Democrats “Insurrection” Fantasy Narrative Evaporates with Video

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By L.C. Vincent.

By now, you’ve heard the constant drum beat of the lying talking heads of corporate media, goaded by Biden and his sycophants, regarding the “atrocity” of the “Insurrection” that occurred in our Nation’s capital on January 6th, fomented by crazed Trump supporters hell bent on overthrowing our duly elected representative government. You may have even heard that traitorous piece of scum and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, “Silly” Mark Milley, who declared that he was incensed by the outrageous White Supremacist Trump supporters who invaded the Capital building by breaking a glass entry door and rushing to “…overthrow our government.”

As the media pundits joined the liars of the Democrat establishment, backed by a completely corrupt “Just Us” Department and a treasonous and subversive FBI, we have been told that the forced entry by Trump supporters on January 6th was worse than Pearl Harbor, worse than 9/11, and worse than anything that has ever befallen our country with the possible exception of the Civil War.

The Left’s ludicrous hyperbole knows no limits, and once again, the Marxists surrounding Biden have been given marching orders to resurrect the boogy-man of January 6th to cover Biden’s treasonous acts in Afghanistan, including leaving hundreds of American citizens behind in a terrorist occupied Islamic caliphate, then trotting Biden to the United Nations general assembly and publicly “turning the page” on Afghanistan, and in the process turning his back on the Americans he has stranded and probably condemned to DEATH who remain in that country.

To continue this cover-up and distraction, the U.S. “Just Us” Department recently fought tooth and nail to prevent the airing of a small portion of video recording during the “assault” on the Capitol by Trump supporters. The DOJ claimed that releasing the video would provide terrorists with a “road map” of the interior of the building, which is imbecilic considering it is a public building open to anyone. No, the real reason the DOJ/FBI/Intelligence axis petitioned the courts to block release of a few hours from the 14,000 hours recorded on that day became obvious when we saw what was actually on the videotape.

What we first see are 13 black clad, black face-masked “Ninjas” smashing the glass of the Capitol building and breaking thru the door, then spread around the rotunda. These 13 “Ninjas” wearing black from head to foot including face masks are obviously NOT Trump supporters! They are a coordinated group of people with a common goal. They are obviously working in unison!

They VIOLENTLY enter the building, one after the other, and then slowly, walking behind them tentatively and hesitantly, we see the real Trump supporters, holding American flags on staffs, slowly strolling around the capital and taking selfies as if they were in an art gallery. They even stay within the velvet clad ropes away from statuary and historic artifacts, in awe of the historic solemnity of the place, unlike the Ninjas who broke thru the front door.

But who were the Ninjas? It is no surprise that the FBI has remained absolutely mum regarding the number of agents they had in that crowd of Trump supporters that day, but we know that there were at least 20 people the FBI did not arrest, for some peculiar “reason.” Going by past historical evidence and events, it would not be a stretch in any way to hypothesize that the 13 Ninjas were either FBI agents, or BLM/Antifa goons hired by the FBI to gin up chaos, mayhem and destruction — all the better to whip up a totally fabricated scenario that was as pre-ordained as the FBI’s corrupt “plot” to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Witmer while blaming “White Nationalist” Trump supporters for that fiasco.

Of course, since that day we have learned a great deal about the lying hypocrisy of the Capitol Police, our nation’s new candidates for a genuine American Gestapo. These crybabies testified on Capitol Hill about how badly they were abused, then tried to blame the brain stroke death of officer Brian Sicknick on Trump supporters by fabricating out of whole cloth the lie that he was killed when a Trump protestor struck him in the head and savagely beat him with a fire extinguisher. Since that time we have learned that the Capitol police not only antagonized the crowd of Trump supporters outside the Capitol; they also attacked them with a very potent toxic gas, not “tear gas,” in a tunnel underneath sidewalks leading to the Capitol.

This toxic gas was so powerful that it resulted in people collapsing inside the tunnel and stacking up on top of each other like cordwood. One of those people at the bottom of the pile was a young woman by the name of Roseanne Boyland. This uncalled for police attack caused her death in that tunnel where she had been gassed, along with many others, by the Capitol Hill Police gang.

This murder by the Capitol Police is in addition to the murder of Ashli Babbitt, who was killed by a Black plain clothes Capitol Police officer inside the Capitol building for no apparent reason, as she was a threat to no one. Michael Byrd, the plain clothes Capitol police man who shot and killed Ashli Babbitt, has been privately cleared and acquitted of all charges. I wonder if the same acquittal process would have been accepted so nonchalantly by the media had Mike Boyd been White and Ashli Babbitt been Black?

It is obvious why the “JustUs” Department tried so “valiantly” to suppress the release of these Capitol videos, just as they continue to ludicrously claim “national security” for keeping the lid on the remainder of the 14,000 hours of video shot inside the Capitol that day. The videos prove the lie of the “violent insurrection” fantasy fanned by the Marxist Democrats and their allies in the mainstream media.

Seeing peaceful trump supporters taking selfies in front of statues and paintings while standing in awe in the historic presence of American icons stretching back over two centuries is hardly the stuff of legendary revolutionary violence surpassing Pearl Harbor and 9/11. And when was the last time you heard of any historic insurrection by crazed revolutionaries being attempted by a completely unarmed crowd?

Just as the absurd, tearful, rehearsed renditions of the Capitol Police testimony in front of Congress became the proper subject of internet mockery, so too will Trump supporters’ peaceful stroll at the pace of elderly grandmas and grandpas put the lie to the depraved, hypocritical, deceitful propaganda of the Biden administration’s Marxist Democrats regarding the violent “Insurrection” narrative of January 6th.

Never forget that those who strive to continually demonize these same patriots have arrested, and are illegally keeping, over 500 people in solitary confinement for simply being at the Capitol on January 6th to this very day! This is the real atrocity of January 6th — that the assurances of a fair and speedy trial as GUARANTEED in our “Bill of Rights” has again been violated by Chairman Biden and his Marxist toadies… just as they continue to violate all of our rights and their obligations under the Constitution of the United States!

Copyright 2021, LC Vincent, All Rights Reserved.

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