Dear President, All Republicans, All Democrats, All Dependents, All of America.

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By Freedom Heart.

Unity: The state or quality of being one or united into a whole.

Allow me to paint a picture. Think of our ancestors who came here from other countries. As they’re leaving port, they’re waving goodbye to those that stand on the ports watching the ships take off. As the boat floats towards the promise of a beautiful opportunity, our ancestors are looking at the stars and dreaming of freedom. They’re dreaming about owning their own properties. They’re dreaming about their future generations living free. They’re hopeful that a government will be promising and non-corrupt.

As our ancestors’ step foot on American soil, they’re hearts rejoice with gratitude and love. They made it to a country that is free, and full of opportunity. They’re hoping for their own property that will allow them to be self-sufficient. They dream of having families to pass their piece of property off onto. All they want to do is live their days out in peace. To be self-reliant. To be thankful!

Unity, a word our forefathers fought for. Unity, a word that has shaped our country for over two centuries. Unity, a word that has brought millions together. Now, the word unity is being abused. Unity isn’t simply a one-sided term. It is a term that should show how strong a nation is. Unity protects us against the threats of countries that pose a possible danger to our great country. Unity isn’t only what our forefathers fought for. Unity is something that our ancestors fought to preserve.

We are America. While we may not like what each side has to say, we are still THE PEOPLE who represent America. Tonight, I ask all of Congress to remember who you are. Remember where you came from. Remember to unite as one. Remember to uphold our constitution. Remember to love one another as God has requested. If we all pull together, we can overcome anything.

Tonight, let’s remember our ancestors and their hopes and dreams. Let’s keep our country great so that our future generations will always remember we loved them as our forefathers loved us. It takes a great heart to overcome hate & diversity. Tonight, let ALL Americans overcome hate and unite as one so we remain strong.

Forever A Person Who Loves America & God

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