Climate Change is a Hoax!

Written by Steve Cannon for

Anyone who’s middle-aged or older will remember a time back in the Seventies when “Global Cooling” was all the rage. In the Eighties and Nineties, the term transformed into, “Global Warming.” When neither prediction came true, the term was finalized with the omnipotent, “Climate Change.” Really?

For those without common sense, Climate Change is really called, “Weather.” I digress.

Think about the lies you’ve been told. Really think about them. For example, “The ice caps will melt and the seas will rise, flooding the streets of major cities.” Again, really? Anyone ever melt a few ice cubes in a glass of water? Try it. Do just that. Fill a glass of water and toss in a few ice cubes and then mark the waterline. Wait until the ice completely melts and then check the waterline. Has the water risen above the line? Spoiler Alert! No. Ice displaces the exact same volume as water (melted or not) because ice is…wait for it…water! Any ice currently melting in the seas will never raise the seas, ever! It’s physically impossible.

Man-Made Global Warming

If I were to light a candle in an airplane hangar, the temperature of said hangar would rise by about 1/100,000th of a degree. So what? No real emergency here. The point is, man’s effect on the entire planet’s climate is roughly the same, microscopic. (Just think about the arrogance man must have to believe he can actually affect weather on a global scale. One hiccup from the sun and we’d be fried or frozen.)

Think about this. The ash spewed into the atmosphere from a single volcanic eruption is more devastating to the climate than 100 years of “man-made climate change.” While a volcanic eruption may be considered dangerous for people, it is also perfectly natural. Why is no one looking for a way to prevent volcano eruptions to, “save the planet”? (As if the planet is going anywhere or could and would use our help.) These arguments liberals toss around are tantamount to fleas trying to save the dog.

If you think Climate Change is real, then ask your favorite scientist (and yourself) this one simple question: “What is the temperature of the earth supposed to be?” Simple question, yet impossible to answer. In the words of a famous philosopher, “There is no wrong place for a snowflake to land.” In liberal-speak, that means man follows the laws of the earth and nature, the earth and nature do not follow the laws of man.

In the early Eighties, world-renowned scientist, Carl Sagan, suggested that a greenhouse effect would build up in the wake of a nuclear war and warm the planet, much like a greenhouse warms the plants it houses by trapping in the heat. This effect is similar to the warmth felt on an overcast winter day, as opposed to a cooler clear winter day. In other words, the heat becomes trapped closer to the surface of the earth because the greenhouse effect acts like a blanket for the planet. This effect is caused by nuclear ash, (should there ever be a nuclear war to cause this effect) dust, and clouds in the atmosphere trapping in the rising heat. Ultimately, Sagan suggests, this would lead to global cooling (Nuclear Winter) because the enormous amount of ash in the atmosphere would prevent warm sunlight from penetrating below the ash layer to all living things. Somehow, the greenhouse effect resulting from a nuclear war got transformed into, “greenhouse gasses are bad.” Yay, liberals.

Let’s assume greenhouse gasses are on the rise, for whatever reason. These gasses, Carbon Dioxide primarily, are good for us. While people exhale Carbon Dioxide, plants and trees actually inhale it! If you were taught correctly, you would remember that plants and trees exhale Oxygen! You know, that stuff people breathe. Bottom line…more Carbon Dioxide in the air means more food for plants and trees and more Oxygen for us. Let’s look at another liberal lie.

The End of the Planet.

Liberals expect us to believe that if we don’t change our behavior, the entire planet will end in the near future. A future that never really seems to come. I digress. 65 million years ago, all the dinosaurs and every animal larger than a chicken was wiped from the planet from a meteor impact, but the earth persists. Curious. Almost all life was destroyed by an enormous meteor travelling at 60,000 mph but here we are on a thriving planet. And we’re expected to believe that me heating my house will doom us all. Really?

Another misconception is that the earth’s climate is fragile and we have nowhere else to go. This idea is based on people believing that the earth and its climate was made for us when it fact it’s the other way around. We were designed to live on the earth and its climate. We cannot live on Mars as it exists today because we were built for earth, not Mars. If life exists on Mars, it is much different from life as we know it because Martians were built specifically to live in Mars’ climate, not earth’s.

Remember the Ice Ages?

Over the years, there have been hundreds of Ice Ages, all proven by this thing we call, “Science.” Hundreds of Ice Ages implies there have been hundreds of, “Warm Ages.” (You cannot have one without the other because when an Ice Age ends, a Warm Age begins. In fact, one ends because the other begins.) Each “Age” lasts hundreds, if not thousands of years. Our planet is nearly 5 billion years old and 93 million miles away from the sun. We, as humans, have been recording temperature and weather for a whopping 100 years. Let’s see…5 billion years…100 years…hundreds of Ice Ages for thousands of years…countless Warm Ages…need to make money quickly…hmmm. Curious, no?

Think of the 5 billion-year old Earth as one calendar year. Our time on Earth on this scale is literally two seconds, or less. Two seconds out of one year is not nearly enough time to make any grandiose assumptions, let alone prove any scientific facts! Let’s look at another liberal lie.

There’s no Room for People on Earth Anymore. We’re Running Out of Space!

Sigh. All 7 billion people on planet Earth can fit on the island of Maui, with room to spare. If everyone stood right next to each other (like in a NYC subway during rush hour) all would easily fit. Assuming each person stood on the island taking up only one square foot of space, we would have room for an additional 13 billion people! Maui’s surface area is exactly 20,267,596,800 sq/ft. There’s plenty of room on our home planet, trust me.

And by the way, the US is one of roughly 200 countries. We are not a planet. If we go 100% green and have zero emissions, the other 199 countries would need to do the same before even the slightest difference could be remotely measured – and at what cost? (Not that this is even proven to help or hurt the climate).


Liberals have been trying to control you by spreading lies and promoting a “Carbon Tax,” thus controlling your money, and probably your behavior, unbeknownst to you. They are interested in power, regardless of who they hurt and how they do it. It’s as simple as that.

In my near 50 years on earth, summer has been hot and winter has been cold. Nothing has changed, no matter what Al Gore would have you believe. BTW, Google his energy habits. Sheesh! Talk about a hypocrite!

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