Eliminate “Gun Violence” — Outlaw Democrat Firearms Ownership!

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By Conrad Rook.

Here is a modest proposal to eliminate the vast majority of “gun violence” — or more accurately — violence committed with firearms throughout America: outlaw Democrat gun ownership!

The idea is simplicity itself: since the vast majority of “gun crimes” (crimes committed with a firearm) are statistically committed by inner-city Democrat voters, and since Democrat legislators loathe firearms and firearms ownership, then why not combine these two realities and make it illegal for Democrats to own or possess firearms or ammunition?

If this suggestion gained traction and we apply the same secret police state and Gestapo methods that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris wish to impose en masse on American firearms owners (no knock raids, felony threats, firearms bans, firearms confiscation, red flag laws, and “buy backs” under threat of jail time) then why not simply apply these sterling principles of jurisprudence to those geographic areas and those residents of our country where we already know the vast majority of such crimes are concentrated — the inner cities of America’s Democrat controlled fiefdoms?

Preliminary estimates have found that by doing so, we could eliminate more than 90% of such “gun crimes” almost overnight — as long as we can also motivate our police, FBI, ATF and other agencies to go after the Crips, Bloods and MS-13 gang bangers who terrorize honest citizens with illegally purchased or stolen weapons.

This last aspect of my proposal may, unfortunately, be the hardest to implement. While going house-to-house to confiscate firearms from all registered Democrat voters would seem to be a simple task, and high-rise accommodations throughout America would simplify this task even further, it is a foregone conclusion that the FBI and ATF would prefer to concentrate their confiscatory “techniques” on less reticent and far more compliant citizens who would not even think of resisting or fighting against our noble representatives of law enforcement in any way.

Nevertheless, the beauty of this proposal is that it does not single out any race, sex, or ethnic group specifically, but like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have made it clear, their “enemy” is anyone who had the temerity to support Donald Trump or vote for Republicans during the last presidential election. By going after Democrat voters living in Democrat controlled cities and housing projects, based on empirical statistical evidence, Biden can prove his non-partisanship (or at least throw a fish to the waiting seals of the mass media) by his willingness to make a bold move to prevent further escalation of “gun crimes” throughout America.

Since “Drive By” shootings are not the preferred method of execution by the infinitesimal number of White Supremacists who supposedly infest the American landscape, such a policy aimed solely at Democrat voters would not only stop individual one-on-one criminal encounters, but would also help preserve the life of innocent bystanders who often suffer at the hands of rabid Democrats proving their manhood or seeking street gang “creds.”

Besides, Democrats, by and large, are totally opposed to civilian firearms ownership and “weapons of war.” They constantly complain that our streets are awash with these weapons. So let’s be helpful, do our civic duty, and encourage our fellow Democrat citizens do some street sweeping and turn over their weapons of mass destruction, as they have so often been labelled by Democrat legislators, and help them surrender these tools of murder and mayhem to their local police departments before Biden’s home invaders can get to their apartments and subsidized housing.

As for the remaining Republicans who prefer to keep, own and posses their firearms, statistics prove that the vast majority of them are members of responsible firearms organization which constantly promote safety. Their participation in such events as mass shootings, drive-by shootings and simple one-on-one encounters are nearly non-existent, with the noted exception being the well over one million incidents per year when their firearms are used for the prevention of crime, a static that the mass media, for whatever reason, continually chooses to ignore.

If you have enjoyed my modest proposal and the truth of my suggestion strikes a chord of agreement within you, please contact your local Democrat and Republican legislators. Suggest they follow through on this modest proposal and start drafting legislation to this effect as soon as possible.

In the meantime, please be careful of any encounters with Democrat voters you may run into on the street; they have very little self-control, equate firearms ownership with penis length, and are known to have a propensity to flash their weapons upon the slightest perceived provocation.

Conrad Rook
Copyright 2021, Conrad Rook, all rights reserved.

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