Covid-19: Conservative vs. Liberal Perspectives.

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Written by Steve Cannon for USSA News.

Conservatives and Liberals react differently to different situations, and the coronavirus is no exception.

You can really tell a lot about who people when you stop and observe their reactions to adversity.

Think about your beliefs and then think about your reaction to the novel coronavirus. Did you panic? Did you listen to the government?

Did you ignore it and just go about life as nothing new was happening?

Let me share what I observed as Covid-19 came and went over the course of 2020.

In January of 2020, the coronavirus was new and not much was known.

My first instinct was to treat it as though it were the flu.

Didn’t want to get it but I’ll get over it if I did get it. I put my money where my mouth was too.

In 2020, I flew to NYC three times and stayed there for a month and a half, all the while ignoring the mask mandates.

I never got sick, nor did I know anyone who did get sick from it.

I didn’t think my attitude was unique, but I found it curious that New Yorkers had an entirely different perspective on the way the pandemic should be handled.

My family and I live in the country, far away from any big city, and everything else for that matter.

We are staunch conservatives and voted for Trump in both elections.

Our attitudes about how we live our lives is also conservative. Here’s what we believe:

  • God and Jesus Christ
  • Personal responsibility
  • Work hard
  • Don’t lie
  • Do the right thing

When the pandemic came around, we weren’t scared.

Our attitude was, “If we get it, we get it. And then we’ll get over it and move on.”

It got to the point where some of us we’re trying to get it just so we could get past all of the nonsensical restrictions.

The point is that we were informed, we were not afraid, we were willing to face this challenge head on, and we would take care of ourselves regardless of the outcome. And God had our backs.

The liberal attitude seemed much different. After watching the liberal media, listening to the liberal Deep State, and observing liberal New Yorkers in their natural habitat, I realized that there is a schism in the attitudes of the American people.

The liberal Deep State panicked the liberal media and, in turn, they panicked liberal Americans. For example:

  • Liberal New Yorkers were wearing masks constantly, even when alone outside or alone in their own cars. That’s like being in bed alone and wearing a condom.
  • Liberal New Yorkers were trying to shame me into wearing a mask.
  • Liberal New Yorkers relied on the government to tell them what to do and how to behave, and they listened.

Here’s what I learned from all of this – People who listen to “authority figures” without critically thinking for themselves are liberal sheep. No one panicked in 1968 when the Hong Kong flu was running amok. In 2020, you would have thought the world was coming to an end.

Liberals want to:

  • Be led around by the nose and to be taken care of. (This is what the liberal Deep State and liberal media advocated – We’ll tell you what to do and give you what we think you need.)
  • Hold no responsibility and blame others when convenient (Blame everyone else for an invisible virus.)
  • Get free stuff.
  • Avoid critical thinking. (It’s easy to just go along to get along.)

Conservatives want to:

  • Be informed and make their own decisions.
  • Know what’s best for themselves and act accordingly.
  • Get creative and work harder when it comes to earning money for themselves.
  • Accept reality.

Look around. It’s easy to spot the liberals during this pandemic. The liberal companies are the ones that impose “social distancing” rules and “mask mandates” in their stores. They create commercials advocating these rules. They put up plexiglass for their cashiers, even though the same cashiers touch every item that you just bought. (Reminds me of liberal Austin, Tx. They created a rule that they will no longer have plastic bags for your groceries to help the environment, ignoring the fact that every single item sold in the store is packaged in plastic.)

Liberal people in general can be seen wearing masks when there’s no need, washing their hands constantly, and telling you what to do before freaking out. Amazing.

So, do you prefer to be told what to do or to be free to make your own decisions? That’s the question.

Do you want to be free or enslaved. Are you a conservative or a liberal? Think about how you and your friends reacted during this pandemic. Did they do what they were told, or did they resist? Hopefully, this will shed some light on the attitudes of people you know. Perhaps now would be a good time to enlighten and educate a few of your liberal friends. Just a thought.

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