Coronavirus Derangement Syndrome Explained. Why the World is Falling Apart.

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Written by Steve Cannon for USSA News.

When my back was hurting, I naturally went to my doctor. He gave me a steroid injection to help with the pain. It didn’t work. Next, I went to my chiropractor. He was sure he could help me with a few adjustments. His attempts amounted to nothing. A co-worker recommended a Physical Therapist. The therapist seemed certain that he knew what my problem was and how to fix it. He didn’t. A psychiatrist said the pain was all in my head and that a little psychotherapy was all I needed to rid myself of the pain. It didn’t work. Ultimately, I needed surgery to fix the problem and get rid of the back pain, (because the surgeon’s solution was surgery) but my point is this; when you’re a hammer, the whole world is a nail.

Look at the Coronavirus pandemic. Everyone has a “solution” specific to their niche in the world.

Doctors say isolating everyone from each other will stop the spread of the Coronavirus. The lawmakers say we need more laws to control the population so the virus won’t spread. The governors in control of states feel the need to lockdown the states so they can have more control over the people. The police think fining and arresting people will do the job, because that’s what they do. Celebrities think doing something famous will be the answer. (Singing, Imagine, does nothing for anyone except hurt our ears while giving us the douche chills.) Socialist politicians (Ilhan Omar @IlhanMN) think that government-controlled hospitals will do the trick. Budget-creating congress thinks throwing money at the problem is the answer. You see where I’m going?

These people have only thought about the problem in their wheelhouse, not about the entire problem. The entire problem consists of smaller problems which they are not qualified to speak on, let alone act upon.

For example, when doctors say we need to isolate ourselves to stop the spread of the virus, okay, that works for that problem. But that’s where the doctors’ expertise ends. Now everyone’s isolated, no one’s working, and the economy is dead in the water. The doctors’ solution, if accepted as the only solution, just created a hundred other problems, including destroying our nation.

Let’s take the governors’ solution; lock everyone in their homes. This might slow the spread of the virus and possibly save lives, but now more problems are created. Problems like; people losing their freedom, extraordinarily high unemployment, people with no money to buy food, people losing their health coverage and possibly dying because of this, and so on.

Everyone’s ego has gotten so big that they’re in the way of trying to find an actual solution to the entire problem. Here’s the problem that needs to be addressed: How do we save the lives of as many people as possible without destroying our economy, losing our freedoms, and continuing on as normal?

If everyone were to step back and think about a real solution for a moment, the pandemic would have been solved early on. Think about it.

Does taking away everyone’s freedom and locking them up in their homes kill the virus? Obviously not. Why couldn’t an informed public just make decisions for themselves? The reality is that a small portion of the population will die from this virus. There’s no getting around that. In fact, 100% of the population will die at some point in their lives. Balance of the problems and solutions are needed.

Those most at risk (the elderly and those with other health problems) could choose to self-quarantine or work from home (if possible) rather than have the government mandate it (illegally) and then use the police to enforce it (illegally). That’s what my family is doing. We’re isolating ourselves out of a sense of responsibility, fear of being sick, and spreading the virus to our loved ones.

This is not the Zombie Apocalypse. Completely destroying the economy and putting millions of people out of work is not the solution either. By destroying the economy, some number of people will be saved from death from the virus, but others will die from a raft of other factors, like hunger, crime, poverty, and so on. The balance that’s needed is to not make the cure worse than the disease.

Stopping to think about all of the problems and how they interact with one another would have been prudent. A balance of living with certain problems and certain solutions could have been achieved, but no. Somehow the government thinks it’s in charge of the people who put them into power and will do whatever it wants out of fear of not being re-elected. Emotional, panic-stricken, knee-jerk reactions never work.

To politicians, the problem is political and the solution is to be re-elected. Just a single death and the opposing party will decry that, “Joe Politician didn’t act fast enough and people died!” And if Joe Politician acts too quickly, the opposing party will scream, “He destroyed our economy and not a single person died!” It’s a lose-lose situation for any politician and all american citizens.

All of these “experts” have ideas on what to do to “protect” us during this pandemic. I’m sure they’re good in their specific fields, but I have not seen one expert in the pandemic field. Is there such a person?

How about everyone just leave us alone and let us think for ourselves. Most people know what’s best for themselves. It’s an instinct to survive. We were born with it. We can figure out that avoiding people and washing our hands will lessen the risk of catching this virus.

The few that don’t know what’s best for themselves; well, they’ll get a Darwin Award. What can I say? (Not all of the baby turtles make it off of the beach.)

Sweden’s treating Covid-19 like it’s the flu and so far their infection and death rate is “normal,” meaning there are no spikes in the death rate. In the middle of all of this, Sweden has managed to remain fairly safe, keep their freedoms, and not go broke while doing it. The answer to the question of, “How do we solve this virus problem?” Leave us alone!

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