Cussing Christians

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By: Amie Wohrer.

I didn’t cuss for almost 20 years. No, I’m not kidding. I wanted to be a good example of what a woman should be for my daughters, and what kind of women my sons should seek out as well. I didn’t want any foul-mouthed, neo feminists for daughters-in-law. Another reason I kept a clean mouth was because I am a Christian and I feared other Christians’ judgement, but at the time I thought I was doing it because I feared God’s. I was wrong. I had confused the erratic, onerous, hiss of Legalism with the still, small voice of the Father. Then I joined Twitter. I kept it clean for about a year, which felt like holding my breath at times. Then I let loose. This wasn’t because I had run out of words or given into the flesh. No. It was because I had matured in my faith and realized that God wouldn’t judge me for sprinkling my language with F-bombs, people would.

I wasn’t insulting people or cursing at them. I wasn’t taking the Lord’s name in vain. I was retweeting and tweeting about proud abortionists, pornographers, and all other breed of brazen degenerate, and throwing a bad word in the mix. The example I was setting wasn’t going to affect another Christian’s “walk” with Christ or turn non-Christians off from the Faith. In fact, I think it’s more likely to produce the opposite outcome. Similar to Christian music artists who produce secular music as a means to draw that world in to the Christian one. And it seems a permissible act in the face of the evil coming out of the news machines and the people brainwashed by them, and Washington D.C., all of which are under direct influence of the enemy.

Christians have gotten a reputation in this new age of being weak pushovers. We’re too easily put in our place by reminders of bloodshed past, of our “Christian wars”. The unrighteous are very skilled in the art of righteous indignation. Oh the irony. Or not. After all, it’s what the prince of darkness does best. He accuses us. He charges us. He tells us we are the guilty ones. They use our Christianity as a weapon against us and like blind sheep who’ve forgotten their Shepherd’s voice, we let them. We forget that God is unchanging, and unchangeable, and the same unchanging God who knew His Beloved David’s heart, also knows ours.

I’m not suggesting that Christians completely unleash their verbal wrath on the world because that would be wrong. But the suggestion that “good Christians” allow those influenced by the enemy to deliver regular tongue lashings upon them with no recourse is wrong too. Be done with putting forth a lukewarm appearance. Come alive. Be emboldened and convicted once again by the power and awesomeness your second birth. Our dad saved the world. That’s pretty fucking cool.

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