Escape from Afghanistan!

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By L.C. Vincent.

Did you hear the news? After only 20 years, we finally escaped from Afghanistan. We escaped after spending over ONE TRILLION DOLLARS in that “war” effort. Those are the direct costs. Of course, those expenses do not cover the supplemental costs such as continuing care of our veterans at VA hospitals, or payments, reparations and bribes to various factions of the current rag-tag Afghan government we installed in the vain and futile hope that we might somehow be spared the indignity we just witnessed.

Our departure from the wasteland of Afghanistan was only slightly more orderly than watching the last helicopter leaving Viet Nam from the roof of the American embassy while that God-forsaken embassy staff watched in disbelief as their American friends left them to the tender mercies of the Viet Cong.

No, our recent departure from Afghanistan was not quite as dramatic as leaving Viet Nam. Because now we have a true “Commander in Thief” by the name of Joe Biden, who simply announced a departure date, provided no timetable or possibility of an orderly withdrawal, and left not only the major installations (like Bagram air field) for our enemies, but also left them our tanks, trucks, weapons systems, firearms, rifles, bombs and ammunition.

The warring factions and Taliban we were supposedly fighting for the “hearts and minds” of the people of that country now posses all of our military goods that we left on the field to adhere to Biden’s arbitrary order. Within two days of American withdrawal, Afghan military forces laid down their weapons and joined the “enemy” they were supposedly fighting.

Now that America has turned tail and left — about 20 years too late — it would behoove us to see if we can fathom exactly what we gained by invading Afghanistan, under the pretext that we had to find and punish “Osama bin Laden” (CIA trade name, Tim Osman) for his supposed leadership role in the atrocity of 9/11.

The only problem, of course, as all intelligence agencies around the world know only too well, is that “Osama bin Laden” died of kidney failure in a hospital room in December of 2001, after being visited by a hack from the CIA. This explain why after 2001, we endured a string of impersonators claiming to be “Osama bin Laden” who mysteriously decided to change issuing of threats from video to audio.

Benazir Bhutto, Pakistan’s Prime Minister, you may remember, was also assassinated inn 2007 by “Al Qaeda” (another CIA creation), precisely because she repeatedly went public with the truth; that Osama bin Laden died in December of 2001. That did not sit well with The Agency, which dispatched their A-rab hit squad to silence her permanently, as Americans had to be kept paranoid and terrorized by a non-existent boogeyman so that the war profiteers operating in Afghanistan could remain fat and happy.

But if the real Osama bin Laden was dead, then what was the point of invading Afghanistan, you ask? Reasonable question. As it turns out, Afghanistan, like the island of Haiti, is extremely rich in rare earth precious metals, as well as mineral deposits that are extremely valuable in the manufacturing processes of high tech electronics. Having our troops on the ground allowed American businessmen access to rock bottom prices which they could leverage to enjoy very substantial profits.

Further, building Bagram air field, an embassy compound, out buildings, and supplying troops with aircraft, tanks, ammunition, armor, mortars, firearms, cannon, vehicles, food, clothing, etc., etc., allowed certain manufacturers (like Halliburton) to enjoy profits for decades on the military/public “gravy train” thanks to Dick Cheney, or Dr. Evil as he is known to those unlucky enough to know him personally.

While serving as George Bush’s puppet master, pulling his strings and making decisions out of the spotlight of inquiry and publicity, Cheney was able to create the perfect environment (by orchestrating the atrocity of 9/11) for his cohorts back at Halliburton to directly benefit from our fools errand of chasing our own tail.

But there was still another factor in our interminable quagmire known as Afghanistan. And that was direct access for The Agency to Afghanistan’s poppy fields — the same poppy fields that produce the majority of heroin for surreptitious sale around the world to dealers like the Bloods and Crips in America, as Gary Webb revealed in his 3 part series printed in the San Jose’ Mercury before he decided to commit suicide by shooting himself in the head — twice — just to make sure…

With boots on the ground and the Afghanistan poppy fields guarded by U.S. Marines, “The Agency” was able to cut out layers of middle men and have a guaranteed flow of opium for their networks that stretch around our globe to fund their black book projects that never see the light of day in Congress. So “we” benefited by lower heroin prices which, at the same time, allowed higher profit margins for The Agency.

After Seal Team Six killed the imposter who was acting as Osama bin Laden’s double in Abbottabad, Pakistan, (which is why his body was buried at sea), we lost a major reason — or more correctly excuse — to maintain our presence in Afghanistan, so we created more “insurgents” via Al Qaeda and the Taliban (with the help of The Agency) to continue to justify our presence.

Of course, Donald Trump realized both the stupidity and futility of our presence in Afghanistan, and he repeatedly tried to extricate the U.S. from that pit of American blood and money; but the generals would not have any of it, nor would The Agency, until they installed the traitor currently in The White House so he could take credit for doing “something” — even though the way he did it was half-assed, as usual. Furthermore, we still secretly have a contingent of 600 military personnel left to stay behind as a residual sacrifice force, akin to those brave souls who uselessly defended our embassy in Benghazi.

But there was yet another price paid for our transgression into Afghanistan, one that was paid dearly by our brave service men and women who either made the ultimate sacrifice, or lost eyes, and/or limbs for a cause that was lost before it began. The pain, hurt, heartache and anguish that was spread throughout America — 2,372 men and women, along with 20,320 wounded — is a pain that afflicts them and their friends and family for the rest of their lives. But at least Big Business and The Agency got their cut, so you see, it wasn’t totally for nothing… And that’s not to mention the thousands of Afghan men, women and children who were maimed or died as “collateral damage” for yet another American mis-adventure.

Pardon my cynicism, but the idea that even one person would die or become dis-membered for this pointless exercise in profits, propaganda and deception is utterly disgusting and abhorrent to me. However, the same people with the same mentality are still running our country and looking for their next excuse — or opportunity — to profit from yet another pointless war.

If you ask 20 service men or women, or 20 generals, what we gained by being in Afghanistan for 20 years, you will get 20 different answers. Ask 20 Americans and 19 probably did not know we were even there! We are facing a sad state of affairs in this country when the average man or woman is so disconnected from our foreign policy that they know essentially nothing, especially when that policy will predictably come back to haunt them in terms of economic insecurity and the erosion of public confidence in our government, our military and our national purpose.

Which reminds me… can you tell me what our “national purpose” actually is nowadays? Is it to fight “racism” and non-existent “White Supremacy?” Is it to fight each other due to the hostility created by “Critical Race Theory?” Is it to help Antifa and BLM burn down more businesses and buildings to bolster their demand for slavery reparations they never personally endured?

Or is our “national purpose” to buckle under the continuing edicts from an increasingly corporate/governmental fascist state that wants us to be spies and stool pigeons on our neighbors who might happen to express the “vice” of patriotism; or who have the temerity to remain un-vaxxed and refuse to take an experimental serum whose horrific trail of destruction has been purposely hidden by a compliant, lap-dog media?

I think at this time that we have only one National Purpose: to see that scum who created these atrocities are permanently removed from the levers of power in America, and to restore free and fair elections with a non-“woke” Fourth Estate that will once again play their Constitutional role as guardians of our freedoms and liberties rather than servile sycophants to the favorite party of the Communist Chinese government.

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