Google and Amazon can Go to Hell!

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Written by Steve Cannon for

That’s right, I said it! For weeks, I have been biting my tongue, trying not to upset my advertisers, and now I’m done. Google and Amazon can go straight to f*cking hell for all I care! Don’t pass Go, don’t collect $200, nothing. Zero. (Here comes my rant.)

In the last two weeks, my page rankings have dropped by 50%. Additionally, I can no longer use Google or Amazon as a source of income through advertising. Why? Funny you should ask.

Two weeks ago, my server was down for nine hours. I thought that was the problem…and it was, briefly. But after an exhaustive investigation, I discovered Google simply hates conservatives, hates free speech, and hates not being a complete monopoly. (Technically, they’re not…yet.)

Their policies and beliefs are too restrictive. Simply ask former Google employee, James Damore, the Google engineer who was fired because he used scientific facts to back up his claim of Google’s liberal bias (aka conservative bashing).

Amazon is no better. I mistakenly posted an article from The Daily Stormer (banned by all). Within ten minutes, I removed the hate-filled article, but it was too late. Amazon labeled me blah blah and I was banned. No appeal, no review, nothing. Just gone forever.

Google did something similar. They “discovered” sexual content on my site, gave me a review, and still banned me. (Rest assured, there was never any sexual content on this site. Their algorithm somehow interpreted a video of the heinous women of, The View, as sexual content, ironically embedded in a You Tube clip…THAT THEY OWN!)

My point is this; I found myself slowly surrendering my integrity for a few bucks. Now that they’ve pushed me over the edge and abandoned me, I am abandoning them! For too long, conservatives have been slowly pushed out of what is considered “normal.” Bullsh*t! We are normal, it’s the liberals who are f*cking batsh*t crazy! (It felt good to get that off of my chest.)

I remembered something I wrote years ago, perhaps it will sound familiar: “Slowly, our freedoms are being chipped away with, ‘We know better…’ justification as its hammer and chisel.” Ring a bell? This mantra is the very slogan of this site,! It’s embedded in the damned logo at the top of every page on this site! And I believe and live it.

I am so tired of being pushed around.

For years, like you, I’ve had to listen to idiot bosses, lest I be unemployed. My initial solution was to start a business and be my own boss. I bought a hot dog cart and was making great, stress-free money, until the government became my boss. That ended quickly. Next, I tried this website,, only to find the advertisers are the bosses. NO MORE! I can give a rat’s ass about income from this site! I pay for it out of my own pocket in the hopes of educating idiot Americans. I want to educate them to the point of finally voting with their heads, and not their wimpy, fragile, snowflake, ignorant emotions. Laws are written using logic, not emotion!

In fact, I’ll Prove to you Right Now How Bias Google is.

The title of this page is, Google and Amazon can Go to Hell. Copy and paste the title into and The results put this very article you’re reading at the top of the list, both times! Now try it using Google. Yup, nowhere to be found. Bastards!

What now?

I will persevere. This site will remain, but the ads will change. Honestly, it costs me about $800 per year to keep this site afloat. As always, there will never be any pop-up or pop-under ads. Each page will have two or three ads at most and not be intrusive…I hate them too. Please support this site by supporting the advertisers. I’m in the process of trying to get Walmart onboard, so hopefully that will help.

Thank you and God bless.

Steve Cannon:

P.S. I chose an advertiser (click ad above, please) for gold and silver because I truly believe that the stock market is about to crash. Gold and silver typically skyrocket in a stock market crash. Personally, I own 400oz. of silver and 7oz. of gold, all tucked away in my safe at home with my guns. In the last week, gold and silver have been surging in price. If nothing else, you will never lose money with either of them. (In 1950, an ounce of gold could buy a great suit, and the same is true today. In 1950, $50 could buy you a great suit. Can you say that today? Think about it.)

Invest wisely. My gold and silver are real, tangible assets, and in my safe. Cash is literally paper. Paper is worthless. Stocks, bonds, and bitcoins are just computer-generated numbers given value by people who believe that value is real. Precious metals and real estate are tangible possessions that have real value.

BTW, check out the anti-liberal gear I created! This will help support this site!

P.P.S. I’m buying a house in the next two months. Having property is valuable.

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