DACA: The Humane and Fair Way to Handle Illegal Aliens

Written by Steve Cannon for USSANews.com.

Look, we all have that hard-nosed streak that tells us that anyone here illegally must be deported. I get it. “Get out and get to the back of the line!” And I agree with that sentiment, for the most part. But as a Christian, I do have compassion. We cannot simply turn our backs on everyone because a law was broken; however, a punishment must be enforced. So, how would I handle illegal immigrants?

Illegal adults? You’re out. Plain and simple. You should know better. You cut the line, now you’re gone. You should have started the legal process of immigrating here legally and not cheat.

Let’s say there’s a ten-year old boy that was brought into this country illegally with his adult family. What should happen?

I believe that the boy should be able to stay in the country legally (not as a citizen) because his situation was the result of his parent’s poor choices, not his own. (He can work toward becoming a citizen later if he so chooses). The parents, on the other hand, must leave. Again, they should know better.

The genius of this proposal is that the parents will have the option to either take their son with them when deported (problem solved) or; the parents will leave the boy in the US with legal friends or family members, hoping he will become a productive American citizen (problem solved).

If the boy decides to become a criminal before becoming a citizen, he too will get deported (problem solved). If the boy stays out of trouble and does in fact become a citizen, his family may be granted certain visitation privileges once properly vetted.

The point is this: We need laws and rules, but we cannot lose our compassion. Innocent children cannot be held responsible for the actions of their parents.

We should expedite the vetting and immigration process for those who go through the legal channels. We should allow immigrants that offer value to our society. We should keep out those who offer nothing or wish to do us harm.

It is the duty of every man, woman, and child, to seek out a better life for themselves, by any means necessary, legal or otherwise. It is the job of every civilized society to vet people coming into their society so the society can flourish and be protected from those who will denigrate that society. The battle will always rage, but educating people on both sides of the border while promoting Christian values can save everyone.

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