Undecided Voter? Trump vs. Biden: Tale of the Tape.

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Written by Steve Cannon for USSA News.

For the few undecided and first-time voters who are readying themselves for the 2020 election, we’ve compiled a simple table comparing the two candidates to help you decide who you should vote for.

Granted, this is not a complete list of either candidate’s accomplishments, but the table does highlight major moments in each candidate’s career.


Candidate Trump Biden
Age (Physical) 74 77
Age (Mental) 35 4
Hair Golden comb-over Plugs
Marriage Married to a model who is a legal immigrant that speaks seven languages. Married to Jill, a teacher.
Speaking ability Engages crowds in record numbers with his charisma and honest approach. Uses teleprompters to answer basic questions. Often forgets where and who he is. Offends people on a regular basis.
Nicknames – President
– The Donald
– Creepy Joe
– Sleepy Joe
– Gropey Joe
– Lunchbox Joe
– Middle-Class Joe
– Hidin’ Biden
– Plugs
Women in his life Hired daughter, Ivanka, as an aide while in the White House. Gropes random women and young girls inappropriately and sniffs their hair from time to time.
Income Earned billions of dollars from his hotel and casino empire over an illustrious career, despite high tax rates. Donates his presidential salary to charity. Made millions of dollars through questionable “political” deals.
Fidelity to the Issues Stands firm. Changes based on what his handlers think will get him elected
Time in Politics 4 years 47 years
Political accomplishments – Ended overseas wars
– Brought troops home
– Lowered taxes
– Moved US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem
– Appointed 3 Constitutional justices to the Supreme Court
– Appointed over 300 conservative federal court judges
– Did not enter the Paris Climate Accord
– Lowered prescription drug prices
– Built a border wall
– Lowest unemployment rate ever
– Canceled Obamacare individual mandate
– Signed the VA First Act and VA Choice Act
– Increased Funding to black universities
– Killed the leader of ISIS
– Ended DACA
– Ended NAFTA
– Created USMCA
– Created Space Force
– Best economy of all time
– Peace with North Korea
– Called out the media for their bias
– Fighting to end the Deep State and Drain the Swamp
Private sector accomplishments – Built the Trump Hotel and Casino empire with locations around the globe.
– Created his own charity
– Created and starred in his own successful TV series, The Apprentice.
– Had his own airline
– Had his own brand of Vodka
– Had a Trump line of neckties
– Wrote many best-selling books
Name appears as an author.
Vice Presidential Candidate Mike Pence:
– Current Vice President
– Religious man
– Constitutional
– Former governor
Kamala Harris:
– First to drop out of 2020 presidential race before a single primary vote was cast
– Former Prosecutor with a record for releasing criminals
– Senator who supports BLM and ANTIFA
– Slept with married mayor, Willie Brown, to move up the political ladder
– Supports Green New Deal
– Wants to raise taxes



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