senate democrats block uyghur forced labor bill | senate democrats block uyghur forced labor bill | nbsp

Written by Steve Cannon for USSA News.

Every single day I hear countless Democrats scream, “Racism,” yet they cannot point to it. I’m sick of it! All they do is accuse conservatives of what they’re guilty of, Racism. Psychologists call this, Projection. Democrats intentionally lie and call any incident involving a black person, racism, because it suits their need to divide this country into us against them, whites against blacks, liberals versus conservatives. Enough of your lies you Godless commies!

I have been on this planet 52 years and lived in virtually every major city and driven across the country countless times. I have yet to see a KKK rally, a “White Lives Matter” march, cameras focused on police “hunting down blacks,” or even another white person directly call a black person a disparaging name.

What I have seen is black kids getting admitted into colleges for not only their grades, but their skin color as well. I have seen blacks and whites falling in love and getting married. I have seen a black president, a black Supreme Court Justice, black Congressmen, black Senators, black CEOs, black millionaires, and so on.

This lie that their is, “systemic racism” in our country is disgusting! It’s just not true. What is true is that police have killed black men for one of two reasons: They were either defending themselves from the criminal who was attacking, or, very rarely, made a mistake. There is no intent by any police officer to intentionally kill another human being, regardless of their skin color. And yes, more blacks get shot because more blacks commit crimes and attack the police. More blacks commit crimes because more black children didn’t have a father growing up. More black children didn’t have a father growing up because LBJ (a real racist and Democrat) created welfare and encouraged black women to raise kids on their own because the welfare system and government would be their kids’ new father.

Did you know that not one Republican in the entire United States owned a slave a full year before the Civil War? Democrats sure did.

My point is simple. Look around you in your own neighborhood or city. Do you see white people berating or lynching black people for no reason other than the color of their skin? Do you not see black and white people getting married? Use your eyes and your head. Democrats are lying to you so they can get more power, that’s all.

It’s sad when anyone dies, but if you act like an idiot, bad things will happen. If you rob a store and then attack police, you will get shot, regardless of your skin color. I will leave you with this one final thought…I was never a racist. I grew up in NYC and it’s impossible to be one even if you wanted to in a city of 8 million people of every ethnicity imaginable. But the way these liberals are treating conservatives…it makes me want to take sides…not against another race, but against all liberals, regardless of color, especially those that promote these lies. Be strong and fight back!

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