the DOJ and FBI who now languish in prison in solitary confinement WITHOUT CHARGES, in DIRECT VIOLATION OF THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES; the MURDER of 3 innocent victims during the same choreographed “outrage” at the Capital by the Capitol police[ the Department of JustUs threatening to turn concerned parents into “domestic terrorists” to be hounded and interror-gated by the FBI; and Janet Yellin of the Federal “Reserve” floating the idea of taxing unrealized capital gains….

Does any rational human being really need any more proof than this? If this brief litany of insanity does not prove to you that the people in and behind the Biden regime (aka, Barrack Hussein Obama et al) are Marxists and Communists whose only goal is the utter moral, spiritual, and physical destruction of the United States as we have known it, then I guess you just haven’t been paying attention….

But undoubtedly you have… and nothing I have mentioned is news to you. Rather it is one outrage piled upon another, anyone of which is more than sufficient justification for the trial, impeachment, removal from office and public execution of Biden and related toadies for treason. Of course, this will never happen, as the tech oligarchs who now control the information which the ignorant majority of Americans soporifically absorb will never allow anything substantial to create sufficient waves to rock the sinking Ship of State that they have set sail upon, as they valiantly set their course for permanent subservience to the Red Star of the Chinese Communist Party, while licking their lips anticipating the benefits of new market share for their products and services in the Chinese mainland.

As for the rest of us, the substantial minority to whom none of what I have mentioned is news, we must face a very fundamental fact. Our country and the citizens’ relationship to our country thru our government is based on the contractual agreement outlined in The Constitution of the United States. It is clear, based on the most superfluous examination of the past ten months of the Biden regime, that the people ensconced at The White House in our nation’s capital have violated and trampled upon the Constitution and the people of the United States, have threatened their health, safety, economic security and welfare, and by doing so their actions have rendered all their granted Constitutional “authority” to be NULL, VOID, and TERMINATED.

Therefore, you must now ask yourself a very fundamental question: since the acting government in Washington, D.C. has repeatedly violated the Constitution of the United States and threatened the security, the physical health and welfare of its citizens, destroyed a once robust economy, betrayed and left behind HUNDREDS of American citizens in Afghanistan, armed those terrorists with the best American military weapons, threatened parents with the label of “domestic terrorist” because they don’t want Critical Race Theory or pornography taught in their children’s classrooms,… with all these blatant usurpations, violations and utterly TREASONOUS actions by this administration, by what right can they expect loyalty, obedience and fealty to THEM and THEIR PSYCHOTIC INSANITY?


This “administration” has NO RIGHT to make any demands; no right to declare any “mandates;” no right to draft any person into the military, no right to receive or expect any taxes to be paid, and NO RIGHT TO EXIST.

The Biden “administration” is determined to create a state of ANARCHY in the United States to undermine Faith, Family, Morals, Values, the Economy, our Physical Safety, our personal Health, and everything we hold dear and sacred.

In short, the Biden “administration” is a festering cesspool of evil, hell bent on YOUR PERSONAL DESTRUCTION, as well as the destruction of all you love and hold dear, and everything you have worked all your life to achieve, including a peaceful retirement.

The Biden “administration’s” total and complete abrogation of their constitutional duties means you have ZERO OBLIGATION to obey ANY Federal Law because the original contract between the government and the people by the consent of the governed NO LONGER EXISTS.

The Biden “administration” has trampled upon it, urinated upon it, defecated upon it, and ripped it to shreds. The Biden “administration” has VOIDED the contractual obligation enumerated in The Constitution of the United States, and by doing so has laid themselves bare to every “remedy” our forefathers have urged us to employ when tyranny and treason become the modus operandi of the frauds who currently infest our federal government throughout all of its branches.

You are now FREE to live as you wish… without ANY legal reason to obey ANY federal law. And this “state” of literal, actual anarchy which lurches forward under the pretense of a functional, constitutional government will remain in power until we have legal, fair, accurate, verifiable, honest elections so that the contract established by our forefathers can once more act as the guiding principal for the Greatest Nation on the Face of The Earth!

Conrad Rook
Copyright 2021, Conrad Rook, All Rights Reserved.

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