Civil Rights Violations of “We the People”

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By Freedom Heart

First, I’m going to provide this link. Read through it as you will. Interpret it as you will. People need to know their rights!

Hopefully you have read through the link and understand that our Civil Rights as Americans are being violated. Corrupt Democrats/RINO’s are trying to take away many of our civil rights due to a virus that many immunologists and other doctors have said, “The science doesn’t make sense. The vaccine is worse than the virus.”
Why does corrupt government keep violating our rights? Why does corrupt government threaten to lock us down? The answer is simple, if they do not instill a level of fear into us, we won’t comply to their demands. The best way they know how to hurt you, is by making it so you lose everything. Democrats know their ideologies and communist ways are not welcomed here in America.

First Violation of our Civil Rights:

In the link mentioned above, scroll down to our rights to vote. The democrats and those that colluded with them, violated our civil rights when they stole the election. This is an act of treason against all of us that are entitled to free and fair elections. If we demand audits to be done, then that is something that should be granted to us without repercussions.

Mail in voting violates our civil rights as it takes away our trust in not only our government but takes away our trust in our elections. We get called racist for demanding in person voting with an I.D. Any government official who has nothing to hide should be more than willing to grant “We the Peoples” demand for I.D. when voting.

Second Violation of our Civil Rights:

Scroll down to our political rights. The first political civil right you see is genocide. The vaccine that they are pushing has been killing innocent people. The CDC is an accomplice in this as they are hiding the actual death toll. Remember, they quietly removed over six hundred deaths from the vaccine in one day. To my knowledge, no explanation was given to the public for the removal. The only reason they got caught was because someone was watching.

If you go to TikTok where they are desperately trying to hide/remove videos as fast as they can, you will see people who have taken the vaccine, or know someone who has taken the vaccine talking about how it took a life of their loved one. You will see that some people ended up in the hospital from the vaccine. People are talking about watching a loved one just laying their convulsing because of the vaccine. One nurse got on TikTok and said, “I don’t care if I lose my job at this point. I was last year’s hero, now I’m this years unemployed. I will not take the vaccine because I have seen firsthand what damage it has caused my patients.” This, itself, should tell you that the vaccine is genocide!

Also on the CDC website, they talked about shielding camps that they were to build to supposedly shield you from the virus. Then at the end of the article it said it was unhumanitarian. SO, WAIT! LET ME GET THIS STRAIGHT…. A SHIELD CAMP YOU CAN AGREE IS UNHUMANITARIAN, BUT A VACCINE THAT HAS KILLED THOUSANDS IS HUMANITARIAN? The CDC has gone political and become terrorists in my book! Many have seen the page for their Shielding Camps and are enraged that the CDC and government would even consider such a horrendous idea. We all know what many are comparing their so-called shielding camps to. To even think about putting individuals in these camps is a civil rights violation!

When Swine Flu broke out, a vaccine was rolled out. That vaccine took 53 lives, and they stopped the vaccine due to the death count. But, with the Covid vaccine, they keep administering it regardless of the lives it has taken. They keep administering it regardless of the crippling effects it has had on people. Seriously, ask yourselves why they stopped the H1N1 vaccine at 53 deaths. But they’re still pushing a Covid vaccine that has killed thousands.

Third Violation of Civil Rights:

They are torturing the population by trying to enforce vaccine papers/passports. Our constitutional rights/civil rights protect us from such torture. By barring entry to stores, gyms, restaurants, etc., they are causing mental harm to individuals. By taking away your right to move around freely, they are making it so people who normally socialize, become divided off. Once they divide you off, they will make it so vaccinated fear the unvaccinated. By making the vaccinated fear the unvaccinated, it opens the unvaccinated person up to potentially being victimized in many ways. By barring you from stores, they are stripping you of your basic human needs.

Wearing masks to work when “We the People” have been told on many streaming channels/social media accounts that the science behind mask mandates do not make sense. The masks do not protect you from getting the virus. Immunologists and many doctors themselves have come forward and said, “The masks just make people sicker.” Therefore, they are torturing our bodies by forcing us to become sick so they can call it Covid, or whatever variant they want. Having a mask on for so many hours out of the day can cause a person to get sick with bacterial pneumonia. Don’t believe me…. LOOK IT UP! At this point, government and the CDC is trying to kill us by getting our body to attack itself.

Andrew Torba, the founder of shared a video where a doctor, who studies immunology said, “The science doesn’t make sense!” In front of a school board! The good doctor offered to supply the school board with more information at their request. I have supplied the link so you can watch the video. You should also know; YouTube removed this video as fast as they could when they caught wind of it. If that isn’t YouTube being an accomplice to the genocide of humanity, I don’t know what is!

Employers don’t get a free pass here. They themselves are complicit in helping the evil agenda of the Democrats move along. By forcing employees to get the vaccine, they are violating civil liberties in the sense they are taking away their workers freedom of choice. Employers are adopting the ideology, “Get the vaccine, or I’ll fire you.” Well guess what Karen, that employee is being violated per the Constitution of the United States! You, the employer is now complicit in active genocide of the population, and per Nuremberg Trials, you yourselves are committing treason/genocide that you should be held accountable for! You are complicit in helping a crooked/treasonous government in causing not only financial loss, but the loss of homes/cars etc.! You are complicit in causing emotional and mental distress!

