Get Off My Lawn! Damned Kids.

Written by Steve Cannon for

I’m turning into that guy. I’ll be 49 soon and am now beginning to realize that I am quickly becoming the cranky old guy who hates everyone. I don’t mind that really.

Why did I turn out this way? Following is one of a thousand examples I cite as the cause for my inner curmudgeon.

I’m really a simple man. In fact, I’m so simple that I go to the same place for lunch and order the same meal the same way every day. How many times do you think I get what I ask for the first time? Here’s the dialogue I had with the cashier again whilst ordering my meal:

– Cashier: Welcome to Blah Blah. Can I take your order?
– Me: I’ll have a full Chicken Salad with croutons instead of bread and three blue cheese dressings, to stay.
Cashier: Do you want the full or the half? (Really?)
Me: Full.
Cashier: What kind of bread…oh, croutons. Is that to stay or to go? (Again, really?)
Me: Stay.

Ten minutes later I get my salad with two dressings, in a to-go bag. (REALLY?)

My point of this little story is that the younger generation does not listen, let alone read! I cannot tell you how many times Millennials do not listen and just do things by rote. Thinking, it seems, was never taught to them.

I’m not the only one to complain about this. Mike Rowe was recently on Fox News bemoaning the fact that today’s kids lack, “soft skills.” Soft skills are those skills that allow you to get and keep a job in the first place, like interviewing properly, for example. (Don’t get me started on spelling and grammar.)

Sorry, but I had to take this minute to vent. Bitching to the person at the time of every incident of stupidity would likely get me arrested countless times.

I wonder if Mike and I are the only two people in the world who feel like this?

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