Don’t want to get The Vaccine? Just use “Woke Logic” Against Them!

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By L.C. Vincent.

I must admit that for a long time I’ve felt uncomfortable in my own skin, especially recently. Something just was not right. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it initially… just a vague feeling that something was missing; that I was not able to objectively identify.

My confusion became even more intense when I observed that those around me were all enjoying the freedom and benefits of being vaccinated. You know, like still having to wear face masks and continue the social masquerade, providing a perfect, moist breeding ground for bacteria and germs, while offering the illusion of protection along with a nod and genuflection to social conformity and government compliance.

I recognized my responsibility to protect my fellow citizens from my status as a healthy, un-vaccinated member of the community by “masking up” for no valid scientific reason. Further, I even considered going so far as to get fully vaccinated and get temporarily protected from COVID-19 by submitting to The Jab… but at the same time the dozens of reports I was able to digest from various corners of the Internet — reports from reputable doctors who had not yet been censored by their hospitals, Google, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram — had called the “official” information and statistics into question, even daring to blatantly contradict them with real statistical information! I was at the cross roads, contemplating The Gordian Knot, a real conundrum. What do do?

Then a flash of inspiration struck me, leaving me feeling so gobsmacked that I almost lost my balance. Aha! A Eureka moment! If “The Woke” could truthfully declare that a biological man could actually become a woman by the simple expedient of a verbal declaration, even forcing government agencies to go so far as to change his sex from male to female on government documents by simply making a statement and sticking to it for a few minutes (until he changed his mind), then why couldn’t I declare that I would hereby “self-identify” as TRANS-VAXXED? Why couldn’t I “self-identify” as a fully vaccinated human being simply thru the process of public declaration?

Inspired, I began to explore this new world of possibilities. I was acutely aware of the terrible prejudice, oppression and victimhood that non-vaxxed people were enduring, including the threat of losing their jobs if they didn’t submit to Biden’s needle — you know, the vaccine edict he had promised he would never make mandatory in any way when he was “running” for the presidency from his basement. Still, deep inside, I knew I had found The Key to my dilemma. I would declare myself to be a Trans-Vaxxed Person. I would now forever self-identify as a fully COVID-19 compliant vaccinated person thru the simple expediency of self-identification!

So far so good. But then I began wondering if I had really gone far enough. What if someone from the “woke” community, despite agreeing that men or women could change their sex with a snap of their mental fingers, might still somehow question my sincerity? Once again, it struck me like the proverbial bolt of lightning. I would bolster my “woke” credentials by also changing my sex, by declaring my new self-identity as a Trans-Vaxxed Female!

Ahh… now I was feeling much better. Yes, I’m really a Trans-Vaxxed female! That would do the trick! Well, that feeling of comfort and security lasted for a good hour while I contemplated my new wardrobe and ogled some sexy Prada high heel shoes. But then the old doubts began to creep back in… slowly at first, admittedly, but still nevertheless, they were there and they had to be dealt with.

Was there another way to bolster and shore up my new Trans-Vaxxed Female Identity? I thought long and hard, and yet again, a flash of inspiration. Why was I holding back? Let’s take this up a notch to a whole new level. Like Rachel Dolezal, I would identify as a Black Woman of Color, a Trans-Vaxxed Black Woman of Color! Who would DARE question my sincerity now, my new “woke” credentials, as I adopted the victimhood of a female Black woman ruthlessly oppressed by the racist, systemic, intersectional White Power Structure?

I wondered aloud if my new self-identity would be strong enough to move forth into the outer world of Liberal Progressive Politics, a world that was now controlled by all elements of government, the military, the press, social media, radio, television, film, advertising, academia and public relations? Yes, it felt good; it felt “REAL.” No one could possibly question my sincerity now… could they?

I’m sure, as a “woke” observer of “hu-personhood,” you know there was one box I had yet to tick. I knew, to my core, that I had always been this way, so I might as well just come out and say it — with PRIDE! I just had to admit it, and come all the way out of the closet. I must also reveal my true identity as a Lesbian; a Trans-Vaxxed, Black, Lesbian Female! I had made it across the Rainbow Bridge and now could proudly stand at the summit, the apex, and wave my new flag of self identity, and dare anyone from the straight, White, Capitalist, Christian, male, oppressive Patriarchy to tell me otherwise!

I knew the Federal Government would be completely on my side. After all, they lived in a similar fantasy world — they had “secured” the U.S. border by simply declaring that it was secure and not wide open; and they had also declared that the U.S.withdrawal from Afghanistan had been a complete success! Inflation was not a problem and was totally under control, the greatest external threat to America was not from China or Russia but from Climate Change; and White Supremacy and Donald Trump supporters were still a smoldering internal threat to the new power structure, a movement that must be crushed thru continued treason by admitting illegal aliens and grooming them as Democrat voters to replace the minority voters that had abandoned the Democrats and moved off the plantation when they voted for Trump, freedom, and prosperity.

I smiled and finally relaxed now as the enormity of the decision I had made penetrated my consciousness. I had arrived. I was FULLY WOKE! I was protected from all contrary opinions, all different thought, and all the unConstitutional government edicts and mandates by simply employing WOKE LOGIC!

I entered my safe space, and gathered my crayons, along with a sippy cup of warm milk, cookies, stuffed animals, and finger paints. Just for fun, I put a condom on a cucumber while I tuned to CNN so I could watch Joe Biden looking like a sleepy lunatic as he wore his face diaper while greeting the world’s press at the United Nations. I hate to admit it, but found myself actually looking forward to the Dark Winter that China Joe had promised us was on the way when The Coup that installed him as their Sock Puppet planted him in The Oval Office.

As I watched the news, I wondered how many Americans were left in Afghanistan, and I wondered, just like Biden, why they had decided to stay in Afghanistan with the terrorists rather than evacuate with everyone else….

“Reality”… what a concept!

Copyright 2021.
LCVincent, All Rights Reserved.

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