Big Tech…. you all know who you are…. you are in violation of freedom of expression! “We the People” have every right to put down our thoughts and opinions of what we have read! By violating freedom of expression, you are trying to make it, so we comply. Big Tech Motto, “Shut up and do what you are told. We have muted you and suspended you for 30 days.” Do you really think that by trying to suspend our accounts that is going to shut us up? Guess again! WE CONSERVATIVES ARE LOUD AND PROUD! By censoring many conservatives, you have sparked a fire in many of us who will fight tooth and nail to get our message out there! We all know Big Tech has violated the Civil Rights of many!

Freedom of Speech, our God given right in OUR CONSTITUTION is being violated by Big Tech as well! Mainstream media is complicit in this as well! Biden’s press secretary admitted on national T.V. that they are actively working with social media to silence what they call misinformation ( ). That is a civil rights violation! By muting conservatives, you are making it so only your side of the information is being obtained. What the Biden Administration doesn’t want you to know is they’re just as complicit in committing genocide of the people!

Fourth Violation of Civil Rights:

Economic & Social rights are being violated. The American people have the right to work. By employers forcing mandated vaccines that someone does not want, they are taking away a person’s right to work. Not because they did a bad job, but because they were discriminated against for not complying to a forced vaccine. You heard me right, employers who fire someone for not taking the vaccine are guilty of discrimination in the workplace. Employers are violating their own company policies!

Employers are also guilty of segregation by firing those who do not want the vaccine. In doing this, you are complicit in a hate crime! By firing someone who refuses the shot, you are making a mockery out of them in front of their coworkers. In doing this, you are promoting hate in your workplace. You have now made an unvaccinated person a potential target who could experience some type of violence from others.

Government is guilty of segregation of the people as well. Many democrats have been pushing “White Privilege” as a topic. They are doing this so that people will commit crimes and attack one another. The democrats are trying to make it so people will fight each other based on race of another person. By achieving this, they are causing segregation of the people in this country. This in turn has caused riots, murders, and the burning of businesses.

States who enforce vaccine papers/passports are committing a civil rights violation. Your papers you want to enforce is causing segregation of the people. You are keeping relatives of loved one from visiting. You are causing people to have to choose between their families, or a genocide vaccine. You are inciting people to become violent towards one another for their vaccine preferences.

By the government saying to businesses that you must mandate vaccine papers/passports, or you will be barred from traveling about freely in your day to day is a civil rights violation. They are taking away your rights to be a part of society. They are taking away your rights to work. In doing this, they are pushing you into poverty. By pushing you into poverty, they are stripping you of your basic human needs. By the CDC trying to push the vaccine they are complicit in helping the government in stripping people of their basic human needs/rights.

The Biden Administration, Pelosi and the CDC are in a civil rights violation in preventing landlords to evict with the eviction moratorium. You are causing financial distress to landlords and destroying their credit and credibility with banks. In doing this, you have now made landlords destitute. In making them destitute, you have destroyed their ability to provide for their own basic human needs.

Our Civil Rights are being violated daily. Look at the infrastructure bills that Democrats are demanding be passed. That is a burden on “We the People!” By passing their bill, they are causing inflation at the checkout. By passing their bill, they are causing higher taxes on we the people. Remember, their pockets won’t be hurt by this. They have millions in the bank. They don’t have to worry about the cost of food, water, electricity, gas, car payments, car insurance, health insurance, etc. Some politicians were born with a silver spoon in their mouths. They don’t know what it’s like to struggle. But they have no issue violating our need to provide for ourselves. Democrats could care less if we are struggling.

Let this sink in… if Democrats really cared, they wouldn’t be so worried about amnesty for millions of illegals. Shouldn’t we, during a time of uncertainty, be putting the American people first! I would say yes. But not Democrats. They’re more worried about their illegal voters and the midterms. They’re more worried about keeping their pockets plush and stealing from Americans with their written pork bills.

If perhaps one immigrant who recently came across reads this, I ask you, “What do you think will happen to you after you they get your vote for the primaries?” I can tell you what will happen. They will toss you aside because you no longer serve a purpose. They will open the border and let the next set of illegals in. The reason to let another set of illegals in….by then, you will have seen that they are same tyrants you ran from in your country. I can guarantee you; they will care less if you sink or swim. So please, I ask you, in 2022, vote Republican! You will be American citizens by then and can protect your liberties when you vote Republican! Republicans are not interested in what they can take away from Americans. Republicans are more interested in how we build our country to be strong and beautiful.

Some of our Republicans came from nothing and are fighting to ensure our civil liberties and our constitution. They value every single word of what our forefathers wrote. These are the Republicans that I want to stand beside. The ones who care about the basic human needs of the people. I want to stand beside the Republicans who know what it’s like to live paycheck to paycheck and say, “What a person makes, a person should keep!”

As Bill Bennot once quoted, “How we walk with the broken speaks louder than how we sit with the great.” I will sit with the Republicans who know how to sit with the broken. Because those that sit with the broken understand just how valuable human life is!

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